Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I don’t want to be heard.
I don’t want to be seen.
I am and I will be.
What I have always been.

I know you want to crawl upon my body and want to make me one of your own. But, I resist. Resistance is in my blood. You can  take everything away from me, but not my right and will to resist. You try, and ultimately fail, to convince me, why I should let you crawl over my body. But, you don’t care about it. What you care, is the heat that my resistance gives you. You use it to warm your cold souls. But, you hardly notice it.

My resistance may fail. But, I want you to know, that if I submit, it will not be because I will be sick of resisting. I am not going to give you that satisfaction. It will be because, I will be sick of seeing you being sick of my resistance. But, you aren’t wise enough to understand this. So, you can revel and rejoice in your false glory.

I know, you are waiting for my resistance to end, so that, you cannibals can make good use of it. You won’t even wait for my eyes to die, my heart to stop and my blood to dry. You may devour my body, once I am gone, but remember, after that your days are numbered too.  The poison, which I have been taking all these years, flows everywhere in my body now. Every time I gulp the poison, the bitter taste of it is replaced by the sweet satisfaction of knowing that, it will kill something else, beside me. Kill something worth killing more than me.

For now, I am here. So don’t you put your hand on my shoulder and pretend that you are my savior.  The minute I turn my head, I know, you will grab my hand to pull it away from my body. Listen, I am not done yet. My resistance will be on. And if I fail, I know the poison will do its job. I hope you die a slow death. I will be in peace knowing that, you can have no more heat from my resistance. You soul will be cold. Forever.

What I have always been,
You will never know.
You can try to contain me,
But, I will always flow.

I know this post is as incoherent as the last one. Its OK. I meant it that way. :)


  1. Loved the poetry verses ... the narration between those two stanzas is very deep and dark. "Confusion is mysterious" and I recall *a certain grain* saying, "pleasurable" too? ;) She's going to love this one and interpret it far better than I can tonight :D

    P.S. ~ The previous post was definitely more coherent :P

  2. I got a little lost, but how beautiful were some of the lines. In awe!

  3. Deep and passionate lines, incoherent yes, but there lies a lot of meaning in incoherence many a times

  4. Maybe incoherent, but very beautiful.
    Makes me think a lot..:-)

    Hope you have a nice week!

  5. khoobsurat!...kafi dam hai in lines me :D :)

    @Fiona: i tend to like/love most of the posts that happen here...not always though, i can interpret them the way the author of this blog implied ;) :D

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  7. Though the resistance breaks the fight will never end.... Nice :)


  8. Oh! my dear Lord....Just when I was away all this while...JUST when I was away, I see you writing abstract, filled with depth verses!!OMG!! Love you for this abstractness...really:)hifive..!! I can so link to this!
    Hmm...so i gotta read ur other posts too, and will do!
    But dude kya awesome "resistance" hai teri! really...Like th flow of ur thoughts.
    You in fact say a lot in these complex lines, even as u keep the secret alive in ur heart and mind, the very thing that made u write this post!

    Some difficult moments in life deserve such abstractness and anything less will only spoil it!

    way to gooooo...:)

  9. the 2 stanzas of poetry just blew me away! You are getting REALLY good at this fella :)

    I am still thinking about some of the things that u said in the prose and trying to decipher those. I guess, i'm slow like that :P
    But anyway, i liked the concept, yes :)

  10. I love the way you write.. its like conversations with self... private little thoughts and talks scribbled to reveal... great!!! The poetic lines were truly splendid... very well worded. :)

  11. Fabulous start...

    i love your writings :) em recalling memories - it make me smile :)

    love x

  12. your writing style is brilliant and it leaves a lot of abstract that is let to the readers to decipher as their mindset sees fit..It takes you deep into a forest of emotions and the it is left to the reader from there...

  13. Your resistance will end one day.You might think that you gave it up coz you are sick of seeing them being sick of your resistance, but who knows maybe you couldnt hold up your guard against their false charm.

    Loved reading it

  14. really nice..
    cud relate to it..
    keep going kunal..

  15. this was so abstract. & deep. takes couple of readings to get through, well at least for me :)

  16. Your incoherence gives me space to add my own interpretations to it, and draw some lessons. That you are a fabulous writer I need not tell you, and unless abstractness is not in personal relations, I quite revel in it. It just hit a nerve, hence the babbling :)

  17. Princess Fiona:

    I have got a liking for anything which is mysterious and confusing... (Not a recent development...)..

    Things, words, expressions, which do not reveal everything have a magic, I believe. They ask to be unraveled, but at the same time, do not say, what you will see, once the veil is gone. You see what you want to see. You get what wanted to get. In these posts, I think, what the words actually meant..(actually means..how I wanted them to perceived) takes a back seat.

    Its all up to the readers. :)

    Thank You again..for your honest comment. You will have to bear with me for some time. I don't think, this post will be the last of this kind. :)

  18. Crystal:

    Its OK. Nothing to worry. :D
    You are in awe. Now, that is something. Your every post gives me the same feeling. :)


    Thank you. Yes, incoherent has meaning. It just needs to be understood. :)


    Thank you. Don't waste too much time thinking. :P

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  19. A grain of Sand:

    Thank you. Main to bas likhta hun. Dumdaar to apne aap hi ho jaate hai. :P

    And, the more diverse ways you can interpret my post, the better. :)


    It will never end. :)

  20. Aakriti:

    Hifive! :D

    You don't want to miss anything here. :)
    I think, I am going to experiment a bit more with abstractness. abhi mann nahi bhara hai! :P

    Long live the resistance! :D

    Have a nice weekend :)

  21. Express:

    Thank You. The prose was added as a afterthought, so really happy that it was liked. :)

    Still trying to decipher? :P


    Thank you very much. I believe, all writing, at one level, is a result of conversation with ourselves. :)

  22. Shama:

    Thank you very much. Good luck to you :)


    I told you so. :P
    Who knows, it may get darker. :P

    Dreaming Wanderer:

    Thank you very much :)

  23. Sunitha:

    That is a unique way of putting it. Readers are left in the jungle of emotions, not sure, what they will find at the next turn. But they will have a good experience for sure.. :)


    Don't worry. This puzzle has no solution. Not even for me! :P

  24. Red Handed:

    Sense or otherwise, it doesn't really matter. :P

    Have to be honest with ourselves. Thats it! :P

    Thank You.


    Thank you. Abstractness is a state, which right now, I don't think, I want to come out. :P