Tuesday, September 11, 2012


A lovely Autumn Morning, Zurich, Switzerland

Even the voices have stopped hearing me today. And the words feel threatened my my mere presence. I will talk in whispers. I do not want the words to smell by foul breath. I do not want the words to get wet by the sweat dropping from my eyebrow. Can you come a bit closer? Yes, better now. And please shift that lamp to a place where, the words can not see my shadow. Words have a way of being jealous of darker things.

The miles on the road count my every little step. And even the ghosts cry in horror. ‘Almost there.’ the heart whispers to the tired limbs. The Mind knows better. Heart and Mind have a tacit agreement to not fight when the eyes are still open. Heart specializes in false reason. Mind specializes in false hope. The limbs keep on summoning false strength from an already empty tank. Almost there. Almost there…

I am flattened under the pressure of my own expectations.
I am laughed at by satires.
I am discarded by my own desires.
I am extinguished by the cold fires.
I am my own murderer, which fate hires.
I am only saved by the sweet look in your eyes.
Glowing, as ever, like two pretty sapphires.
Leading me Gently to what the heart aspires.
Bringing me Closer to whom the soul admires.

Now, that you have heard the whispers, I only ask one thing from you. Share my story, by all means, but do not share my name. All troubles start there. Look for the eyes, but, let the eyes find me. Let’s not start an end, until the end starts. Do you promise? Today has been a good day. No promises have been broken. Let’s keep it that way. Shall We?


  1. Very beautiful writing dear Kunal, yes the heart and the mind both play tricks with our emotions but keep on going, you will eventually get to the place you are longing to be.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Love the pic...deep writing as always! How have u been eh?

  3. Lovely pic...I so want to visit Switzerland

  4. Beautiful writing and so are the picture. I love the color of autumn.

    Hope you have a great time.