Friday, January 20, 2012


I initially started this post to write a revolutionary theory of TRUST, which I came upon during another hour of absolute idleness in office. However, this story can wait for another day. Right now, I am thinking something else. I am not in a serious mood right now. So, I will talk about it very seriously.

When the humans first saw the natural wonders of the world, the mountain peaks, the rivers, green valleys, the rain, the snow, the desert, the blooming of flowers, what went through their minds? He/She must have thought, 'OK, yes, they are there. But, what am I supposed to do with it?' He must have felt something. What, he wouldn't know. It was only a feeling. The word 'beautiful' didn't exist then. But, its essence did. He had to invent the word. It was his best possible action. He can't carry smell of flowers with himself. But, he can carry the words which he invented to describe it. He can't carry the snow peaked mountains. But he invented the word, divine, heavenly, magnificent, awestruck to describe all the things he was seeing for the first time. And then the floodgates were opened. What of emotions? What of expressions? Every thing which he could feel, but couldn't explain got a name. And we were bound by it. Forever. He was satisfied with himself on a job well done. And then he coined the words ‘speechless’. For things, he couldn't think a name of. For things, he still couldn’t explain.

Then how did the words which were once used to describe all the beauty were creating beauty of its own? The words themselves can be used to create beauty. How ingenious? But, I am digressing away here. I will hold my reins.

The reasons why I disabled comments were many. And I will try to explain it as well as possible. They may be a little weird. But, why every reason has to be reasonable?

The Honest Reason                -          .......
The Dishonest Reason             -          .......
The Modest Reason                -          .......
The Not So Modest Reason         -          .......
The Politically Correct Reason   -          .......
The 'In you face' Reason         -          .......
The Hypocrite Reason             -          .......
The Arrogant Reason              -          .......
The Always Truthful Reason       -          .......
The Liar Reason                  -          .......
The Hard to Believe Reason       -          .......
The Sadist Reason                -          .......
The Selfish Reason               -          .......

I think, Me - The lazy one has taken over all of my above personalities. But, you know these personalities well enough. After all they are a part of all of us. Modest Man full of immodesty. Honest person who sometimes lies. Stating the truth in a politically correct way. It is all part of me. AND US. I think, you can fill these blanks as well as I can. And it wouldn't make any difference.

And now, me-the absolute honest one, has taken over for a bit. Many Thanks to everyone who read 'At Infinity' and 'Absolute' and took time out to reach me via chats, emails, FB, commenting on previous posts to appreciate the lines. And Many Thanks to all who just read and smiled. Stripping of words doesn’t strip the poem off its meaning, art off its beauty and feeling behind the emotions. I would have thanked every one individually...but.err... I can see the lazy one taking over me pretty soon..

And now a very serious question - What did the lines in 'At Infinity' mean? I know I wrote them. But, I have no idea what they mean. I just thought, they rhymed kind of nice...isn't it?

You can say it here. If you wish to. :-)


  1. Ha ha!! So how come the lazy u managed to enable comments finally? ;) Any ways, the last 2 posts were gr8, loved the pics.

    1. Thank You Ria. :)

      Well..the lazy one was on strike when it happened! :D

  2. I was looking for the comments , even went to the older posts to see if comments were allowed in that.

    At infinity well to me that is a imaginary as infinity can never be reached .. since we humans are very selfish and although we might say that success is bitter and failure is sweet yet we all run after that Success ...

    although in my experience i have seen and felt too that failure is sweet because its that person who has failed who can ACTUALLY know the sweetness of the Success.. the one who has won or has got success he will move on to the next goal , he wont have time to enjoy it all and know the actuall sweetness ..

    Thats why i think these two things will not meet hence the infinity .. This is what I thing in my stupid mind ..


    1. Thank You Bikram for your very apt explanation. I guess the optimist in me isn't ready to accept that they can't meet. Hence the word infinity. :P

      Your 'stupid mind' is quite brilliant. :)

  3. Well, quite a post to explain the reasons. At times, even I feel like that the essence of commenting is polluted. I know all the adjectives you have just mentioned have lost their charm. Here's my understanding of the lines:

    "When you are toiling hard, really hard to attain something valuable and you have achieved it. There comes a point when the journey and destination doesn't feel like what you have thought of. Your earlier life sound much better (Thus, failure sounding sweet) Then, you feel that the whatever you did you to make life 'life'( what your earlier perception of life was) is different. So, you and life sound different; parallel lines. Amidst that confusion, you think that there will come a point somewhere, sometime when you will understand life."

    Hope I haven't offended you by posting it on the FB. I feel so silly now...

    1. You just explained the lines so beautifully to me and it all makes sense. And I wrote those lines! May be I was possessed by someone else. Because, in my sane state, I can't come up with that. :P

      As I already said. Please don't feel silly. I am glad you shared. :)

  4. very well explained saru.. :)
    even i wondered for quite some time what the honest one wrote? :) (to which even d honest one claims to not understand)

    interesting thoughts buddy :)

    1. Thank you Dreaming Wanderer.
      We all owe to Saru for her beautiful explanation. :)

  5. I interpreted it subtly...I think Saru summed it up...When I look back at my failures, I see them as victories rather. I feel, what happened then has shaped what I am. I like how and what I am, but that could just be my self-ob self.

    as far as commenting is concerned, some readers don't read, some read and don't know what to comment -- happens to me too -- some comment to throw a bait and some comment to mock :)

    1. I am a big fan of subtle things and I think this comes off in my writing and I am glad that you interpreted it so. Yes Saru summed it very well and I thank you for your inputs. :)


  6. I am glad you have activated your commenting section again ! As for your earlier two poems all i know is that you have had some appreciable intoxication after visiting Prague and Rome. For the better offcourse. And offcourse speaking nothing would not strip an art of its appeal...but sometimes i guess its best to stay silent. After all we always say we feel ,its whats going on beneath that matters :)...
    Keep writing. You are growing better with every post of yours :)

    1. 'Some appreciable intoxication after visiting Prague and Rome'! :D

      Neither Accept. Nor Deny. :D

      Thank you Again. :)

  7. Dude,I am just glad you enabled commenting...:-D Lovely,thoughtful post,btw..

  8. I am pleased that you have now enabled commenting, your previous poems were so beautiful.
    The content of the words you have now written are profound, it is so refreshing to find a man who can think with such depth and beauty...loved this post.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thank You Dianne. Thank you indeed. :)