Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Whites of Nature

                              First Snow in Zurich. As seen from my balcony.

I have made no secret of my desire that I was desperately looking forward to snowfall. It may be lame for people who get snow regularly in their city. Well Delhi doesn’t. And the place I was born also doesn’t. So, yeah, you got it right. I have never seen a real snowfall. And when I checked the forecast one day(17th Dec) for Zurich, it said Chance of snow – 100% tonight. I just wanted to see that moment, when the first flakes fall on the earth. I waited and waited. And waited some more. Midnight came and went. The movie I was watching ended. I read a book, watched something else, felt hungry and ate something. All this while, looking outside, to see if it is snowing. I had to see it. And then it came. White powders pouring in from the unseen dark sky. It was 5:30 AM. And the moment captured in my eyes. I opened the door and went outside in the balcony. I let the whites cover my black jacket.

The Whites of Nature,
Were falling from the sky.
They rested on my blackness.
My orders they would defy.
They melted on me.
I don’t even ask why.
They touch my skin.
And Whisper
For all the evil in you,
Goodness is always nearby.
So,Close your eyes.
And,Expand your vision.
Do what you feel.
Feel what you do.
Following your heart,
Is always worth a try.

Quitting without even trying,
That would be the worst.
If you have to break my heart,
You have to take it first.

Signing off for this year.
Enjoy it, while it is still here.
Bye Bye. See you in 2012. 

Another year, Another challenges.
Which, I will be ready to face. 
Wishing you all a good time,
Likely to be away from this place. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011


                                      Zurich Lake, Early Morning.
                                  He wanted to talk to anyone, someone.
                                  But, didn't know with whom to share.
                                  There was a lot left to say in the end.
                                  Could not find anyone, who will care.

                                 The world went on its way, as usual.
                                 His life got bigger, his feelings down.
                                 There were a lot of people, he could see
                                 The one who mattered was not in town.

                                                        The Fist

                                 He will never know right from wrong.
                                 The chain of his life was losing its link.
                                 He stood straight, staring at the mirror.
                                 Smoke in one hand, and a glass of drink.

                                 A day will come brighter than yesterday.
                                 Daily, to himself, he used to repeat.
                                 Odds against him were rising every day.
                                 Anything, he could accept. But not Defeat.

                                          Lake Geneva at Sunset, Lausanne

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Story of a Stubborn.

Continuing from the two paragraphs which I wrote on the previous post..

I don’t want to be heard. 
I don’t want to be seen.
I am and I will be.
What I have always been.

What I have always been.
You will never know.
You can try to contain me,
But, I will always flow.

I will flow and I will grow.
Piercing your walls of perceptions.
I believe in honesty and fair play,
I do not play the game of deceptions.

Deception is the game of those,
who do not have faith and trust.
I am marching on the gravel road.
Throw the stones, if you must.

Some stones will hit, some will miss.
On some I will step, to move ahead.
I will keep learning the lesson of life,
Enough of which have already been said.

It has been said and repeated many times.
But, you still try to cast me into a pattern
I am one of you. But then may be I am not,
Can't say much, other than, I am too stubborn.

Too stubborn may be, for my own good. But,
There is nothing conclusive, which one can tell.
The moment of reckoning is still not in sight.
But, I will rise higher, every time I will fail.

Failure is a just a road, just like any other.
There will be one road, With Success very near.
But, now is the moment. I see the starting line.
At least I know, my mind is without Fear.

Fear I knew once. But I left him on the way.
I will live with pride and will die for glory.
Forget My name. But, remember , there lived a one,
Who meant what he said and this was his story.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I don’t want to be heard.
I don’t want to be seen.
I am and I will be.
What I have always been.

I know you want to crawl upon my body and want to make me one of your own. But, I resist. Resistance is in my blood. You can  take everything away from me, but not my right and will to resist. You try, and ultimately fail, to convince me, why I should let you crawl over my body. But, you don’t care about it. What you care, is the heat that my resistance gives you. You use it to warm your cold souls. But, you hardly notice it.

