Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Blabbering Smiling Guy

             In old times - From Left to Right. Psycho, His Girlfriend, Me, Chidi, Ashish, Gulti.
                                   Girl Sitting - Garima (Chidi's sister)
                                   On a hill top near Bangalore. In the Mist

Participants: Me, Suri, Chidi, Psycho, Felix, Alex, Gulti. (All college mates)
Room mates: Me, Suri, Chidi, Felix
Location: House No 490, Kormangala 8th Block, Bangalore


It was around 9 in the night. On a Friday evening. It was way past my end of the official end of the working hours. But, in those days, late nights were quite usual for me. But, not today, I told myself. Not, when there is a birthday party at home. I had already received calls from friends (room mates + former college mates) and I had promised, I will be home soon. I finally left and entered my flat, where friends were waiting along with dozens of bottles of beers and numerous snacks.

You may find it had to believe, but I did not drink that night.(Not a beer person!). But, that did not stop me, from having a great night. Remembering college days, Discussing our unplanned futures, non-existent love lives, deep life philosophy, pulling each other legs. The night just did not seem to end. Finally around 4 A.M, people started looking for place to collapse. The lucky ones got the bed. Others took to floors and bean bags(Including me). 

                                         Left to Right: Psycho, Chidi, Felix, Me.
                                        We do not know what we are trying to do.

I was the first one to wake up in the morning. A lovely, cool, typical Banglorean Saturday Morning. I looked for my mobile to see the time, but it wasn’t present, where I last remembered keeping it. I got up and checked my room. NOPE. Felt a little strange. Then, I went to the other room, where Suri and Felix were still sleeping. I checked quietly, but again NOPE. Then, I looked for Suri’s phone so that I could dial my number from there. It wasn’t on his bed. Felt a little stranger. On impulse, I woke up Suri and asked for his mobile.  His mobile wasn’t present. Something struck us. We checked. None of the phones were present. Barring one. Alex’s phone. He had slept on the bean bag with his phone still in his pocket. We dialed everyone’s number, but each call met with the same response – ‘…is not reachable….’ SHIT. SHIT.SHIT. THEFT IN THE HOUSE. WHAT THE…...FIVE PHONES GONE IN A DAY!Then we noticed. The door of the house was ajar. And also Gulti wasn’t at home. Alex called Gulti and was told that he had left home early as he had to go to office (yes, on a Saturday) and he had asked Psycho before leaving  to lock the door when he is gone.


No one knows, what Gulti told Psycho and what Psycho heard and whether he closed the door. (Though he says he did). Since, these two were the most drunk out of all of us, their testimony is a..umm…a bit shaky. :)

                                From Left to Right: Chidi's Towel, Me, Psycho
                                                                In Front: Suri
                                 Location: House No 490.

This incident has become a part of folklore between us, and whenever we meet, we do not fail to remember ‘THAT NIGHT WHEN WE LOST ALL THE PHONES’.  We attempted many times, in a playful way, to know the exact thing that happened, between the period Gulti left and talked to Psycho and whether he closed the door or not…but..nothing concrete came up. 

And Nothing will. Because Gulti left us on Thursday, 6th Oct.  Quietly. Suddenly. And Hopefully without much pain. He perished while doing what he loved doing. Being in the Mountains. He wanted to climb Kanchenjunga. But, he couldn't cope with the training part(I am guessing..) in Sikkim. He died, with, I believe,  music still left within him. I just wanted to remember him for the kind of person he was. The Blabbering smiling guy. I have revisited him in my memories, in the photos of our trips together.  I am done with grief. I am not looking for explanation from destiny. You can not mourn for ever..right? You got to move on. I had to let it go. But, my heart goes for his parents. For them, mourning will be life long. Rest in Peace(and please..not R.I.P) Gulti and give strength to his parents. You will live in our memories. And our stories. Always.


  1. hmm....I never knew that the article will turn to someone's death started with fun...

    hmm...anyways...we can't mourn whole life...moving ahead is okay...but we got to remember lost one too...

    Nice post !

  2. Courage to all his loved ones and may peace be with him.

  3. I still can't believe it. We have had such great times in Bangalore. Srinath would be definitely missed.

  4. yes, we can't forever wait for destiny to answer our questions...
    may strength be by your side and by the side of the breaved!

  5. May his soul be at peace. your memory of him is very profound which reflects in this post. Stay Blessed

  6. This is sad...may god give his family the strength to overcome the grief. And may his soul RIP.

  7. oh no :( I was smiling all along till I read about the death.

    It is such an unfortunate time of the year :(


  8. Ohh Sad.. it started with memories and all laughs and ended in tragic..

    I am sure all those lovely friends will be missed and remmebered all the time


  9. Thinking:

    Writing a too depressing, emotional post wasn't my intention...Just wanted to share a funny incident which he was a part of. Yes..we will always remember him..

    Thank you for visiting :)


    Thank you.

  10. Psycho:

    The Feeling can not be expressed in words.

    A Grain of Sand:

    Destiny will never answer. At least not directly. It is best to do the best with what we have..than plan too much ahead in the future. Living in the they say!

    Thank you.

  11. The Guy in the Mirror:

    Thank you. I doubt, if me or any of his friends who have spent time with him will ever forget. The pain may become less with time..but it will never erase.

    Thank you.


    Thank you.

  12. Chintan:

    I know..the post kind of dwells in between two emotions...but it would have been a disrespect to him if I had written in any other way.. (in my opinion). He would be missed.

    Thank you.


    Laughs and Sadness..both are part of life. We have to take both. I think, I wanted to write a post..with this in mind..and I knew...reader will face a change of emotion....that is life. :)

    Thank you

  13. I was watching this play the other day, about two friends, narrating a same story, of their young days. They were sitting away form each other, on separate sides of the stage, and had alternate dialogues. In the end, it is revealed to the audience though their story that one of them is dead and the both sides of stage are, in essence, life and afterlife. Your post reminded me of that...

  14. Aaaaaah. How this one ended. My thoughts are with you as you brave this loss.

  15. He perished while doing what he loved doing.That reminds me of someone that passed away while on his way chasing his become a pilot

    death takes away life but not memories

    They will stay with us always :)
    May he reach heaven:)

  16. a blog award for you :)

  17. I didnt expect a tragic end here. May peace be with your friend.

  18. I'm so sorry. I know what it feels like, losing a friend- I shared a bench with her through 5 years.

  19. the end totally got me by a shock!

    i totally believe that god takes the best ones among us.. the fastest! I just hope your friends memories continue to justify his short but beautiful life. Perseverance to everyone who knew him.


  20. mgeek:

    Thank you for your insightful comment. It is a loss. And the only way is to move forward.


    Right now..all I can think of is his parents. It is just unbearable.

  21. The other side of me:

    Sometimes, things happen which can not be explained. It just happens. And those who remain have to come over their grief and brave it.

    A grain of sand:

    Thank you. Appreciated! :)
    I just hope..I remain in one of your favorites! :)

  22. Insignia:

    :( Got to brave it!


    Tragedy is a part of life. There are very few people in the world who did not lose anyone in their lifetime..Life gives us many shades!


    He will be in my memories...and in the memories of his loved ones. Always.