Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Serious Post

Aha..Fooled you...Didn't I? Hooray!!
Its going to be short one today! The blog has been hovering on the fine lines of sentimentality, philosophy, confused ramblings, and the similar usual inane stuffs for quite a while now. Today it is neither of these. Today is about nothing.


I do not consider myself as a very good conversationalist. I do not normally initiate conversations, either on chat or phone. Despite having extremely varied interests,  most often than not, I do not have much to talk about. And I envy (secretly) those who can talk on and on jumping from one topic to another entirely unrelated topic without even a hint of a pause. Sigh!! So, against all odds, when I do have a very good conversation once in a while, it feels really good. And there is one thing which I really dread when I am talking or chatting with someone.

'Aur Batao'

This is an instant conversation killer for me.

You are chatting, sharing thoughts, making silly jokes, it is going great. But when 'Aur Batao/Bata' enters, I feel like,'yeah, my time is up'.  This is over for now. Pack Up. :)
So, now you know what not to say.



Psycho of kbeanie said sorry to everyone in his post on whom he had ever shouted or was angry. And this got me thinking that probably I should do the same. Except that I just can not remember the last time when I was angry at anyone. I have been angry a few times on 'somethings', but I can not remember any 'someone'*. Very Strange. I remember an incident, when a friend in college told me , 'tujhe pehli baar dekha tha to aisa laga tu bahut gusse wala hoga'! (He was a bit drunk). I have not lived up to his expectation at any level. But, in retrospect, what a wonderful dull life I have had so far. I have never slapped anyone, never had a fight with anyone. So, if you want to help me, then you can help me remember,if I was ever angry on you.  I will work on this now. I promise. I will find someone to fight. I will have an attitude. Jhootha hi sahi...par!

*I was once angry at my teacher when I was in 6th class. He gave me two slaps (one on each mere pyaare se mulayam se gaal) for no fault of mine. I was too small to do anything. Oh damn you physicists, where the hell is time machine?


A friend sends me photos of few girls and asks me, if I like them.

He tells me, 'saale, inhe us nazar se mat dekhna! inme se koi bhi teri bhabhi ho sakti hai!'.

It becomes difficult, sometimes, you know  :P He is under a bit of pressure from his parents to choose a girl. Today, he sends me another photo which his parents have almost decided and wants my opinion.

 I say, 'agar tujhe ye pasand hai, to mujhe bhi pasand hai'(Diplomatic!)

He thinks, the girl is a bit overqualified for him(so nice of him!). I tell him to talk to her and discuss what you feel. I suggest, may be she, herself has some reservations, or she might have a boyfriend.

He says,'abe,  usse dekh kar lagta hai ki uska boyfriend hoga!' (Her homely looks and impeccable academic qualifications, you see).

I say, 'abe,tujhe dekh kar bhi to nahi lagta ki teri girl friend rahi hogi!' (His sutte ke karan dhanse hue looks and academic qualifications which whisper - just Passed).

Dekhte hain!!

Kya bakwaas likha hai, you would be asking. But today, this was precisely what I wanted.


  1. Angrezi me "Wassup Dude". I don't hate the "wassup" as much as I hate the word "Dude". Ant I really get very irritated at those guys.

    There's one friend whose conversation starts with a "Wassup Dude".

    Getting angry, well, I have seen you quite a few times at House #420.

    Photos!!! Hmmm, Send them across. I will send my feedback to that friend of yours. :D

  2. @Psycho - I am very angry at you. House No was 490 and not 420.

    Mera gussa fake to nahi lag raha?

  3. Ooops, the House number was #490 and not #420. Although, everyone will understand what I am referring to. :D

  4. Grrrr... Not at all. You have perfected the art of getting angry now.

  5. One way to express ur gussa in print is --> #&(*(@$&^@$^!!)@*$^(!#%!^&

    might help u..

    n u have serious misconceptions abt urself of not being a conversationalist.. :D

    Its a nice one..

  6. hawwww u nevr slapped anyone.
    dis is terribl. main ladki hoo n even i hav managed it! :P

  7. @Princess - Trust Me. I have no misconception about my conception. :)
    I wished I could do much better. But I have what I got. :)

    @Sadiya - It is terrible indeed. I often think that everyone else will laugh at me for this. I seriously need to pick up a fight with someone. Watch this space for more. :)

  8. I am guilty of using "Aur batao" way too much. But after reading your post it struck me that I unconsciously kill a lot of conversations!

    This post served as an eye opener :D

  9. Whaaaat? U haven't slapped anyone, or screamed at anyone in the middle of a road(which is usually where I pick my victims)...???!!! LOL...U must. U must. Oh, btw I also hate this 'Achha' people keep sprinkling their converastions with...Like I'm saying 'yaar, mera accident ho gaya', n the retard on the other end of the line would go 'Achha, Achha, Kaise hua?'

  10. Gussa well preserved should be vented only to the well deserved :)

  11. @Gunj - Welcome here :)

    I am sure..the problem with 'Aur Batao' is just with me. And after reading this..many of my friends are intentionally using this to irritate me..LOL

    @Shilpa - I need to find some ways to pick up my victims :)

    'Achha, kaise hua' LOL

    @Purba - Well Deserved will definitely get a good one from me. :)


  12. Heya Kunal...this was a very sweet post.with that dash of humor. Coming by for the first time. My..My..u just can't talk? is it? U write well though..an:d temme have u ever talked to a girl?:P and if yes how was ur talk like.
    I'm no one to say go ahead, open up and all, coz all of us are unique in our own ways ( extroverts, ambiverts and then introverts)yet I would say, go ahead and explore the world...relationships of many a kind teach us a lot...:)
    have a great day!

  13. Aakriti - Thank you for stopping by...

    And it is not that I can not talk...but yeah..I have seen better..(especially the fairer sex..)

    I have my chirpy days too...u got to be lucky..haha :)

  14. I generally use "Aur Batao" when someone is not interested in conversation and I do not have anything else to do. Though it irritates me same way it would have irritated others.

    Do not you get angry? This is crap. Sale I was your room mate your 3 years in bangalore ;), so I know tu kis kis tarah se logon ka pyar pane ki koshish kar raha hai ;)

    Anyways this post has really changed the mood of your blog. Other posts were really too philosophical and emotional and .....

  15. Reply
    @Kunnu ~ Thank for the advice! :)
    but... umm... i eat badaams too and i kinda hate them...

  16. such posts are quite needed to let off the pressure :)

    Weakest LINK

  17. ppl who talk on and on and jumping from one topic to another...phew.. that rings a bell :D .. the"aur batao" lol... yep , hahah its like wat more can we talk about!!:D..

    Now isnt that anger management.. 1 of a kind, wow, wish i could learn as well :P

    you should be happy about the sneak preview of the pics :) ...
    totally luvd it ....