My resistance may fail. But, I want you to know, that if I submit, it will not be because I will be sick of resisting. I am not going to give you that satisfaction. It will be because, I will be sick of seeing you being sick of my resistance. But, you aren’t wise enough to understand this. So, you can revel and rejoice in your false glory.

I know, you are waiting for my resistance to end, so that, you cannibals can make good use of it. You won’t even wait for my eyes to die, my heart to stop and my blood to dry. You may devour my body, once I am gone, but remember, after that your days are numbered too.  The poison, which I have been taking all these years, flows everywhere in my body now. Every time I gulp the poison, the bitter taste of it is replaced by the sweet satisfaction of knowing that, it will kill something else, beside me. Kill something worth killing more than me.

For now, I am here. So don’t you put your hand on my shoulder and pretend that you are my savior.  The minute I turn my head, I know, you will grab my hand to pull it away from my body. Listen, I am not done yet. My resistance will be on. And if I fail, I know the poison will do its job. I hope you die a slow death. I will be in peace knowing that, you can have no more heat from my resistance. You soul will be cold. Forever.

What I have always been,
You will never know.
You can try to contain me,
But, I will always flow.

I know this post is as incoherent as the last one. Its OK. I meant it that way. :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Standing on the platform earlier would not make the train come early

I have not written for more than a week. I need the drug. Badly. I have nothing saved in my drafts. I prefer it that way. Sometimes, I prefer to make a fresh dinner, and not warming the food from yesterday. The taste may not be the best. But at least its fresh. Hot. Fuming. No, fuming won't be a correct word. But, I will call it fuming. 

The party is big. The room is small. There are no lonely corners, where you can just have a glass in the hand and pretend to smile. All the corners are taken. I know a few faces here. But, they are all busy in their own corners. But, I like it that way. I prefer to not to have to say good bye, while leaving. Sometimes. I have learnt to slip silently. 

It was not easy at first. I thought, it would be a courtesy to say good bye before leaving. But, no one was listening anyway amid the noise. So, I let the curtain fell. I opened the back door and left. For a change, I don't have to care about opening the door silently. Noise has its advantages. You can pretend not to listen, when, actually you are. I leave the noise behind. While hoping, that someone from behind will notice me leaving and may ask me to stay. Yes. At least ask. Whether I will stay or not, is a choice left to me. Yes. CHOICE. That is important. Sometimes, I choose not to choose. I get my own fun in it. FUN. Yes, I seem to have a vague idea about that. People used to say, it is important too. FUN and PARTY were cousins, I was told. I was in a party. But, I couldn't meet fun there. I wonder, if Fun was present at other parties today. Now, It’s Ok. I have slipped silently from another party. I can not hear you, but I can see you from here. I can read your lips. And I can see you smile. Though the cheek which has the dimple is on the other side. But, I can imagine it. Even from outside the door.

The air outside loves me. It keeps thrashing against my face. It blows at the correct speed. It knows, I wouldn’t be able to breathe, if it blows harder. It understands. Yes, UNDERSTANDING. I tried that once too. But, then I understood that no one cared anyway. The chill in the air reiterates the lesson. 

Standing on the platform earlier would not make the train come early. I leaving the party would not make you leave the party early. The smoke coming from the butt, which I just smashed under my shoes also tells me the same. (So, you suck every bit of pleasure from me. Even then you are not satisfied. You crush me under your feet and leave me on the side of the road. The butt says this too. I pretend not to listen)

It’s ok. You keep looking for the fun in the party. I will keep looking for it outside. And when we will meet at the cross roads, we will ask each other, if we had fun. But, I know the answer already. Neither of us will be sure. Which is good. There is no fun in being sure of anything. Confusion is mysterious. And a Pleasure. But, we would both know, that fun was following us. We just never bothered to look behind. To look at each other. But, we wouldn’t say this. Not to each other. We will pretend that we are having fun. And it will be fine.

