Friday, October 28, 2011

A Lifetime..To Die

                                               Water Beneath, Frozen Ice

I was walking on that 'lane' the other night.
When memories, from years gone by, came rushing.
We were staring into each others eyes, then..
Our hands were together and you were blushing.

The soft breeze was there, cooler than usual,
The sky was in patches of gray and blue.
You had closed your eyes for a moment, then..
When you opened them again, they said, 'I do!'.


It all seems so distant now, as if nothing happened
You left me shallow and rich at the same time.
I tried to forget. Leave it All Behind.
But, I know that, what we did, was not a crime.

You are not near me. Yet you are.
The moments, we shared, still nice.
You live inside me. In my thoughts.
Like water, beneath a frozen ice.

I will never feel which I felt once,
You left me alone. But Why? And How?
Living, while dying, is the order of the day.
What mattered then does not matter now.

I have the gifts, which you gave me before.
They will always be at their rightful place.
You may come again. I have not changed the lock.
I may be waiting for no one. But, Just in case!

I do not need anything from you.
I am not going to sit and cry.
I will thrive on my unyielding pain
For, I have, a lifetime to die.


  1. Two contrasting emotions brought out well... I especially like the last line..

  2. hello mr therapeutic,
    i hope you like the name anyways i LOOOOOVVVEEED the poem..
    the part when the girl says I DO is like awww and the last line offcorse..!
    and you write beautifully...! :))

  3. So beautiful and poignant are your words, even when love leaves us we are still left with the gifts of memories and the small hope that it may return.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Touching..honestly I am not very much into english poetry,I forget first line as I go on to read second..but there is something about words you use that keeps me connected till the end(which in itself should be achievement for you :P)
    Great work..keep it coming!!!Last line is very much of Kunalnama,isn't it? :P

  5. It is so beautiful that I cannot decide which are my favorite lines

    You live inside me. In my thoughts.
    Like water, beneath a frozen ice.

    I will thrive on my unyielding pain For, I have, a lifetime to die.

    It is just amazing ...

  6. Thanks for the following.

    Beautiful poems Here!

    Margie :)

  7. Lovely and moving.
    Eternal owned only the lost..
    Regards Tania:-)

  8. The first two paragraphs and the last one are beautifully worded. I like that you traveled through emotions in this poem. Lovely...:)

  9. /But, I know that, what we did, was not a crime./

    Kunal, you burnt a hole in my heart with this poem...A story that I keep in dark corners of heart is written all over in this poem! I love your poems, please please I beg on my knees, write more often.....

  10. Some said this- Dont come and see my dead body if you were not their when I was dying. If you were not there when I was living.

    I loved the lines Kunal. A prick in my heart Noe.

  11. "You live inside me. In my thoughts.
    Like water, beneath a frozen ice."

    its an untold story told, an untold story that surfaces beneath almost every soul:)
    too good! and i agree with Saru..first two verses are beautiful :)
    but, "For, I have, a lifetime to die."...i thought you have a lifetime to live , live those memories through you writings! :)

  12. hmm...Well...I am writing this comment without being drunk and I am sure I will not fall from the chair I am sitting on right now...hmmm...

    Nice poetry by the way....

  13. Awwww :D It's so beautiful :D <3
    Love it ^_^

  14. WoW! I initially dropped by to leave a link on your previous post regarding the man who recently ended his walk around the world.

    Now, it is the furthest thing from my mind as I walk into the BEAUTY of this heartfelt poem! And yes, I've read it several times now :))

    You did a brilliant job penning this, Kunal! So much to relate to in this masterpiece. My favorite line seems to be the popular one here:

    "You live inside me. In my thoughts.
    Like water, beneath a frozen ice."

    Absolutely *LOVE* this entire poem and how the title is revealed in the very last line!

    Oh and about that link, here it is :)

  15. wow...this is some poem. You really did a fantastic piece of work. You should definitely write more and more poems. I read 4-5 times and each time felt better than before. Keep up the good work dear. waiting eagerly for the next one.

  16. Loved it! How beautifully written. Absolutely loved the last para.

  17. Beautiful one. I guess, finally, you have turned into one. Is this just your imagination?

    PS: The poems won't count. :D

  18. See. When I read stuff like this I have no words.. Devastatingly beautiful just doesn't cut it. But is the closest I can get right now..

