Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pride, False

There was nothing to confirm.
There was nothing to deny.
There was no one to follow.
None whom he wanted to defy.

There was nothing left to listen.
There was nothing left to say.
None for whom he wanted to wish.
None for whom he cared to pray.

There was nothing left to see.
There was nothing left to smell.
There was nothing new to taste.
And No fears he wanted to Dispel.


There was nothing left to give.
And nothing he wanted to take.
None, whose hands, he wanted to hold.
And no emotions, he couldn't fake.

There was nothing more to show. 
There was nothing more to hide.
Only thing left in the end was,
His shadow.  Wounded False Pride.

P.S - All Photos.  Payyanur, Kerala, India (Dated Last week of Dec, 2009)

Non-fiction < 55 Words


Ek dost  ne Bola -  ladkon ka ego jo hota hai usko to tum samajhte hi hoge achhe se!
Maine kaha - Main kaise samjhunga, mujhme to ego hai nahi!

Wo mera ego bol raha tha.

She told me - You are a man. You would understand how the ego of a man works.
I told her - How would I understand? I don't have a ego.

That was my ego talking.

Monday, January 23, 2012



If Your Life is a Movie.
I am the villain you secretly Admire.
In the end, he dies for you.
Because, that’s what you openly Desire.

The Audience Applauds when he dies.
But, he knows there is a tear in your eye.
He was never rough. He just acted tough.
I am a villain. Its not easy for me to cry.

                  - HAUSLE BULAND

Friday, January 20, 2012


I initially started this post to write a revolutionary theory of TRUST, which I came upon during another hour of absolute idleness in office. However, this story can wait for another day. Right now, I am thinking something else. I am not in a serious mood right now. So, I will talk about it very seriously.

When the humans first saw the natural wonders of the world, the mountain peaks, the rivers, green valleys, the rain, the snow, the desert, the blooming of flowers, what went through their minds? He/She must have thought, 'OK, yes, they are there. But, what am I supposed to do with it?' He must have felt something. What, he wouldn't know. It was only a feeling. The word 'beautiful' didn't exist then. But, its essence did. He had to invent the word. It was his best possible action. He can't carry smell of flowers with himself. But, he can carry the words which he invented to describe it. He can't carry the snow peaked mountains. But he invented the word, divine, heavenly, magnificent, awestruck to describe all the things he was seeing for the first time. And then the floodgates were opened. What of emotions? What of expressions? Every thing which he could feel, but couldn't explain got a name. And we were bound by it. Forever. He was satisfied with himself on a job well done. And then he coined the words ‘speechless’. For things, he couldn't think a name of. For things, he still couldn’t explain.

Then how did the words which were once used to describe all the beauty were creating beauty of its own? The words themselves can be used to create beauty. How ingenious? But, I am digressing away here. I will hold my reins.

The reasons why I disabled comments were many. And I will try to explain it as well as possible. They may be a little weird. But, why every reason has to be reasonable?

The Honest Reason                -          .......
The Dishonest Reason             -          .......
The Modest Reason                -          .......
The Not So Modest Reason         -          .......
The Politically Correct Reason   -          .......
The 'In you face' Reason         -          .......
The Hypocrite Reason             -          .......
The Arrogant Reason              -          .......
The Always Truthful Reason       -          .......
The Liar Reason                  -          .......
The Hard to Believe Reason       -          .......
The Sadist Reason                -          .......
The Selfish Reason               -          .......

I think, Me - The lazy one has taken over all of my above personalities. But, you know these personalities well enough. After all they are a part of all of us. Modest Man full of immodesty. Honest person who sometimes lies. Stating the truth in a politically correct way. It is all part of me. AND US. I think, you can fill these blanks as well as I can. And it wouldn't make any difference.

And now, me-the absolute honest one, has taken over for a bit. Many Thanks to everyone who read 'At Infinity' and 'Absolute' and took time out to reach me via chats, emails, FB, commenting on previous posts to appreciate the lines. And Many Thanks to all who just read and smiled. Stripping of words doesn’t strip the poem off its meaning, art off its beauty and feeling behind the emotions. I would have thanked every one individually...but.err... I can see the lazy one taking over me pretty soon..