Friday, December 2, 2011

When No One Deserved to Take a Smaller trophy

Everyone I met that day gave me the same look. ‘You stand no chance today’ look. They had good reason to do so. The opposition was faster, stronger, and fitter.

It was a fairly small, insignificant local badminton tournament. For us, teenagers. I had reached the final, which in itself was a bit surprising. Only two days back, I was facing elimination in the quarter finals against a more skillful player. I only won, because, he got tired very soon. I played very erratically in the semi finals too. Against a much taller player. I won, again, because, he didn’t know how to use it. The other finalist, on the other hand, had steamrolled everyone on his route to finals. To worsen matter, it seemed to me, that everyone on that day had come to see me properly and duly thumped.  

The only people in my box were, my papa and brother. The first set began. And it ended in a flash. It wasn’t a surprise for anyone. I was, to say the least, annihilated. My movements were slow. My judgments were wrong. Smashes weak. Placements non-existent. As I sat in the chair in the break, I saw papa standing by my side. He didn’t say anything. Or may be he did, just by looking at me. Fight.

We came back on court. Mind and body started to work in sync. I found what I was looking through the whole tournament. Rhythm. I was a different person. I won a closely fought 2nd set. Surely, this must be an aberration, others thought. OR NOT. I won the 3rd set as well. By an even bigger margin. We were both tired. As we sat in the break, Papa looked at me again. That’s more like it. The match was ON. We started the 4th set. The tables turned again as he gathered himself and won, once again, a closely fought set. Everything had boiled down to the decider. The 5th set.

No one expected the match to last this long. But it did. No one expected it to stretch to 5th set. But it did. No one expected me to be still standing. But I was. We both gathered our last ounces of energy and played a match worthy of a final. Every point was fiercely fought. The two teenagers were diving all over the court, and every time, the spectator cheered or clapped, our energy level got up. No one was supporting anyone. They were supporting both of us. They were cheering the game. Ever saw a game, where you thought, no one deserved to lose? When you thought no one deserved to take a smaller trophy? *

Winning and Losing fades into the background. What remains is, Pure Sweat. Honest Effort. A bruised elbow. A bleeding knee. Panting of the heart. In the end nothing mattered. We both were equally breathless. And we both had a sleepless night, as we kept playing the match in our heads over and over again.

*At that time, I admit, I was playing to win, and these thoughts come, when I see things from the outside.

By the way, I lost.I am sure, If I would have won, this post would not have come. :P

Monday, November 28, 2011


Its not everyday that a novice, amateur 'poet' like me is asked to write a guest post. But it happened. Against the odds. And doing things against the odds is my favorite job. So, I agreed. Yes, after a few discussions. A few questions.  Aakriti. Naam hi kaafi hai.

When she is not busy  busting myths surrounding Psychology, she provides  us pictures of delicious cakes which she had baked herself and gives us the recipe of some 'yummylicious' foodWhen she is not penning whats on her mind , she delivers thought provoking poems. Yes, she is every bit the yarn of wards, which she calls her writing as...

The challenge was something to write for a truly versatile blogger. Earlier, she wanted to do an interview with me, but I safely pulled myself out of it. :)

And then, I thought, why not write a poem itself. And since in those times, (yes, the poem was written long back..), I was in truly 'kavita likhing mode', I eventually gathered my wits together and wrote something and sent her. Against the odds, she liked it. Looks like, she likes doing things against the odds too. 

So, the poem is up there at Yarn of Words and you can read it HERE. The poem is titled - OF HOPES.

