Friday, October 14, 2011

If I Have To..

                                           I have made a promise to myself,
                                           Which I intend to keep.
                                           Unless, I start at the base of the mountain,
                                           How would I know, it is too high? Or too steep?

                                           I am prepared to lose.
                                           I am ready for sacrifice.
                                           I will get what I want.
                                           No matter what the price.

                                           I am not going to stop,
                                           Even after getting tired.
                                           I am my own inspiration
                                           I do not care about being admired. (Or Desired!)

                                           I know the path is not easy.
                                           I am not expecting any help.
                                           I have to keep fighting hard,
                                           Even, if I get beaten to pulp. 

                                           I do not trust my fate.
                                           I will rather make my own.
                                           I will keep kicking the door.
                                           Even, if I keep getting thrown.

                                           My eyes will burn in the sun.
                                           My skin will get dirty and dark.
                                           All energy may leave me one day.
                                           But, Fire within will be there. If Only, a Spark.

                                           My language is Silence.
                                           Hunger is my food.
                                           For all I care,
                                           I will be dressed in nude.

                                           I will stand naked in the cold wind.
                                           I will bang my fist in the wall.
                                           I will be bruised. I will shiver.
                                           But, I will live. I will brave it all.

                                           I will swim against the tide.
                                           I will run with a broken leg.
                                           I will get numb. I will be in pain.
                                           I will survive. I will never beg.

                                           I will walk through fire.
                                           I will get burnt to the bone
                                           I will prefer to die, trying..
                                           In the end, everyone gets a tombstone.

                                           I will have no one to talk to.
                                           I will have nothing left to share.
                                           I will still believe in following my heart.
                                           Knowing, that Life is grossly unfair.


  1. Life really is grossly unfair! But these above lines seem to be coming frm the mind of an opportunist, chance taker and a person for whom the end result doesnt matter but the trying does.
    Loved the simplicity in the lines, yet filled with intensity.

  2. my favourite-"I do not trust my fate. I will rather make my own."

    this is a poem by a person who knows how life can jeer can you, yet is passionate to live it!!! a warrior in the true sense of the term...
    truely good:)

  3. My language is Silence.
    Hunger is my food.
    For all I care,
    I will be dressed in nude.

    These lines say it all Kunal. You have written it so well and there is a volcano of emotions and strength building inside.

    Haunsle Buland hi achhe...


  4. YEs life is unfair but then .. no worries .. those who go for it with all heart and work hard .. make it all FAIR ..

    lovely poem ..


  5. Love the optimism implanted in the words.

  6. Love the way u have imbibed optimism in the poem even thought it may appear to be grim to a few.

  7. what a composition and what a spirit coming out of it !!!!! fantastic thoughts and fantastic work. Bravo.

  8. It is unfair. And grossly so. INDEED.
    Reminded me of , "Kaun kehta hai aasma mei suraakh ho nahi sakte.. Ek patthar toh dil se uchaalo yaaro."

  9. This SPIRIT is what I respect about You !! :D

    Life may be unfair sometimes.. but it still is very beautiful.. Gives us so many wonderful people.. cherish-able memories..

    If flowers weren't alive how would they feel/look without their fragrance.. :D

    The Zest to survive should not just be a fight .. also let the fragrance flow out n reach to people you Love..

  10. Such an inspiring and great poem dear Kunal, yes life is unfair but we must strive to go on against all of the obstacles that come our way...we must always try and not give up.

    xoxoxo ♡

  11. Kunal, this is so good, infact brilliant. I wish I could pen down something like this. Few lines are so beautifully crafted. I'm so jealous of you right now...What a poem!!!


  12. It is too good...I saw myself in your poem :)

    village girl

  13. This is a fabulous poem and I have read it several times now! I have this "try 'til you die" attitude in life also and love how much it is echoed in every verse here! Brilliant, indeed, and great rhythm! :)

    Life isn't fair, I agree ~ it's very imbalanced . . .

  14. the last 4 lines. epic!
    wonderful poem

  15. as long as you follow your heart life won't be unfair :)

    lovely lines :)

    my new blog>>

  16. I love the spirit of the poem. The only thing I would add is that the whatever the journey, it won't just be hardships that I want to fight, I am also going to be open to breathtaking views, cool breeze, smilies on persons' faces coming down ..

  17. Life is unfair - how true!

    Brilliantly put buddy :)


  18. You ended it very well re.. and no, everyone doesn't get a tombstone.

    but but, dont stand naked in the cold wind re.. bacchhe darr jayenge :P

    rather come to me. Ill make sure you get ample to cover yourself :)

    Cheers to the spirit!

  19. Woaaa Kunal ....I see soo many textures in this poem of urs!! Anger, frustration, enthusiasm, eagerness to take on everything that comes, no matter how rough the storms maybe, the determination to go on, to prove no one but urself, that u are something...i saw this poem of urs as an inspiration, lest u brought thr reality upfront in the last line of urs..m left speechless after that!

  20. Kuns,

    Your spirit has started flowing in your work, that's a great sign... Keep the great work going.


  21. My worry lines have disappeared after reading this. There is hope. Thank you for making me realize that. :-)

  22. WOW!!!Hausle buland I see :)

    Best wishes mate :) Thats the way we live!!!

  23. Great and wonderful poem.
    Favorite in this.. "still believe in following my heart"

  24. Red Handed:

    We do what is in our hands...right?
    Trying is. Not the result. :)

    Thank You!

    A grain of Sand:

    Thank you. May be the making your own my fate! :)

  25. Chintan:

    Needed to vent it here and take some steam off...:)

    Hausle Buland is something...I have always lived by..


