Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Castle, Fairy Tale

It is all your fault. You should not have encouraged me in the first place. I write a poem for the FIRST TIME and you say so many goody goody words about that. Nothing wrong with this. But the problem, I start to take it so seriously, that for next few months, all I can think is write poems, more poems and more poems. So much so that, I started giving comments in Poems, started wishing birthdays in poems. Always thinking of creating 4 lines studded with perfect rhymes(Not that the poem is all about rhymes) and its heart in its place. In short, I was obsessed. After the first try, I gave 'BUT THEN', 'IF I HAVE TO', and 'A LIFETIME..TO DIE'..(Last one sounds like a 007 movie). Going by the comments, all have been well received. Some even pinged me to say some extremely nice words. There is another poem, which I have written, but it still has to see the light of the day. May be, Someday soon!.  I started working on another poem, 'A LIFETIME...TO LIVE'. Even completed it, but as of now..I am not satisfied with it. Something is missing in the poem..Something vital. Which has stopped me from publishing it, just yet. But, as I told, it is all your fault. You shouldn't have encouraged me in the first place. 

So, Today, without saying anything  further, I leave you with some photos from my wandering here and there..mostly in the company of myself. Some of you have already seen the photos on FB, but no one is stopping me on sharing it again! :D

Fairy Tale Castle, Germany

Marianbrucke, As Photographed from Fairy Tale Castle

Scenery All Around Fairy Tale Castle

Some more :)

Sunset in the background

Yes, it snowed in the mountains. I am above 2300 mts here.

The darker side and the brighter side of the Sun

                    Dom, the 2nd highest mountain peak of Switzerland(Behind)


  1. The last picture. *gapes in awe*
    And the sunset picture is beyond beauuuuutiful!
    I envy you. BADLY.

  2. Guilty as charged.. n I think everyone who reads ur write ups wud agree... nw be it poems or pictures they all have something to say and us r all ears... go on we do wait up for the next in line... :D

  3. GIVE ME POEMS GIVE ME MORE POEMS *cries like a drugged baby* :P

    Oh you have spoiled me with the last one for sure :) and I totally laughed at the introduction, bring on the next one....Need I say I loved the photographs? :P

  4. Your poems are nice! :)

    Lovely clicks.. very refreshing!

  5. wow..fab photos!! you've been to all these places! ( wow again :P)

  6. WOWOW fabulous pictures loved each one of them ..
    thank you for sharing


  7. WoW and you didn't even post a poem ... yet :p These photos are absolutely *stunning* and I thank you so much for sharing them here because I kicked the FB habit :D

    I've always wanted to see the Swiss Alps especially covered with snow :) The castle picture is blowing my mind!!! Ahh, but then you may have surmised that it would he he!

    You may not believe this but my next poem I was going to post (still pondering it) has a bit of a fairy tale theme to it and I found the appropriate image ~ of course it's nothing in comparison to your fairy tale, but fitting :)

    OH, and your poems are FANTASTIC so please don't keep writing them but I also encourage you to post other writings too since that seems to be your first love. :)

    I became your new reader after poetry time commenced so I wasn't aware, at that time, that this is new territory for you to roam in :) See how good you are? Yeah, I know ~ I'm part of the pressure problem ha ha!

    Thanks again for sharing these AWESOME photos!! :)

    P.S. ~ Oh no, I wrote a book again! :P They really should have a character limitation here!! :D

  8. i want more poem :)
    lovely pictures-castle ov fairy
    love x

  9. Stunning photos dude. Did you take them? Try considering it as a profession and you will go way far :D Nice read. :)

  10. I am very new to your blog. Wow, what a writing. I liked this post very much.. I don't have great words to express my feeling. You are amazing.

  11. Hahaha, One day my friend, your unpublished poems will perish, as if they had never existed. What if we don't like it, I am sure, it would have a few emotions, thoughts or even a joke here and there, and make someone laugh a little or may be stop and ponder over it.

    The photos are awesome. Are you going to post a sequel to this photo blog now?

  12. TYPO ALERT: "so please don't keep writing them" That should have been, "don't STOP writing them" ~ I just caught this error in my inbox ~ you're not getting off that easy :D

    Oh, and I'm falling more in love with Fairy Tale Castle, at each glance :) :)

  13. Crystal:

    Mission Accomplished! haha :D


    Thank you very much! :)

    Suger Cube:

    Yes..I have been. :)
    Thank you so much!

  14. Bikramjit:

    Thank you! :)


    You want more poems..Aww...May be you will get one! :P

    Thank you!

  15. Princess:

    Everything has something to say...but do the ears hear the same thing that is said? :D

    Danke Schon..been working hard for the next one! :)

  16. Chintan:

    You live me in splits... haha..
    Seriously...I have been trying my is a lot and lot of effort for me..I just hope..I do justice to my reputation...(if any!)..haha :P

  17. Stranger:

    Yes..the photographer is me..But, here...I guess the credit should go to the place...They are just 'WOW'

    Thank you for your time! :)


    Thank you very much!

  18. Psycho:

    tu bas dekh..saale...aur ye bolta poems and photos won't count..haha :)

    Perish hone ka darr nahi hai...Waqt se pehle perish hone ka darr hai! haha :)

  19. Lady Fiona:

    I just LOVE your comments...haha :)
    Thank you Google...there are no word limitations for comments...haha...

    I am glad that you like the photos...and I am still waiting for the snowfall to of has only started at high altitudes...more photos will come for sure...

    And I knew what you wanted to say...even when there was a typo... :P

    And my poems...sigh...well...let me post the next one...I will see..if you change your opinion! :P

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  21. How can I forget your first poem Koshish...and I confess havent read the other two, but will soon.

    Loved the sunset one pic :)

    waiting to read the poem...hope it will see the light very soon

  22. A Grain of Sand:

    Dhanyawaad. :)
    Will update soon! :D

    Beyond Horizon:

    Thank you. Seems like you were away from this space for some time. A lot has happened since then :D

    Will update the next one soon.

  23. Yes I know, I have been away from my space too.

    will catch up at the remaining post soon. :D

  24. Hey Kunal, great photos mate.

    I'm looking at Switzerland, France or Italy for some mountaineering next year so I may catch you out there in the mountains.. get your ice axe and crampons ready ;)

    Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I didnt expect anyone to read the story with it being a little bit longer than normal!!

    All the best

    Pauls Poetic Sauce

  25. Came in through Siddhartha Joshi.I certainly got drunk and fell. Stunning pictures.Thanks for sharing.

  26. Each picture oozes out with nature's beauty. Simply brilliant

  27. You have spoiled us too with those poems of urs.. :) Now we also want more..
    stunning pics.. and stunning place!

  28. Hahaha! Thank God, No poems! ;p I truly love the pictures (and ur poems)!

  29. Paul:

    Thank you for Paul..The place is amazing..I just have to take the camera...I think the credit should go to the place...rather than me.. :) liked the photos...

    Your post was good...and if it is good..the length does not matter! :)

    Let me know..if you are coming here...and if you are bringing ice axe and crampons...bring two pairs...haha..I do not have them here.. :P

  30. Ramakrishnan:

    Thank you for stopping by...Felt good..right? being Drunk and Falling down! ;)


    Thank you very much! :)


    Thank you..The poems will keep coming.. :)


    Long time... :)
    Thank do not like poems? :P

  31. Your poems touch us with words while your pictures touch us without them! :)Breathtaking photos Kunal!

  32. Thank you so much Raj.

    Hope to have the poems and Pictures rolling! :D