Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Golden dreams.
Yes, I see that your eyes are still red. I can say that they have been red for a while now. Please keep your head still for a few seconds. And try not to blink when I am reading your eyes. I know why they are red. What? You tried to read my eyes too! OK, but this is my time and this is my post.

So, you have seen a few of your dreams go. Yes, few of them will find their way back to you. A few others will be stubborn. They will try to escape. They will try to transform into tiny spherical drops and sneak their way out when no one is looking. They will silently float on your skin and move ever slowly. Let them be. They are only a reflection. A shadow of your dreams. Your dreams are still kept safe by that light which shines in your eyes. Every time your lips smile, your dreams get stronger.

You want to scream. I will join you. But, make sure, no one else hears it. The loudest scream is often without a sound. Much like a hardest prayer is without words. This was the prayer you saw in my eyes.

Every time life shakes me, I see a few fragments of  my fear falling off my skin. Not all goes at once. Few cling harder. But, I wait when the fate will misbehave with me the next time.  

If I look closely, everything is illuminated, even in darkness. One way or the other. Not every knock comes with a noise. Not every feelings come with a choice. I am chasing a rainbow. That is why, I am sleeping on a storm. Sometimes, even shapeless is a beautiful form.

And I move away from the mirror. Away from the red eyes.  To a world, where it does not matter, who lives and who dies. There are only honest tries. And silent cries. There are no fools and no wise. No lows and no highs. No hellos and no byes. No ecstasy and no sighs. But, sometimes, there are flowing emotions which soon dries. Soon, a whip of air will reach my lungs.  Its time for another breath. Time for me to rise. 

P.S - Title taken from the song 'Dhoop Ke Makaan' from the film 'Break Ke Baad'


  1. aaah..beautiful Kunal!..my favourite "The loudest scream is often without a sound".

    A Grain of Sand

  2. A deep and beautiful insight into yourself dear Kunal, yes, your dreams are still kept safe by the light that shines in your eyes...just one breath at a time.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. when i read the title, the first thing that came to my mind was 'Break ke baad' :P .

    Your Post - hmmm... kaafi kuch bina kahe bhi keh gaye. you know what i loved the most - even shapeless is a beautiful form.now i hate it when i get too philosophical, so all i want to say is that you have penned down a lot so beautifully, that at the end, i could almost feel the need for a 'new breath' ...

  4. I love that song from Break ke Baad! :) The lyrics are so simple and joyful. And I love these posts you write. And it reminded of the book 'Everything is Illuminated'. :)