Few lines from the poem...
I tried to listen to what you tried to hide.
I hoped you would trust me, waited for you to confide.
I tried, I lied, I cried and finally sighed.
I always kept a check on my emotions, brewing inside


And..while you are there..don't forget to wish her happy birthday. It was a couple of days back. But she would need all the best wishes as she has her final assessments coming up...  :-)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Strings of Happiness. Pearls of Tears

I understood the words you never spoke.
Something told me, there is nothing we lack.
Enter you in my life and it was sunshine.
Exit like a sunset. Hoping  you will be back.
You know when a song comes along,
Our heart glows and feet start to dance.
Under one roof. One day. One night. One Talk
With all that he had, didn’t we had a chance?
It was the possibility that kept me going.
There was nothing for me, I was forewarned.
Honey, my only wish is you are never harmed.
My mind accepts the missed moment.
You know that I have only one regret.
Eyes remember. Heart tries to make space.
You are someone, I will never forget.
Embrace the moment as it appears.
Strings of Happiness or pearls of tears.
Close, we may not be for now.
Looking at you, I forget my fears.
Out there, when we met for the last time,
Say, I had proposed. You had opposed.
Either way, I just want you to know.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So much for Making it to the top..

It does not matter Now.
Which Path I take.
Destinations are Blurred.
Milestones are fake.

Alone here.
The Air is thin.
No familiar faces here.
It has wiped out my grin.
Living in constant fear.
How deep is the drop,
So much,
For making it to the top.

Photo clicked on the way to a morning run(10:00 AM is still morning...right? ) in Zurich.

Monday, November 21, 2011


 Not that I have not thought of this before. But, I wanted to write about this, after reading  this post by Chintan. She says, to quote her -

The truth is, nobody moves on! No body. The life moves on but you do not. The people who say they move on, I would like to look them in the eye and talk over a drink. I really would. How cruel are we as society, as human beings! At times, I feel dogs are better than us. They enjoy each bitch and lead a dog’s life. We do the same behind the closed doors. Just for a lifelong jhooti izzat /namesake reputation/ we keep dying every day. Some die without love, some for love and some because they do not know what love is. It’s hard to tell who suffers the most.

It is hard to imagine anyone who would disagree with above. We have seen many people, around us, who had to 'choose' between two 'Loves'. Choose between parents/family and 'his/her life partner'. Some cave in. Some don't. Some fight for what they think is right and win. Some fight and lose. Some give up without a fight. For an outsider, it is very easy to pass a judgment on what thought process went before choosing what was eventually chosen. But He/She who is the middle of the storm alone knows what is happening. To what extent, he/she can fight, how long his/her mind can take, how far can he/she push the envelope, before he/she falls and falters, is something, no one else but only He/she knows.

So, would we call someone who fought with the parents/society for the acceptance of his/her love and lost a weak, spineless person? Or someone who chose not to fight a chicken? I won't. He/She choose to go with what the family wanted, and in the process had to let go off someone whom he/she thought was the one for him/her. The reasons can be many, which an outsider wouldn't know. But the result would be something, which is for everyone to discuss and judge. Who is stronger/braver? The one who choose never to stop fighting and eventually won or the one who eventually gave in and decided to live with the pain all their life? The one who broke the flawed rules of an incumbent society or the one who decided to take everything on himself/herself and slowly die everyday? This is a question, the answer to which, we would never know. In an ideal society, this question should not even exist. But, the society, especially ours, is anything but ideal.

I am a part of the society. But then, may be I am not. I belong to a rebel school of thought. I know what I am. I know who I am. I may be confused about what I am going to eat for dinner tonight, but when it comes to how I want to live my life, I don't much care for society, who is ready to judge me for my actions/inaction. And when I say society, it does not include my parents, brothers, sisters and friends, who 'know' me. Even then, I do not expect them to agree with me on everything. Since I know that, at heart, they want me to be happy; I listen to them, agree with them, and disagree with them. We may differ on 'what would make me happy?' Be it in relation to love, career or anything else. But, the final say would be mine. Compromise is something, which I am not very fond off, just yet.