And now a very serious question - What did the lines in 'At Infinity' mean? I know I wrote them. But, I have no idea what they mean. I just thought, they rhymed kind of nice...isn't it?

You can say it here. If you wish to. :-)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

At Infinity

"When you are in heaven, it does not matter, which side of the street you are walking"
THE BIG THREE: From left to right:
Eiger(3,970 m), Mönch(4,107 m), Jungfrau(4,158 m), SWITZERLAND

When the success will be bitter,
And the Failure will taste sweet.
Me and Life, two Parallel lines,
At infinity, will we finally meet.

                               - HAUSLE BULAND

Wednesday, January 18, 2012



                        I am standing in the morning mist.
                Will you come out for a short walk?
                Silence has been hanging for long.
                 I will listen. But, will you talk?

                I have come to the right door.
                I pause and then give a knock.
                But, what if there is no one inside.
                And I have only myself to mock?

                                                                                                - HAUSLE BULAND

P.S -
I Know. It won't work. :P
Its going to be that way.
Just read and smile.
I hope, it makes your day.  :-)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Just Another Poem


                     I can not forget what happened before.
                     My flawless memory is actually a curse.
                     With every moment which passes by,
                     The pain in the heart only gets worse.

                     Fate gave me the middle finger again.
                     Without even a touch, it ripped my skin.
                     One day you smile, thinking to yourself.
                     Then the story ends, before it can begin.

                     Amid the unbearable pain in the heart,
                     Hiding secretly is a glimmer of hope.
                     Before I hit the bottom of the abyss.
                     Someone up there will throw a rope

                     This one will take a long time to move on.
                     You were, are, and  will be an addiction.
                      I know I keep on denying every single time.
                     But, there is some truth in every fiction.

Friday, January 6, 2012

For Your Eyes Only - I

Prague: View From Above. Charles Bridge in the Center

Olympic Stadium: Munich

Charles Bridge: Night View 1

Prague Castle

Charles Bridge: Night View. 2

Charles Bridge: Night View. 3

Prague Castle: Night View 1

    Prague Castle: Night View
Charles Bridge: Night View 4

Prague Castle

BMW Factory, Munich

All Photo Credits.
Is Nacheez ko jaata hai.. :-)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Think About How We Died.

                                   Mass Grave Site at Dachau Concentration Camp.
                                   Translation: 'Think about How We Died'

If you do not know the place beforehand, you wouldn't know what history it holds. What I see now, is a lot of open spaces and beautiful sights all around. At first glance, it is almost impossible to believe that this place has witnessed tortures of extreme kind. Of a kind, that no one in their right mind would  wish it for anyone.

The place I am standing right now is part cemented, part gravel. No one knows, how many people died on this very ground. For no reason. Anyone who stood out among others. Too tall. Too short. Too fat. Too thin. Too much beard. Anyone out of the ordinary perished.

'There is no laughter here. Only Devil laughs at this place. And I am the Devil.'

'You are no longer in Germany. You will be treated like the pieces of shit that you are'

These two lines were often repeated by the SS guards here, I am told.

I am walking through the same barracks, they used to live. The gas chambers, where they took ‘showers’. The torture rooms, where they were made to stand for days without any food. The Dark rooms, where they lived in confinement, without sunlight, for months. Without sense of time. And purpose.

 It just reaffirms the thought, that we all have evils. And we spend all our life controlling it. Diffusing our evilness in small, harmless doses every now and then. But, when given an opportunity, with power in our hands, to express our hatred and evilness, there is no limit to the torture we can inflict upon our fellow beings. Evilness flows in our blood. We don't see it. But, it is there. It gets a slight opening and it floods our thoughts and actions.

I like to think human beings as complex mixture of organic and inorganic compounds, with a heart. At this place, (and at many others), the heart part died in a few. And mind, left on its own, wrecked havoc. It was our collective failure.

I can go on, but I don’t want to. After a visit to the concentration camp, I have no problems in life. My life is a bed of roses.

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. – Nietzsche

Sorry, for starting the new year with this post. I have many things to write, but I wanted to start with this one. I wish that all of you, find that ‘Why?’ in your life very soon. I visited this place on 25th Dec. Ironical?