Monday, September 24, 2012


From Archives, With college friends, Hogenakkal Falls, Tamil Nadu. The one who is at peace is me. :)
The cutting open of an envelope is always painful. I guess, that is how it is for people who think with their hearts. As if, I can not peek inside someone’s soul without making a tiny hole in there. Whenever, I have to, I try to do it with as less damage as possible. I like the envelopes unsealed. The letter and the words inside feel more welcoming. With open hearts. And an innocent smile.

There is a brief moment when I have the letter in my hand and when I am still to open it to see inside. That moment, where I have an idea, what lies inside. But, it is just that. An idea. Projection of my own image on the letter. Then. I make a small gap with my fingers and take out the letter cleanly. I unfold it. I am all yours.

I read every word. Slowly. Letting the words feel my presence. We grow on each other. Basking in our combined glow. I wonder, if the words smiled, when they were being written. I imagine a time in the past, not too long ago from now. When the beautiful paper which I hold now, was blank. Like a treasure box to be filled. Like a canvas waiting to be painted. Like earth waiting for the clouds to bleed. With only a wish in the heart, knowing not, where it will all lead.

I imagine you. Sitting on that wooden chair. A pen in your hand. The Blank page sitting prettily on the table. Its corner fluttering amid the mild air blowing through the window. As you try to calm the paper with a soft touch from your hands. Thinking. Waiting for the words to appear. Sometimes, playing with your hair. Making soft curls. Debating with yourself whether to use this word or that word. And then, with softest of smile on your lips, you start. The pen touches the paper and words flow. Every word smiling at its own presence. May be, they know, what they mean to you. They know, what they would mean to me.

I have a few letters with me. Acknowledged, but unanswered. Read, but not replied. I wonder, how the letters feel. Lonely and loved, at the same time. A dangerous feeling that is. I have been left alone in the end after seeing so many false starts. I guess, that is how it is for people who think with their hearts. But, for now, as I read the letter again, I appear calm to everyone. But, just so you know, Inside, I'm dancing.

P.S - The title taken from the movie of the same name starring James McAvoy of 'Atontement' Fame.


  1. The title reminded me of a poem. The read was quite poetic too.

  2. Loved the pic.. good times I will say


  3. like the envelope analog...human beings, by nature, wants to know what's within....if you can rise above your ego and make your life like an unsealed envelope. no one has the power to tear you....

  4. It's like keeping what is inside as it is, either fearing things are not good or being happy that whatever is there is good and enjoying the state. Profound piece yet again.

  5. Hogenakkal Falls - that photo brought back some good memories of my own. Climbing up on top is also exciting, especially with friends.

  6. BTW Hogenakkal Falls is like a p1$$ water drain (because of no rain) this year says my friend who visited with his family last month. :-(
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