Wednesday, July 25, 2012


At Valley of Flowers
A half open door. An open blue sky.
An unfinished sentence. One last try.

An unkempt garden. Uncut patches of grass.
An unanswered prayer. Sheet of Cracking glass.

A misplaced feeling. One lonely dinner.
Many scars to show. But, still not a winner.

One drop of sorrow. Million drops of rain.
Ruined by Love. An unredeemed pain.

A skeleton of emotions. One dry dead tree.
Lost something precious. In trying to break free.

One flickering candle. A never ending night.
Bit by bit I burn. To show myself the light.

Memories of the past. Tears of today.
The same old smile. Won’t you stay?

An incomplete poem. A melody out of tune.
The moist eyes that waits to see you soon.

That insane courage to read an unread book.
I close my eyes to see your serene lovely look.

An abandoned moment. One simple wish.
Your life of joy, I will lifelong relish.

The horror of silent days. Same noisy strife.
An unfulfilled dream. One complete life.

Monday, July 2, 2012


It is ironical in many ways. You know, when you are writing so many sad and depressing stories, however, beautiful they are, may be, you are going closer to them unintentionally. It was only about time, that they would win. And now that they are finally here, I have no words to describe it. After a long journey, I have run out of words. Can’t say it’s a relief. But, that is the way, things stand as of now.

I can’t find joy in writing. That is still acceptable. The worst is, I can’t find joy in reading. And, if I am not writing and not reading, I am pretty useless. I mean, even more so, than I was before. And with currently, jobless, right now (I mean, I actually have no work.), I do not have anything delicious on my plate at the moment.

The only thing I am looking forward is my 3 weeks vacation starting next week. But, the real fun starts after the 1st week of vacation (I am at home in the first week. Guys my age would understand what I am talking about). With Ladakh plan cancelled, I have to find some place to go and things do look good and I just hope I enjoy considering the mental state I am in right now.

Anyway, I am whining and that is the reason I have to go away from this place. I can’t spill any pessimism or negativity here. There is too much of them anyway in the world, without me adding further and its best that I keep a lid on it, till it all goes away.

Its time to Reboot many things and it starts here.

I would shut up now. Listening is what I do best. Listening is what I should stick to, I guess. I only spell trouble when I speak. So, people, you all take care and thank you for the memories! Until I decide it is safe for me to return. I mean, safe for you. 

It all started here. It ends here.

But, I am just a passing cloud,
Who just dared to think aloud!
Winds of time will take me away.
I do not know if I want to stay.