    Thank you. Its not about making it fair...I is not something...which you can judge instantaneously..but if there is honesty in your heart and work...then at least you can be at peace with yourself!

  26. Alka:

    Thank You. Being always a optimist does disappoint you sometimes...but..I know no other way to view things in my life! :)


    The more grim things appear to me...the more optimist I get! :)

  27. DJ: have a hand in the making of this the coffee table? :)


    Welcome here. Yes..its all about faith. Things may change from good to worse, but your faith in yourself should not waver! Loved your lines..

  28. Princess:

    (I do not know..why I address you by this name here...even.. when I know you)

    I hope...this spirit is not the 'only' thing which you respect about me! :P

    And when you talk about fragrance..(you sure love that word..don't you? )..reaching out and touching lives of others whom you love or who love you...I have an interesting philosophy on to listen? :P


    Welcome to my blog. Never giving up. That is all it is about. Keeping your head high and coming hard after every fall. With integrity and honesty. With faith.

  29. Saru:

    You..and jealous of me...You are flattering me.. haha (reminds me of Chintan's latest blog) :P

    I can't think of even writing poems like you do..conveying so much in so less...yours are pure gem..I am just a toddler! ..sachhi! :)

    Compliment coming from you means a lot! :)


    Thank you and welcome. I will visit your place soon. :)

  30. Lady Fiona:

    Yes...try till you die...A fighter should die..doing..what he is best at ..right! :)

    Suger Cube:

    Thank you :)

  31. Sub:

    I visited your blog space. That space is going to have lot of interesting entries! :)

    Thank you for still taking out time to come here! :)


    I think..that if you are honest with yourself and you have no malice in heart..(if that is possible!! ) :P...then you can see the beauty of not just 'breathtaking views, cool breeze, smilies on persons' faces coming down'...but beauty in almost everything..and beauty in fighting hard is also there..right? :)

  32. Vijay:

    Thank you.


    Haha...your comment makes me smile..(I think your comment on the previous post also had the same reaction)

    Aur bacche darr jayenge...bahut fikr hai....aur agar mujhe thand lag gayi to? Oh said come to you. May be I will! :)

  33. Aakriti:

    You can not be speechless. you have already spoken much...taking every bit of emotions from the poem...and happy that it can serve as inspiration for anyone...but..writing a poem is one thing..and doing what you preach is another..

    pehle main khud inspire ho jau...thik hai? :)


    What do you mean..'started following'? pehle kaun se jagah par flow kar rahi thi meri spirit? :P

  34. Zeba:

    Glad to be of any help for your worry lines..I hope..they do not appear anytime soon. :)
    There is always hope.


    Welcome. And Thank you!

  35. Phoenix:

    That I am!! :)


    Thank you. Yes..following my heart. I think..thats the way to go..:)

  36. Compelled to make a comment. For a guy whom I have for such a long time..i could now see your reflections totally in this poem and can really say you now have started coming of age man...Kuns.. this was deep poem and one of the best ones I have come across..and is NOT the poem
    just for you but it echoes what so many of us are going through these days.. an inspiring one at that..


  37. :D

    and no, the comments were in very different taste. I actually meant what I said in the prev post :P

  38. Chinchoo:

    You have known me for very long time...and have seen different shades of me at many times...and I know..that when I tell you my so called always go like..'saala...phir se shuru ho gaya ye..'.. :)

    I do not know about coming of age...but I know that time is running fast...and the moment of reckoning is soon...hehe...we will see...kuch nahi bhi hua to kya hua..bakwaas to main hamesha kar hi sakta hun tere saath.. :P


    When I meant..your comment in the previous post...I meant it actually...previous to mistake...your comment with with the vodka one! :P

  39. Kunal i'm sensing alot of passion in your words, straight from the soul, great bit of writing. In the face of gloom, in the face of unfairness you've just got to keep pushing forward. Fine words my friend. I'll be back :)

    Many thanks for following my blog, it is highly appreciated.

    Regards Paul Poetic Sauce

  40. Courageous :)

    Life is unfair..but we do need to fight!

    Strong post :) And lovely picture!

  41. Unfair yes, but the trick is to never give up. But why in such a mood?

  42. A poem with a lot of positive feelings. Loved it. Visiting this blog for the first time. Will defintely check back for updates..

  43. i think following our heart is the need of the hour, which we fail to do at times, may be bcoz of this materialistic age.....

    well penned thoughts Kunal...and thanks for the visit at my space...hope to see you more often now :)

    best wishes,

  44. I cant pick my fav lines. Each lines gets passionate about living that live.

    Optimism, vigor and passion. Amazing lines.

  45. i have no clue why i did not find your blog before???
    this poem is like OMG
    it inspired me precisely i am going Low these days i needed a shoot and yes this really gave me one..! i love it
    each and every line makes me feel good. and it looks effortless ... saying the hardest things with such ease :)
    following you..!

  46. I liked these lines:

    My language is Silence.
    Hunger is my food.
    For all I care,
    I will be dressed in nude.

  47. Paul:

    Many thanks for your kind words.


    Thank you.

  48. Psycho:

    There is no answer to 'Why?' every time..right? It just is! :)


    Thank you. Will be happy to have you back :)

  49. Insignia:

    Thank you.


    :) Am glad you came! :)
    And these lines, which were meant for me, I am happy, they could give strength to few others.

    Be Strong :)

    Crazy Devil:

    Thank you! :)

  50. Amazing! we all gonna walk with life regardless of everything!