Thursday, December 15, 2011

Story of a Stubborn.

Continuing from the two paragraphs which I wrote on the previous post..

I don’t want to be heard. 
I don’t want to be seen.
I am and I will be.
What I have always been.

What I have always been.
You will never know.
You can try to contain me,
But, I will always flow.

I will flow and I will grow.
Piercing your walls of perceptions.
I believe in honesty and fair play,
I do not play the game of deceptions.

Deception is the game of those,
who do not have faith and trust.
I am marching on the gravel road.
Throw the stones, if you must.

Some stones will hit, some will miss.
On some I will step, to move ahead.
I will keep learning the lesson of life,
Enough of which have already been said.

It has been said and repeated many times.
But, you still try to cast me into a pattern
I am one of you. But then may be I am not,
Can't say much, other than, I am too stubborn.

Too stubborn may be, for my own good. But,
There is nothing conclusive, which one can tell.
The moment of reckoning is still not in sight.
But, I will rise higher, every time I will fail.

Failure is a just a road, just like any other.
There will be one road, With Success very near.
But, now is the moment. I see the starting line.
At least I know, my mind is without Fear.

Fear I knew once. But I left him on the way.
I will live with pride and will die for glory.
Forget My name. But, remember , there lived a one,
Who meant what he said and this was his story.


  1. *Clapping hands* :) Bravo, Kunal!!!

    I LOVED it all and it reminded me of the very first poem I read of yours called, "The Uphill Climb"? This has a similar pulsating theme of "I WILL SUCCEED". No one can restrain (which ties back to the previous post) me! :D

    "Failure is a just a road, just like any other. There will be one road, With Success very near. But, now is the moment. I see the starting line. At least I know, my mind is without Fear."

    Sometimes we read poetry with clever rhymes that sacrifice the content or message of the poem. This is clearly NOT one of those!

    Lethal last verse!! :D You had to know I'd pull that one out of the bag sometime, eh? Maybe not quite as soon though? :P

    I'm the first one to comment again, yay! Do I win a prize? :P Probably not since I'm just in a good time zone, for once :D

  2. I am awestruck !!!
    The Way you have put forward the chain of thought --- am speechless.. !

  3. This is so you...Haunsle Buland style :)

  4. Totally awesome!! Left without words...i wish i cud write atleast half as good as you.

  5. Glad you continued it.. you have a knack for it dont you!!! :)

    I especially love these lines:

    "Some stones will hit, some will miss.
    On some I will step, to move ahead.
    I will keep learning the lesson of life,
    Enough of which have already been said."

    The para above neatly connects with the one above it. I like the whole flow of words...

    Great work Kunal!!! :)

  6. A standing ovation for this one Kunal.

    I feel a poem is a hit if it is simple and rhymes. It should tell everything in simple words. Let the reader dig into it as per his/her wishes. Beauty of poetry reflected so well here.

    Story of a stubborn told so beautifully. Each line speaks volume. You can choose to read it for fun or dig deep. I need to learn a lot form you.

    BTW, I am writing something in which I am repeating the words from the last line in the first line of next paragraph. Hope it can be as lovely as this one.

    Awesome work, keep up the good work!

  7. Here is some very good lines and maybe I like the last verse best.

    Well done!

  8. awwwwwwwwwwwww wonderful :)

    em loving your posts - you write so dramatically...

    love x

  9. Nice flow, nice rhythm.. carefully choose words a message aptly put.

  10. u r wht u r....awesome one Kunal :)

  11. Absolutely brilliant.

    Btw, perhaps I have asked this to you earlier, but are you living in Switzerland? Have we met before?

  12. Princess Fiona:

    I can't thank you enough for this lovely comment. :)

    Yes, it has a same feeling as the poem you mentioned here...The title was 'If I have to' :D

    Being a optimist person, I believe, this feeling of never giving up...reflects in my poem also.

    Lethal..haha :D
    Still not as lethal as yours.. :P

    I mostly write in the night post it either at the same time or early morning..which I believe suits perfect for you.. :P

    Its an honor to see you first here. :)

  13. Princess:

    Abhi tak to aadat ho jaani chahiye thi..nahi? :P

    Awestruck hone ki.. I mean :D


    Yes..Hausle Buland Style :D


    Thank you for the compliment. And, no, you don't want to write half as good as me. :)

    You are extremely good the way you are. :)

  14. Dee:

    Thank you very much...
    There was a moment, when I thought, I could go on forever with this poem, but I had to stop.. :P

    May be I will continue from here some other time! :D

  15. Saru:

    A standing ovation coming from you means, at least I am writing some thing worthwhile! :)

    Thank you very much Saru. It means a lot. :)

    I am sure, yours poem will be one of its kind.

    Good Luck :)

  16. Spiderdama:

    Thank you very much :)


    Thank you very much. :)


    Thank you so much :)


    Thank you :)

  17. Divesh:

    First of all thank you. :)

    And I know only Divesh who was my junior in college, and going by your posts, I certainly don't think, you are one..

    Yes, I do live in Switzerland. May be, my memory is failing me. I can't recall meeting you if you are not that Divesh. May be you can help me here?

    Thanks again.

  18. Oops, wrong post! Now I recollect, "If I Have To" :D

    After all these fantastic verses you penned here, you still had more poetic fuel in store? W:OW! I say, fill 'er up and keep going!!! We're here waiting for a second standing O :D

    Btw, I've NEVER seen Saru write a 'book' comment :P You've truly hit the BIG time now :D Ohh, but it's lonely at the top ... :)

    P.S. ~ It was my pleasure and you're most welcome :)

  19. HI Princess Fiona:

    I forgot to mention one thing though...

    I made minor changes in the poem, since the last time you read...I don't know..if you noticed them... :D

    And also..there is link for the song on the text 'Minds Without Fear'..

    You can check it out... its a result of collaboration between a Indian music composer (Vishal-Sekhar) and British singer Imogen Heap. :)

    Happy Listening.. :)

    And you know the thing about Poetic fuel is that the more I use, the more fuel I get to use it more.. :P

    You are a poet yourself(and a much better than me..if I may add), so you can understand it better.. :)

    I am not making it to top... :D
    I don't want to leave the others behind...haha :P