Saturday, November 3, 2012


A Room With a Perfect View, Laussane, Switzerland, March 2012

I want to give a slice of hope to sun’s rays today. They are giving everything they have. Persistent. But, they can not kiss the earth. Not today. Not for the last few days. It must be frustrating sometimes. To give your all and keep giving still. To knock at someone’s door and receiving not even an acknowledgement in return. Perhaps that is the nature of sun’s rays. And of a giving heart. I want to tell them that it is going to be okay.

I wish I were a bubble. Carrying the scent of the earth above the dark clouds. And bursting with the first touch of the sun’s rays. A bubble filled the lightness of a heavy heart. A home for the lost dreams. A small space of colorful whites where our unspoken emotions would mingle slowly and heartily. A sphere of closeness amid the distance that separates us.

It is never just one. It takes the closeness as well as the distance to sustain Love. Sharing of the breaths as well as the space.  Passionate never ending talks as well the Silence. The Love endures hate. And Anger. And Hurt. It takes effortless effort. Perhaps that’s why sun’s rays travel such long distances everyday. Relentless. The earth still has secrets that the sun’s rays don’t know about.

Sometimes, I confuse the roaring of the clouds with the applause from the stars. But that is the nature of weather these days. It is a good confusion to have. Like the confusion we had in deciding which direction had the most beautiful view when we were standing on the top of that hill, which we always talked about climbing. Remember? Or the time when we were standing at a traffic signal and a small girl holding colorful balloons stood between us. And we were confused which color should we buy. Or buy them all. Or the confusion when we talked about which painful memories from our past we should let go first.

This is the only way. To walk as long as I can. Until I can walk no more. Or I have gathered all the dust in the world on my shoes. Then it will be time to shake and take a look at the sun’s rays which are still in transit. We would share a smile. And a glance. Knock on the door one more time. Once for sure, it will be right time. And Earth will be bathed in sun. And my voice will reach your heart. 

And the things that keep us apart keep me alive and
The things that keep me alive keep me alone.

          - This is the thing (Fink)

                                                                                                - HAUSLE BULAND