Friday, September 2, 2011

Yun hi, Gupshup

*There is nothing serious in this post. It is just a kind of filler* :)

During Coffee breaks, there are various topics of conversation which take place. While we try to avoid the discussions related to work, for obvious reasons, the current non-performance of Indian Cricket team has even made Cricket a difficult topic to discuss and have fun at the same time. Sometimes, conversation starts by someone asking for a potential plan to go for a trip somewhere, but there is no consensus whether we should go to London or Rome or somewhere else. (I am personally rooting for Croatia!). 

Then, there is this topic of fluctuating stock markets and who is incurring the highest loss in the stocks and then every one becomes an expert on which stocks to invest in. A related topic is the exchange rate between Swiss Francs and Indian Rupee and when we should transfer the money to maximize the gain. 
Another interesting topic is the price now days to buy a flat in NCR.Aur bhai..mere to rongte khade ho jaate hai, by god! Friends and colleagues tell their experiences of talking to brokers:

"bhaiya..flat soch rahe the lene ka. Aap dikha sakte ho."

" jayega..dikha denge..apna requirement bataiye..budget bataiye.."

"2 BHK soch rahe the...budget..kuch 60-65 Lakh hoga..."

After a pause..

"Madam...itne mein to thoda mushkil hai....hamare paas to 1 crore se starting wale flat honge..."
(matlab..jab itne ho batana!!)

And I have heard of normal-livable-not-too-fancy flats in NCR at a few locations with a starting price of 3 Crores. 3 Crores. Is that a joke? There is no way I am going to buy a flat in NCR for this price which would mean taking a loan of I-don't-know-how-much amount. What ever that amount will be, it will be nothing less than exorbitant. You may say, I am living in a fantasy world, if I plan to buy a house in NCR and if I am afraid of this cost and also if I do not want to take a loan. And you will be right about it. I live in a fantasy world. And I am happy. I do not need a 3 Crore house to live in to be happy. I just hope, I do not have to eat my words in the future, when and if, I take more responsibility. Responsibility of a family, I mean...Aww..let me move to other topic, before I scare myself.

Another one of our favorite topics is taking a dig at our managers. Here is  story from my colleague. Apparently, he got a report on his performance of the past year, where everything was fine..(at least as fine as it can be), except for the part, where there was something on which he had to work on..

"You should improve your communicational skills. You are the hard worker in the office and you takes a responsibility and you do a best. But, you have to works on the skills for the efficient communication. It will help the projects and you will also develops in the professional manner."

He  has this to say about his superior,"the, a, an, s to jaise dahej mein le kar aaye the..itne le kar aaye abhi tak kaam chala rahe hai..jahan mann karta hai..saala wahan use kar dete hai. Customer se appreciation mail aati usko forward karke...aisa mail likhte sharm aa jaati hai...isse achha to nahi mail bheje...I the congratulate you on a good works done. I hopes for this in a future also...pata nahi kya kya likhte hai. Saala..uski language ko translate karne mein to google translator bhi fail ho jaaye...No language found bolega. Ab wo mujhe bol rahe apni communicational skill sudharo...mujhe to hansi aa jaati hai...unko bolu kya main...."

We had a great laugh about this on many coffee breaks. But then, I do not think his manager is much different from us. We always give advices to all around us, even when we do not know shit about what we are talking*. :)

Now, in my previous post, I gave the definition of Courage as given by Premchand. So, I was reading a book “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” and I removed by bookmark yesterday to take it from there. And the first line is:

 “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.”

Writers, philosophers. I guess are same everywhere :)
* I am not trying to make fun of him or anyone with limited communication skills in English or any other language. There may be a hundred grammatical errors on this one post. I accept that. I will improve myself. My giving advice on writing skills will be kind of like Rakhi Sawant giving a lesson in acting. Hey,hey.. I am not trying to make fun of Rakhi Sawant now!


  1. 3 crores, better be NRI then. lol...Btw, jab manager ki english itne kharab hai to subordinate kya's not a filler post, for me, it's a refreshing post...I have a smile on my face now:)

  2. trains stop at this station?? That's funny. I was wandering around and dont know how I found your blog but to bad that I cannot understand Hindu. :D

    Nice to meet you though, I followed.

