Monday, November 28, 2011


Its not everyday that a novice, amateur 'poet' like me is asked to write a guest post. But it happened. Against the odds. And doing things against the odds is my favorite job. So, I agreed. Yes, after a few discussions. A few questions.  Aakriti. Naam hi kaafi hai.

When she is not busy  busting myths surrounding Psychology, she provides  us pictures of delicious cakes which she had baked herself and gives us the recipe of some 'yummylicious' foodWhen she is not penning whats on her mind , she delivers thought provoking poems. Yes, she is every bit the yarn of wards, which she calls her writing as...

The challenge was something to write for a truly versatile blogger. Earlier, she wanted to do an interview with me, but I safely pulled myself out of it. :)

And then, I thought, why not write a poem itself. And since in those times, (yes, the poem was written long back..), I was in truly 'kavita likhing mode', I eventually gathered my wits together and wrote something and sent her. Against the odds, she liked it. Looks like, she likes doing things against the odds too. 

So, the poem is up there at Yarn of Words and you can read it HERE. The poem is titled - OF HOPES.

Few lines from the poem...
I tried to listen to what you tried to hide.
I hoped you would trust me, waited for you to confide.
I tried, I lied, I cried and finally sighed.
I always kept a check on my emotions, brewing inside


And..while you are there..don't forget to wish her happy birthday. It was a couple of days back. But she would need all the best wishes as she has her final assessments coming up...  :-)


  1. Splendid!!.
    I will not say much,else I will spoil it.

  2. Many happy returns of the day to Aakriti

    and lovely poem that one


    I think the two of you are splendid writers .. not considering you both praise me to the skies. :P
    The opening para was killer. Awesomer than awesome.
    Happy birthdaaaay, Aakriteee. You deserve the best in life :)

  4. When I saw the title of the post, I thought you were writing something for me :P

    The poem: *L*O*V*E*L*Y* !!!

    My attempt to condense :D You did a wonderful job, Kunal! :)

    P.S. ~ Word verification: Cophe ... I don't think so, doesn't it have a copyright symbol?? :P I didn't promise to condense my silliness :D

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  6. So beautiful your poem dear Kunal, your words touched me and brought back many memories, I loved it.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. Thnks again Bikram.....I got plenty of ur pre and post wishes;) so much that I can take them forward for the next year,,.;)

  8. ANd hEY Crysty.....I really dunno abt my writing or how good or bad i'm...its coz of ppl like u from where the appreciation and encouragement comes that keeps me going....we all are writers of our own forte and experiences....our moments of life have brought us where we are today and where we'll go....:)
    thnks again dear!

  9. What an amazing poem! You really have a talent :)

  10. A grain of Sand:

    Thank you. Say it, if you want to. Don't be afraid of spoiling it! :)


    Thank you! :)
    We are all little specks. But writing makes us happy. :)


    Thank You.

  11. Lady Fiona:

    Haha...actually I had a feeling...that you may think this way.. :P

    May be I will write something for you too :P

    Never Condense. Please never condense.. :D

  12. Dianne, Spiderdama, The Many Colors of Happiness, Rahul :

    Thank you very very much :)


    Uff.... :)

  13. Ohh, really? Ha ha! Are you getting inside my head now? :P

    I definitely didn't condense on my recent comments :P

    I'll wait patiently for a poem with my name on it ;D

  14. Psycho - Always Hausle Buland. :)

    Princesa Fiona!

    It will come some day! :)

  15. Oh yes... i read it on Aakriti's blog and loved it. A very lovely poem indeed... :)