P.S – This is not a post to support/ridicule any of the choices we make. This is not an argument. This is a discussion. If, you have something to say, Say it. But, I will understand, if you choose not to say anything at all.  

The title isn't of my own creation. I read it somewhere. In English - 'If I start to think what people will think, then what will people think'. Does it make sense? Request people to give a better translation in English for Non-Hindi readers. Thank You. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Keep your rotten tomatoes and eggs ready. This is the person who is responsible for all the activities which happens at this space. All the poems...which range from emotionally depressing to emotionally uplifting...and the never ending posts...

Now, I do not need to tell you, But I will anyway.  The photographer behind all the gorgeous photos of nature published at this space for last few months was the person you see here. But, this pic, off course is not taken by me. If you can please take your eyes off from the blue jersey, you can almost see a semicircular waterfall behind. The place is little known Plitvice National Park in Croatia. I had seen one photo of the park last year, and that little voice inside my head kept popping up - 'you have to go there, you have to go there'. And I went there last weekend.  You can find the relevant descriptions related to park on the wikipedia, but I know, you are either too busy or too lazy. And sometimes both. But, I am feeling lazy too. And moreover, my limited vocabulary skills will do grave injustice, if I start describing the beauty of the place.

 P.S - I have not read any blogs for last 1 week. In fact, I have not read anything substantial last few days. Its a good news for you. Did you ask..How? Because, can expect me popping up in your blog any time. Surprise is good..right? :P

 Few days back, Papa told me this - 
 Bete! today, I have gone through each & every words of your poem,and in my view it is really a nice poem....because as per definition,when the words come out spontaneously in tranquility from the deep root of heart that is called poem.  
Now, I have no words to describe, how I felt after this.

My mom liked my creations too. However, she was more interested in the lady behind these inspirations. I had a hard time convincing her, that as of now, my inspiration is only imagination.

P.S, Again: Some more photos of the park coming soon. Yes, you can relax and breath easy. I won't be in them. I will be behind the scenes.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hanging By a Thread

                                    When I say,
                             That  I have nothing to Dread,
                              I hide,
                             That I am...
                              I am hanging by a Thread.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Lifetime..To Live

                     Lots of Bends in the Road
                     They All go forward.

Were you waiting for my call?
Were you waiting for me to speak?
May be, I spoke something seriously.
But, you took, everything as tongue-in-cheek.
Sometimes, I can be a little bit screwed up,
But, everyone is that once in a while.
But, I can not ever see you sad.
I will stop at nothing to make you smile.
It happened gradually. There was no effort needed.
This butterfly called Love, sat when I least expected*

Sometimes you acted blunt, lunatic, crazy and insane,
But, you were always honest about them, which I respected.

Why things have to be so complex and not as they seem?
Why can not , I always pour out my heart?
Can you really not understand when I am silent?
That, I am actually speaking to you, sweetheart?

I am as sure as you are confused right now.
I am not asking for anything. I never will.
Even, if I get a broken heart. I still tried.
Every time I'll see you. Time will stand still. 

The Bend in the road is awaiting us.
Do you see me, when you close your eyes?
I do not know what you think. But, if you 'go',
You will have to do away with 'hellos and byes'.

We have a glorious past. And a Future, yet unknown!
I am patient. You know, that, I have so much to give.
But, I will stand by you always. No matter what.
I will never stop trying. As I have a Lifetime to Live.

