Sunday, August 26, 2012


Sometimes, our significance lies in being insignificant. Our greatness lies in feeling small and vulnerable. In those times, our purest inner voice is self-doubt. And we are at peace knowing that we are at war with the world and with ourselves. We walk gently with violence in our hearts.

I am neither trying to fit in nor trying to stand out. I just am. Not moving forward. Not going back. Just staying. Sometimes, the best way to feel the wind is to stand in its path and be ready to get blown away. I feel my hair flying in the wind. I listen to the sound that the winds make when they touch my clothes. The music of friction. Both succeed, in their own ways.

Life, like a wind, comes and goes. Never stays. Not even for a moment. The wind has its price. It gives me strength and dries my tears. It reaches my heart and blows away my fears. I stand my ground and close my eyes. I imagine a white field bathed in sun rays carrying the hopes of all my dreams. Just by standing there, I get closer to them. The sands in my pockets are blessed with a divine power. I whisper my secrets to the sand and see the color of air change as the air carries the sand to faraway places. But, before leaving, the sand whispers to me,’ You have come so far that the only way is forward.’

I am looking for a color that the world has never seen. I am looking for an emotion that no one has ever felt. I am writing a song which no one has heard before. The only risk in this world is not taking a risk. The world is a dangerous place. But, only for those who want to play it safe. Even when the world loses all its mirror and shine, I know you will remember my face.

I am the wind. And the wind is me. I am the story. I am the plot. I am a long line. And I am also a dot. I am the puzzle. I am the clue. I am the sky. And I am the blue. I am the equation. I am the variable. I am the scientist. I am the theorem. I am the smile. I am the lips. I am the feeling. I am the skin. I am the loss. I am the win. The wind is coming. And, now I will begin.

P.S - Title taken from the song 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor.


  1. Inspirational.
    Last para, I loved it the most.
    It's just so perfect!!!
    I am the equation. I am the variable. :)
    Too amazing!

  2. Beautiful! The starting line left me stumped!!!. great writing ...

  3. Every time i read a post of urs,it leaves me with more thoughts than anything.ur words create ripples in a clam lake.they stir the water only to mk it think if it is aware of its own presence n the environment around. And ideas like urs tk me bk to philosophers who were aware and sensitive of themselves and things around them.....
    Ur words ignite
    A light so bright
    See there a breeze
    Its turned into a wind
    Ah!unaware of what it was
    Your words made her feel...alive!
    Only to blow further and touch many a lives:)

  4. I love your style of writing dear Kunal and I love this piece. You are not afraid to show your emotions, your vulnerability, your strenghths, you are sensitive and take us to places deep within yourself. I love that you are all of those things you have spoken of here, now enjoy the wind and where it takes you.
    A hug
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. All the best for it all Kunal. indeed as the movie rocky in which this song was used .. EYE OF THE TIGER is necessary to make that kill .. (and by that kill i mean , to make that win or do something great)..


  6. These words...expressions and the feeling they give..simply indescribable...