Thursday, November 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Keep your rotten tomatoes and eggs ready. This is the person who is responsible for all the activities which happens at this space. All the poems...which range from emotionally depressing to emotionally uplifting...and the never ending posts...

Now, I do not need to tell you, But I will anyway.  The photographer behind all the gorgeous photos of nature published at this space for last few months was the person you see here. But, this pic, off course is not taken by me. If you can please take your eyes off from the blue jersey, you can almost see a semicircular waterfall behind. The place is little known Plitvice National Park in Croatia. I had seen one photo of the park last year, and that little voice inside my head kept popping up - 'you have to go there, you have to go there'. And I went there last weekend.  You can find the relevant descriptions related to park on the wikipedia, but I know, you are either too busy or too lazy. And sometimes both. But, I am feeling lazy too. And moreover, my limited vocabulary skills will do grave injustice, if I start describing the beauty of the place.

 P.S - I have not read any blogs for last 1 week. In fact, I have not read anything substantial last few days. Its a good news for you. Did you ask..How? Because, can expect me popping up in your blog any time. Surprise is good..right? :P

 Few days back, Papa told me this - 
 Bete! today, I have gone through each & every words of your poem,and in my view it is really a nice poem....because as per definition,when the words come out spontaneously in tranquility from the deep root of heart that is called poem.  
Now, I have no words to describe, how I felt after this.

My mom liked my creations too. However, she was more interested in the lady behind these inspirations. I had a hard time convincing her, that as of now, my inspiration is only imagination.

P.S, Again: Some more photos of the park coming soon. Yes, you can relax and breath easy. I won't be in them. I will be behind the scenes.


  1. rotten tomatoes and eggs for ya :)

    wow,those words from your Dad really meant a lot huh? and mothers are always anxious about our life partner

    Get back to reading soon
    and yeah nice place

    P.S: waiting for the pictures.TC

  2. I agree with TOSM. We're being kind and not throwing things at you. :)

    Sounds like a good place. Waiting for more pictures!

  3. Loved what ur dad said...and ha ha, no rotten tomatoes for u. :D

  4. those are the sweetest & most encouraging words said by a father to a son

  5. Father's inspiration, mother's concern.... breathtaking visits to such places, the urge to visit these places again and much more....
    that's what makes the writer of this blog the "person who is responsible for all the activities which happens at this space"...

    All I have to say is -Fair enough,We don't mind :P :D

  6. Such a refreshing post! Great to meet the blogger behind all the poetic words :)

  7. You showed ur blog 2 ur parents? Wow. one of these days should muster d courage n do tht...

    but anyway, if *I* can openly post my pictures on my blog, Anyone can. :-/

  8. Place looks gorgeous Kunal and so is your blue sweat shirt:)

    Good to know what your dad said. Infact what he said was the high point of the post...:):):)

    And, vouching your mother's remarks. Who is your inspiration???

  9. Follow your dreams buddy, and go where that feeling takes you.. but keep an eye on those little voices in your head ;)

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics, i fancy Croatia at some point!

    Keep feeling inspired ;)

  10. A lovely post and photo of the waterfall, you included.
    No eggs or rotten tomatoes for you, I enjoy your posts.
    Lovely words from your Dad and concern from your Mum, Mum's are sometimes like that because they care.
    Looking forward to more photos, always follow your heart, you can find the loveliest of people and places.

    xoxoxo ♡

  11. What a great post, from start to finish! Bravo!

    However, I did throw the eggs and tomatoes @ the P.S. :P because I want to see more pics of the handsome man ;) :D

    That is truly awesome about your Dad's thoughts on your poetry and I have to agree with him 100%! I'm giggling at your mother's response :D

    Ohh, that waterfall is SO unique and beautiful! I've never seen anything quite like that, Kunal! :) Thanks so much for sharing it with us and I look forward to more pictures ~ hoping you'll pose in at least one more ;D

    I *love* surprises ~ sneak up on me anytime :)

    P.S. ~ I noticed Paul is winking at you too :D

  12. ur pic reminds me of d floating mountains from avatar.. SO beautiful...

    n yeah wat uncle is sayin about poetry is soo true.. n its similar to wat the canteen guy says to ranbir in rockstar.. - jab dil mein dard hota hain.. tab nikalta hain sangeet...,

    aur tab nikalti hain aapki poetry :)

  13. A nice post with a lovely backdrop of waterfall in Croatia!

  14. Hey you have a good face so rotten tomatoes not needed I guess :D
    I wish my father ever said something like tht to me :( But he thinks all my followers r fools :P
    Ur Moms interest is justified :D

  15. Blogworld is under the weather too! Bloggers are busy, some are travelling, some are sick, some I lost from my google reader feed :'( So chill out! You were no shock :P

    Cheers for the email <3

    And, hehe, glad that you mentioned, take eyes of blue jersey...I was like, alright, what do I need to look at here? The waterfall doesn't impress me much tho :P

    And, masha allah your parents read your blog <3 That's so cool...

  16. Great post! I looking forward to more of this place. I will love to boulder in Croatia some day.

  17. And and, what uncle said is inspiring and too true too. Its good enough for us to live by.

  18. I can totally understand when you say "I have no words to describe"...that's a BIG BIIIGGGG compliment :D

    Your imagination is beautiful...ahem, ahem, is it really a imagination? :P

    Oh! My eyes were on the mesmerizing waterfall. I did not see at first sight that there was someone in blue jersey.....after reading I got it. So the beautiful waterfall saved from the rotten tomatoes and eggs :P

    You got to hear that little voice inside your head often :)

  19. after going through some posts, i know why your mom is interested in the lady behind your creations :p
    great blog :)

    jaya j

  20. TOSM:

    Yes. They mean a lot. Considering that he does some poetry too. :D

    Mothers...same concern. :P


    Work in progress. The pictures I mean. :D


    Thank You :)

  21. Sujatha:

    Agree. :)


    Thank You :)


    Thank You :)

  22. A Grain of Sand:

    This and much more makes the writer of this blog. :D


    Actually, I didn't show the blogs to my parents. But, they found out eventually. :P

    I think, my brother showed it to them ;)