*  If you are reading this, then yes...I copied it from there! :P

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Castle, Fairy Tale

It is all your fault. You should not have encouraged me in the first place. I write a poem for the FIRST TIME and you say so many goody goody words about that. Nothing wrong with this. But the problem, I start to take it so seriously, that for next few months, all I can think is write poems, more poems and more poems. So much so that, I started giving comments in Poems, started wishing birthdays in poems. Always thinking of creating 4 lines studded with perfect rhymes(Not that the poem is all about rhymes) and its heart in its place. In short, I was obsessed. After the first try, I gave 'BUT THEN', 'IF I HAVE TO', and 'A LIFETIME..TO DIE'..(Last one sounds like a 007 movie). Going by the comments, all have been well received. Some even pinged me to say some extremely nice words. There is another poem, which I have written, but it still has to see the light of the day. May be, Someday soon!.  I started working on another poem, 'A LIFETIME...TO LIVE'. Even completed it, but as of now..I am not satisfied with it. Something is missing in the poem..Something vital. Which has stopped me from publishing it, just yet. But, as I told, it is all your fault. You shouldn't have encouraged me in the first place. 

So, Today, without saying anything  further, I leave you with some photos from my wandering here and there..mostly in the company of myself. Some of you have already seen the photos on FB, but no one is stopping me on sharing it again! :D

Fairy Tale Castle, Germany

Marianbrucke, As Photographed from Fairy Tale Castle

Scenery All Around Fairy Tale Castle

Some more :)

Sunset in the background

Yes, it snowed in the mountains. I am above 2300 mts here.

The darker side and the brighter side of the Sun

                    Dom, the 2nd highest mountain peak of Switzerland(Behind)

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Lifetime..To Die

                                               Water Beneath, Frozen Ice

I was walking on that 'lane' the other night.
When memories, from years gone by, came rushing.
We were staring into each others eyes, then..
Our hands were together and you were blushing.

The soft breeze was there, cooler than usual,
The sky was in patches of gray and blue.
You had closed your eyes for a moment, then..
When you opened them again, they said, 'I do!'.


It all seems so distant now, as if nothing happened
You left me shallow and rich at the same time.
I tried to forget. Leave it All Behind.
But, I know that, what we did, was not a crime.

You are not near me. Yet you are.
The moments, we shared, still nice.
You live inside me. In my thoughts.
Like water, beneath a frozen ice.

I will never feel which I felt once,
You left me alone. But Why? And How?
Living, while dying, is the order of the day.
What mattered then does not matter now.

I have the gifts, which you gave me before.
They will always be at their rightful place.
You may come again. I have not changed the lock.
I may be waiting for no one. But, Just in case!

I do not need anything from you.
I am not going to sit and cry.
I will thrive on my unyielding pain
For, I have, a lifetime to die.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Uphill Walk

                                                         The Uphill Walk
 Has it ever happened to you that you see a place in the photos or you read about them, you just think - I have got to see that ? It happens with me all the time. I keep a mental note of it and make mental plans about how to go, when to go, etc. So, this time, I see this place and I read about this hike. It says 23 Km and 7-8 hours of walking. This will be a challenge. Can you do that? -  I ask myself. The answer came- I don’t know. And then another response – If you do not try, how would you know? I discussed my intentions with few of my friends and asked if anyone would like to join. But under the weight of 23 km, everyone backed out. So, one fine weekend, I packed my bags and just left.  

Its OK, if no one shares your passion in doing what you want to do. Ask yourself. If the answer ‘YES’ comes from within, then just do it. Even, if you are alone. Its OK, if there is doubt in the beginning. Have faith in the hope. Have faith in your attempt. Help will come along the way.

I am panting after a couple of hours of uphill walk. I sit on a rock and look around me. High Rocks and trees every where. A small stream is making a feeble noise as it cuts the rock on its downhill journey. I have a sip of water and a bar of chocolate. The map says, I am not even half way up my journey. I take a moment longer to gather my energy. Then I get up and consult the map one more and then head in the forward direction.

Starting is the difficult part. The resistance, mentally and physically is most in the beginning. Gut it out. Everyone gets tired, at some time or the other. How much, you can go forward after that, is what matters.

