Friday, November 25, 2011

Strings of Happiness. Pearls of Tears

I understood the words you never spoke.
Something told me, there is nothing we lack.
Enter you in my life and it was sunshine.
Exit like a sunset. Hoping  you will be back.
You know when a song comes along,
Our heart glows and feet start to dance.
Under one roof. One day. One night. One Talk
With all that he had, didn’t we had a chance?
It was the possibility that kept me going.
There was nothing for me, I was forewarned.
Honey, my only wish is you are never harmed.
My mind accepts the missed moment.
You know that I have only one regret.
Eyes remember. Heart tries to make space.
You are someone, I will never forget.
Embrace the moment as it appears.
Strings of Happiness or pearls of tears.
Close, we may not be for now.
Looking at you, I forget my fears.
Out there, when we met for the last time,
Say, I had proposed. You had opposed.
Either way, I just want you to know.


  1. Loved the picture and the lines which go with it

  2. now that makes a pleasent reading .. nice picture tooo :)


  3. The last line was a punch..
    The making of 'L' with all the letters arranged as if solving a scramble...the optimism yet acceptance flowing through the semantics of that structure...nice!

  4. :) This must have been quite a task....I like how people experiment so much with poetry, haiku, and now this...

    I liked the poem... :)

  5. awwwww.....Kunaaaaaaal!!!:):).lovely... so beautiful..ah!! It took my heart away. pretty gorgeous pearls of words coming from you..keep them coming:)

  6. Ah, like this:-) And the picture is great!

  7. WoW! A GORGEOUS acrostic poem with your own creative spin on it!!! Congrats, Kunal ~ I truly LOVE it! :)

    "Embrace the moment as it appears.
    Strings of Happiness or pearls of tears."

    Favorite lines ~ breathtaking *beauty* :)

    What a WONDERFUL poet you have blossomed into in such a short time span! I'm so impressed and find myself excited to see the next one! :) :)

  8. A very differently written poem. Loved it!! :) :)

  9. wow, i went awwwww, and sigh, and was nodding my head, while reading it....beautiful poem, i happened to read a similar format , like the way you have combined "i see you with my eyes closed" into a poem, brilliant....

  10. So beautiful dear Kunal, your words touched my heart, so many familiar feelings for me...
    xoxoxo ♡

  11. writing a single word acrostic seems tough for me! but here u gave a full sentence one!! along with a little story in it!! Very nice!

  12. This is creativity along with the forever touch of love. :)

    You call it imagination! I doubt :P

  13. I don't know this pure form of love exists in this real world but yes if aomeone had been in love sometimes he would have felt the lines you wrote.and thiose are some very rare lucky peoples..........

  14. Quality as always my friend, really really good stuff. It brings back lots of memories.

    Enjoy the mountains, its a great time of year..

  15. WomanInLove, Bikramjit, Ria, Crystal,
    Spiderdama, Rahul, Sneha:

    Thank You Very Much. :)

  16. A grain of Sand:

    Thank you. Just wanted to try something different. :D


    It was quite a task.Yes. :D
    Thank you.


    Thank you. :D
    The words will keep coming. :)

  17. Lady Fiona:

    I got this idea after some poems on your blog itself. :D

    Off course, I wanted to go one step further.. :D

    Glad that you liked it. And I have not blossomed...just yet. The process is still on. :P

  18. Menachery, Dianne, Paul:

    Thank you very much! :)


    It wasn't easy.(As if a poem ever is. Not for me definitely) :D

    Beyond Horizon:

    As I said. Doubts are good. Keep the cats dancing. ;)
    Thank you! :)

    A guilty Conscience:

    It may or may not exist. But, we see what we believe in..sometimes..isn't it? :)

  19. Writing such kind of poems(acrostic) are really not so easy (IMO).
    But you have completely rocked :D

    Too good :)

  20. This is beautiful stuff kunal!

    The concept, the words, you nailed everything.. but the title is something thats gonna b on my mind for a long time..


  21. Bagya:

    Thank you very much. I wanted to experiment a bit. Glad that you liked! :)


    Thank you very much. :)

  22. Wow.. such a creative way of penning down a poem. Truly Beautiful piece of poetry... :)