  19. The last two lines brought such emotions, I felt touched in a weird, strange way..
    And I guess, some people are meant to live inside us. In some ugly, not-so-ugly, dark corners of the human heart- Some people live, and so shall this piece. It was b-ea-utiful! Write poetry more often. You're Good.

  20. what mattered then does not matter now! how nicely said.. and never cry or grieve certain feel is too pure to destroy them with tears..

    I talk a lot here coz, i loved it:)

  21. so much emotion runs down from ur words.. the pain touches me too..
    I hope it sublimes soon,,

    lovely poem...

  22. Wow... brilliantly soulful. You left me at a loss for words! :)

  23. Amazing words. Powerful, I should say. Soul-stirring.
    Sometimes, Fortunately/unfortunately, even if our dear ones are not around us, those wonderful memories shared, would give us the feeling they're still near us.

  24. The words were flowing like water :)

    Very well written.
    When a person leaves, the memories stay..

    But yes, you have to be strong :)
    Great post!

  25. It will make one goof song..loved it!

  26. :(

    the last 2 lines simply left me amazed. They summed up the emotion pretty perfectly.

    All we can do is have some hope. For love to trace its path back to us. It is this faith that lets us sail through, hold on, stay strong.

    I LOVED the title. You are getting really good at this kunu :D

  27. Kunal, stunning piece of work my friend, good stuff.. it flows perfectly (a bit like water beneath frozen ice ;)

    Great pic, incredibly tranquil and stunning peaks. My ice axe and crampons are ready :))

    Pauls Poetic Sauce

  28. wow indeed a lifetime ot die.. so lets live that life first :)

    loved the poem and the picture on top wowo ...


  29. Brilliant is the word...for both the pic and the poem.

  30. PeeVee:

    Actually, the first two stanzas were supposed to come in a different poem altogether..but..blame it on me..I couldn't find the next words.. so used them here :)

    Thank you

  31. Suvaiba:

    Mr therapeutic...haha..sounds like I am a doctor! :)

    Thank you for your wonderful comment!

  32. Dianne:

    Thank you very much..


    Thank you.


    Thank you. Absolutely love your photography!

  33. Rohan:

    That is a wonderful comment...I am glad could connect with it and you didn't feel lost! :P

  34. Sunitha:

    Thank you very much...Can't decide on a favorite? haha..its a good thing! :P

  35. Saru:

    It is always wonderful to see you here. Praise from you is a big thing! :)

  36. Chintan/Lekhan/Chintu/Blunt:

    you know...when you say something like this..I feel..I shouldn't have written it at the first place. :(

    I just heal fast for your pain..Best Regards! :)

  37. Red Handed:

    I have heard these lines before. Is the prick still there..I hope not! :)

  38. A grain of Sand:

    I am working on 'A Lifetime to Live'! :)

    Till then..I am living my life...
    Dhanyawaad! :)

  39. Thinking:

    Extremely glad to know that you didn't fall :)

    Chocolate Lover:

    Thank you!

  40. Sameera:

    Thank You! :)


    Thank you! :)


    Glad you liked the poem! :)

  41. Lady Fiona:

    Thank you for your wonderful comment!
    I am just trying to write something...Poetry is something which does not come naturally to me....It takes a lot out of me..though...I makes me more richer! :)

  42. Dhananjay:

    4-5 baar have a lot of time to waste! :P


    It counts! :)


    Thank you!

  43. Zeba:

    Its your writing which does the same to me. Speechless!

  44. Crystal:

    Thank you for your wonderful words!
    Some people are meant to come and then never leave. Whether they are physically present does not matter! :)

  45. KP:

    I don't cry. And don't worry about talking a lot. I won't mind! :D

  46. Dreaming Wanderer:

    Thank you. I am fine. Don't Worry! :P


    Haha...I think so too! :P

  47. Rahul:

    Thank you very much!


    Thank you!


    Thank you so much! :)

  48. Ashwini:

    Thank you. Yes. Memories never fade.
    They help us connect. :)

  49. Paul:

    Always a pleasure to see you here!:)
    Thank you for your kind words...and keep the crampons ready. I am all game! :)

  50. Express:

    Don't be sad. Its just a piece from my idle mind. Thank you..

    Care for a glass of whisky, rum or champagne? :D

  51. ooops how did I miss reading this one!!

    you know the best part about your poems is that you use simple words ( not the kind where i'd have to check the dictionary again n again :P ) and yet you put across the thought so wonderfully!
    this is fab!

  52. Sugar Cube:

    Advantages of having a limited vocabulary! :)


    Thank You!