I have been walking for 5 hours now. The trail is fairly flat now. I have covered more than half, my map says. I am happy with myself. My legs are tired, but the euphoria of making it this far overshoots any tiredness. I see the beautiful countryside and mountains in the mist farther ahead. I lie on the grass and eat few more bars of chocolate. I take a long sip of water. But, then, a frown appears on my face, as I see the map, looking for the path ahead. I curse myself as I notice the mistake. I took a wrong turn some time back. This is not what I need now. I get up and trace back my steps. It takes an hour to come to the right track. I stop for a moment and take a long look at the wrong path I took before. I notice the reason for the mistake, a faded sign on the road. I  move on the right track.

Mistakes happen. Even if you concentrate hard and plan perfect, mistakes can happen. Wasting too much time and effort on pondering over it is another mistake. Learn why it happened and undo the mistake, while there is still time. Then, Move On.

I finally make it to the top. I marvel at the gorgeous landscape. High ridges of Alps to the right, a deep valley in front and greenery all around. This is what I had come to see.  I decide to sit and take all the beauty in before going down to the nearest railway station, 1 hour away. But, I hear a thunder. In no time, it starts to rain. I run for the cover and enter a small restaurant completely drenched and shivering. (But, I manage to save the camera from getting wet). It is getting dark and cold. Rain does not look like giving up soon. I am stuck. I need to do something. I ask someone for the shortest route to the nearest railway station. He is quite drunk, but I manage to make him understand. I need a ride downhill to the station. He asks me to wait. A few minutes later, a waitress comes. I have a coffee before leaving. She drops me to the station in her car. I thank her. And I thank her again. I catch the last train to Zurich. I make it back. With a tale to tell. An adventure to share.

Its OK, if you do not stay at the top long enough or you do not see what you wanted to see for long enough. The sweat in making it to the top was still worth it. Sometimes, Journey is the destination. Sometimes, Retreat is not an option. Sometimes, a bruised body is better than a bruised ego.

Who knows, you can get a ride from a beautiful girl to go home? :) 

P.S - These philosophies mentioned here are solely for me. Everyone has their own outlook about things and this is mine. I believe in it. I live by it. I stand by it.

P.P.S - I have been called nuts and crazy 6 times today. Which will make it almost a dozen counting the weekends.  Quoting a part of  what someone wise said - 'Its Better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring!'

Friday, October 14, 2011

If I Have To..

                                           I have made a promise to myself,
                                           Which I intend to keep.
                                           Unless, I start at the base of the mountain,
                                           How would I know, it is too high? Or too steep?

                                           I am prepared to lose.
                                           I am ready for sacrifice.
                                           I will get what I want.
                                           No matter what the price.

                                           I am not going to stop,
                                           Even after getting tired.
                                           I am my own inspiration
                                           I do not care about being admired. (Or Desired!)

                                           I know the path is not easy.
                                           I am not expecting any help.
                                           I have to keep fighting hard,
                                           Even, if I get beaten to pulp. 

                                           I do not trust my fate.
                                           I will rather make my own.
                                           I will keep kicking the door.
                                           Even, if I keep getting thrown.

                                           My eyes will burn in the sun.
                                           My skin will get dirty and dark.
                                           All energy may leave me one day.
                                           But, Fire within will be there. If Only, a Spark.

                                           My language is Silence.
                                           Hunger is my food.
                                           For all I care,
                                           I will be dressed in nude.

                                           I will stand naked in the cold wind.
                                           I will bang my fist in the wall.
                                           I will be bruised. I will shiver.
                                           But, I will live. I will brave it all.

                                           I will swim against the tide.
                                           I will run with a broken leg.
                                           I will get numb. I will be in pain.
                                           I will survive. I will never beg.

                                           I will walk through fire.
                                           I will get burnt to the bone
                                           I will prefer to die, trying..
                                           In the end, everyone gets a tombstone.

                                           I will have no one to talk to.
                                           I will have nothing left to share.
                                           I will still believe in following my heart.
                                           Knowing, that Life is grossly unfair.