Wednesday, January 18, 2012



                        I am standing in the morning mist.
                Will you come out for a short walk?
                Silence has been hanging for long.
                 I will listen. But, will you talk?

                I have come to the right door.
                I pause and then give a knock.
                But, what if there is no one inside.
                And I have only myself to mock?

                                                                                                - HAUSLE BULAND

P.S -
I Know. It won't work. :P
Its going to be that way.
Just read and smile.
I hope, it makes your day.  :-)


  1. And then I heard someone say long time back...he is no poet!!...yeh kya sharaab ka asar hai?:D...haha

    more than lovely lines...koi word nahi hai express karne ko...they just feel beautiful:)

    1. Thank you Aakriti. Glad to leave you with 'koi word nahi hai express karne ko' :)

  2. Just wanted you to know that it did make my day even when I couldn't comment :P The sunset is a sensational shot! One of my favorite things in the world. I never miss an opportunity to watch one in the evening :-)

    As always, the poetry is fabulous! Two verses that say so much and I especially love the first one :-)

    My first thought, when I saw that comments had been disabled was: Kunal hasn't caught up with his comment replies on a previous post, so maybe he is feeling lazy to do so BUT still wishes to post more material. Was I remotely close? :D

    1. Well, the credit for that sensational shot goes to non other than me. :P

      Not being a early riser, I have always seen more sunsets than sunrise. And they are truly awesome.

      And, weren't even remotely close...haha :D

      Thank you for your words. :)

    2. *Take a cyber bow* for the photo credit :P WoW, in Rome? Awesome! I did wonder if you had taken it ... I thought you resembled the silhouette of the bird in the photo (Think 'lonely at the top') :D

      I thought I was going to be remotely close, darnit! :P

      Guess we're both not early risers. Even if I was, I'd still prefer a sunset over a sunrise :) You're welcome :)

    3. Yes..Rome. :)
      Why did you wonder? Didn't you know already that most of the pics I post here are taken by me? :P (Only joking..)

      It was taken on a top of building..and we were right on the sun was just going down..and it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen. And yes, that bird. That is my biggest attraction in the photo. :)

      I have many photos of that sunset. But I don't post it enough. I don't know why. :P

      Cheers to all the gorgeous sunsets. :D

  3. Wah Yaar Kunal. I am surprised why only two comments on this post? I could connect due to multiple personality bit...and resonates what I feel so often...

    1. Well..the comments were never an indicator of a good post. :) And the reason may be because I had disabled comments for some time. Going by the page views, this one and the post after that ('At Infinity') are one of the most read posts here.

      Thank you. You could connect. Connection..that is all we want. :)

  4. Hey i loved this poem and when I read it 3 or 4 days back, I soo wanted to comment and tell you, but u'd disabled ur comments..I went mad searching for it!

    1. Thank you Ana_treek.
      Then glad that I enabled commenting. No one would like to see you mad. :P

  5. I. Just. Loved. These. Lines. ...Just knock,there is alwaysx someone there. We are not able to see it many times

    1. :D

      Thank you A Grain of Sand. Knock Knock Knock. Penny?
      Knock Knock Knock. Penny? Knock Knock Knock. Penny? :D

  6. nice combination of words and picture.. they blend well..

    You have ended it in a subtle melancholy that makes my heart ache!

    1. Thank you KP.

      Suble Melancholy. :D I like that!

  7. This is such a beautiful poem dear Kunal, I tried to comment before but could not find the 'comment' section.
    I love the image also.
    xoxoxo ♡

  8. The poem is brilliant.. The 'P.S' is heart-breaking..