Saturday, December 17, 2011


                                      Zurich Lake, Early Morning.
                                  He wanted to talk to anyone, someone.
                                  But, didn't know with whom to share.
                                  There was a lot left to say in the end.
                                  Could not find anyone, who will care.

                                 The world went on its way, as usual.
                                 His life got bigger, his feelings down.
                                 There were a lot of people, he could see
                                 The one who mattered was not in town.

                                                        The Fist

                                 He will never know right from wrong.
                                 The chain of his life was losing its link.
                                 He stood straight, staring at the mirror.
                                 Smoke in one hand, and a glass of drink.

                                 A day will come brighter than yesterday.
                                 Daily, to himself, he used to repeat.
                                 Odds against him were rising every day.
                                 Anything, he could accept. But not Defeat.

                                          Lake Geneva at Sunset, Lausanne


  1. WoW! You are on a writing roll! All I can say is, go Go GO!!! Am lovin' it!

    Nice photos ~ is that your fist? :P

    Hey, I'm first again :D

  2. Nice one. HAUSLE ABhi BHI BULAND!!! Keep going... :)

  3. haloo...:) hmm...two poems in one post. kinda interesting!! Love the Geneva Lake at dusk:) so gorgeous!

  4. I have felt to be in that first verse many times...
    Thanks for this good writing.
    Like you pictures too, especially the last.

    Happy weekend!

  5. hmm so many emotions in one little poem ..

    good one


  6. That's why I say I have to learn a lot form you...This one is totally amazing.

    Loved the first shot there:) It added beauty to the poem

  7. wow.. that was really good... loved the optimistic end to your verse. such optimism can never face defeat. :)

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  9. You wrote it well my friend and I am trying to digest your message this time, but we are never alone even in the absence of people who we know can rely on... there is someone most powerful who can be called and He will listen to us with a tender heart..

  10. Wow i dunno what is better the way u hav written the post or the pics. :) So i wud say both!

  11. Such heavenly photographs :) And words, well :) You know I like your poems...

  12. Nicely penned. Nice image selection. :)

  13. you crafted it quite beautifully :)

    Weakest LINK

  14. its so nice poem,, it happens whenever we wanna talk , no body is there..:)

  15. yes we do feel lost when someone we want to be with , is not around. but that very feeling let us know what the person is worth for us....the one to be with on chrishmas, new year eve, diwali, holi...........nights of distress....

  16. the scream of emptiness scooped out of life, in a perfect blend with rabid determination to not accept defeat!...what a sense of power!:) dangling at the brink of life and existence and yet challenging the powers that be!..hausle buland :D, me likes the spirit...
    and not being didactic here -true don't accept defeat...but embrace it , if and when it comes...because sometimes in it is enclosed your latent victory...

    in the words of Rudyard kipling..
    "If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same:
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!"

    TAKE CARE,,,i have been inactive in the blogosphere, and in the process have missed out some really nice post..l catch up with them nonetheless :D

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  18. I have read this right when you had posted it. But I didn't really have the words to explain how beautiful I found this post. The pictures and your words. I tend to use the word beautiful too much. But I mean it every time I use it. :-)

    Your words that you leave for me, I love to read. They always make me happy. Give my own thoughts more value when I know they provoke thoughts in someone else as well. Thank you for the feeling..

  19. Princess Fiona:

    Yes..that is my fist.. :-)
    Beautiful...isn't it? Haha...

    Thank you for your constant support.. :-)


    Hausle hamesha buland rahenge.. :-)


    Same but different. :P

  20. Crystal:

    Thank You. :)


    Thank You :-)


    Would you believe, if I say that I did not think it that way...haha...but now that you mention is actually that way.. :P

  21. Sujatha:

    Thank you. :-)


    Thank you.. :-)


    Thank you. :-)


    Thank you :-)


    Thank you.. :-)


    Thank you :-)

  22. Saru:

    I am overwhelmed actually...when you have something to learn from me...because..I personally think, your poems are just exemplary..

    Thank you for your kind words. :-)

    N.S Kriti:

    Being optimistic is in my hands...result may be not.. :-)

    Defeat is not a simple has many meanings...

    Thank you.. :-)

    Prime Aque:

    yes..I understand what you are saying...we just have to have faith in ourselves and the goodness of the nature all around.. :-)

    Thank you..

  23. Ria:

    Thank you for the appreciation..I personally think..the photos are more adorable.. :D


    I am glad you do..I hope to write some good ones this year as well.. :P


    When no one is there to talk, we talk with ourselves.. :-)

  24. A guilty Conscience:

    Yes. Exactly. We know the worth when we lose what we had..I say..we should be able to realize it without losing them or being away from them... :-)

  25. A Grain of Sand:

    wah..kya lines hai... :-)

    As I said before...defeat is not a defeat in its strictest sense if it serves some higher purpose...and the notion of defeat created by the society is a big misnomer...It scares the shit out of all of us...and restricts us in doing things and thinking different and following our true calling...and one who remains unfazed by it or isn't afraid to fall and stands the one who makes a difference...for him and for others..

    A big thanks for those inspiring lines..

  26. Zeba:

    The things I feel when I read your posts are the same..which I feel now..while reading your comment...I can't explain it...but does not need any explanation...

    Thank you..