Friday, April 13, 2012

Little Bit

Kerala, India

Little bit of rain and a little bit of storm.
Little pinch within. Where it came from?
Little bit of thunder and a little bit of noise.
I dined with the terror in a gentle poise.

Little bit of hope. And Little bit of despair.
You never came, but I was always there.
Little bit of sun and weight of my shadow.
A lot of darkness and its ever shining glare.

Little bit of cold fire burning in my heart,
Little bit of wind blowing from my hands.
Little bit of promise, floating in the air. And,
Limping thoughts seeping from the sands.

Little bit of Love. And a Little bit of Lust.
Red cherry of Betrayal on the cake of Trust.
Over a cup of greed and a glass of freedom,
I can still remember you, but only just.

Dead pieces of soul trying to breathe in smoke.
Fluttering bits of wet paper and the words I wrote.
Little bit of shame dangling proudly from the table,
And there lies an unforgiving lump in my throat.

A bit of shine and the brightness of your face.
A bit of wine and memories of your embrace.
Little bits of attraction. Little bits of distraction.
Little bit of Denial but always full of grace.


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    1. Thank you Chocolate Lover.. :-)

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    1. Thanks Rohu and a warm welcome here.. :-)

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  4. A sweet poem dear Kunal, thoughts that I can relate to...beautifully written.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. In me, your poems have cultivated a huge fan! Another masterpiece Kunal! Keep writing such wonderful stuff :)

    1. Thank you very much Saumya... :-)

  6. Awesome.. This is beyond all the words of praise that I have..Beautiful.. :)

    1. Thank you very much Neha.. :-)

  7. A bit bit of a beautiful poem!:-)

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    1. Haha...thanks so much Spiderdama... :-)

  9. And in all a beautiful poem!! :)

  10. Little bit of everything in life. Lovely poem. I loved the second last paragraph.

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  12. such a lovely poem
    loved the rhyme pattern too

  13. Stop writing cutie, sweetie, poems. Be a man. Write about your adventures, life threatening events. :D

    I believe, "Men, naturally, don't understand poetry. However, they can churn out poems (READ PHILOSOPHY) at will."

    1. sab likhunga be...thoda patience rakh....jab tak poems aa rahe hai...aane de.... :-P

  14. Nice one to read... You are making your way to perfection... Though it is really impossible for me to get the essence, as English is still my second language, of such posts but yeah they are rhythmic and enjoyable to read... :) :)

    Not to worry one day I will understand the idea behind these poems as well.

    1. kuch to achha laga aakhir tere ko...main likhta rahunga...tu samajhne ki koshish karte rehna...kabhi na kabhi to dono raaste milenge hi!! :-P