  3. NCR is artificially guys gossip too. I wonder why girls are pilloried for chit chatting.
    And u dont need to make fun of Rakhi...she is a joke herself.

  4. Yellows!!!! :):) Hope u are the doings the wells..;) lol..I loved that bit of ur friend talking abt his manager..more so I loved what he wrote..totally hilarious :D..:D haha!!
    and wow..teri toh badi aish hai!! CROATIA!!!:):) breath taking! and yeah as far as the prices of houses are concerned..they are reaching far higher than the tallest of the sky scrapers. pehle ghar lo, fir saari zindagi loan dete raho..anyway. lovely post! have a faab a weekends;)

  5. Looks like the guys love to gossip too :). The good part is that you don't veer to personal stuff. I itch to discuss politics, sports, real estate as well but most of them divert it to their husbands, kids, in laws (groan!!) !

  6. Just 'preach',why 'practice'. after all, preaching comes mnore easily :D

  7. Saru:

    NRI..but for how long...?? I can not be away from India for long..I love her way too much :)

    Linux and Life:

    Too can not understand Hindi ;)


    haha...NCR may be artificially priced...but the money is real...isn't it?


    jab tak idhar hun..tabhi tak aish hai...wapis aa kar to wahi sab...:)
    struggle mein bhi alag maza hai :)




    we do have girls in our coffee discussion groups..and we pretend not to listen too much...when they try to divert it to BF/husbands discussion... haha ..

    A grain of sand:

    yeah...preaching comes easy...that makes the situation painful and hilarious at the same time!

  8. Interesting gupshup i must say...we don't have coffee breaks at my workplace. :/

  9. Managers should be named as different human specie, non extinguishable, exist on earth. They will find reasons for screwing your ass with a smiling face. I wonder how can they even smile while lying with such absurdity. At the start they will flatter you with your achievements and sooner their tone will become grimmer and consolable. These bullshitters will nullify your achievements with ridiculous and false failures in the same review. I am not sure, while review should be console for them or let them leave consoling themselves.

    Anyways I do not have much grudge with manager, as we all know everyone is managed some one higher than him ;)

  10. Are bhai, ek stage ke baad tu bhi yehi karega. :D Aur wo time jaldi hi aane wala hai...

  11. Chidi:

    pata nahi wo aise hi hote hai....ya waqt unhe badal deta hai... hehe


    pata nahi...shayad..may be...may be not :)

  12. I really had a rough day today... but trust me... your post gave me some interesting things to giggle about...
    Thanks a lot..
    Nice post :)

  13. 3 crores is big amount, don't scare me

    Here everyone talks of returning to India and enjoying metro life there though no one wants to let go of the money

  14. Ria:

    Every work place has coffee breaks....isn't it? :P


    Glad to be of any help :D
    Good Luck and thank you :)


    haha...thank you :)

    Pesto Sauce:

    Its the same everywhere. But I will go back. :)

  15. Poor guy..such loser managers are there everywhere..It was hilarious though :D

  16. Wow 3 crores?! I'll have to make that much for a house of my own o_O Daunting task.

    And the manager's joke was funny :D

  17. I LOVED the last quote! I need 2 get that book!!

    and euros mein kamane waale bhi agar cities mein flat na afford kar sa-ke.. toh Rupees waale kaha jayenge!

    The dahej thing ws funny :) Nice read! :)

  18. I could go on and on about the sky high prices in Gurgaon! Everything is so expensive here.

    And you actually apologized before taking potshots at Rakhi!

  19. nice post...I can remember all these Gupshups. Keep writing.

  20. Ana_Trek:

    Yes..they are everywhere. Thank you!


    Its a Daunting task for every honest working person...and that too for some space in the air...Outrageous!


    Finished the book a few days back. A emotionally inspiring book. Aur main swiss francs mein kama raha hun...par kitne din..aana to swades hi hai....but still...that much amount for a place to don't need 3 crores to make a home..right? :)


    I am so so see :)


    lots of gossip are solely due to you..Keep doing it :)