Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yarn of Words(Aakriti Malik) - Changed URL - UPDATE

Hello Readers,

For a change, I am not talking about myself here. :P

If you have spent some time in blog ville, it is unlikely that you haven't heard of Yarn of Words (by Aakriti Malik), and  just in case  you haven't  its never too late. :D

The URL of her blog has changed from http://aakritimalik.blogspot.com/ to http://cupfullofwords.blogspot.com/ . The previous URL is not working and this may have left some of you dis-heartened, sad, depressed or I don't know. You may not be getting the updates on your dashboard or google reader.

So, stop wondering. Her blog is very much alive and kicking. Her cup is over flowing with words. Please redirect yourself to the new URL and continue your journey in to her world. (You may have to unsubscribe and subscribe again to get the updates).

She says sorry though. Bless her
Happy Reading.


  1. Thank u so much Kunal for the help:) Yes Vanilla peoples...I'm ALIVE:p see ya at Yarn of Words:)