Friday, December 24, 2010

Kranti Ki Paribhasha

Here is a little incident which happened when I was in class X.

I was sitting in one of the middle rows of the class and a lecture of 'Hindi' was in progress. I was sitting beside a very good friend of mine (His name is Ashutosh. Unfortunately we are not in contact for quite some time). The class was not particularly interesting(as most lectures are), so we started chatting. With one eye and an ear on the teacher, we were chit chatting, when I heard the teacher said,'so bacchon, batao, Kranti ki paribhasha kya hai? Koi jawab dene ko icchuk hai? Haath uthao koi!' Hearing the word Kranti, I said to my friend - 'pata hai Kranti kisko kahenge? Anyay aur Atyachaar ke khilaf jan andolan ko kranti kahte hain.' As I finished this sentence, the teacher noticed us talking and shouted -

'Hey, you, kitni baar bola hai ki class mein baat chit nahi. Class mein padha raha hun to usse kya baat kar raha hai. Khade ho jao. batao Kranti kisse kahte hain'.

With a speed which took an eternity to complete, my dear poor friend stood up. With about 40 pairs of eyes on him.

The teacher repeated the question - 'batao Kranti ki paribhasha'

My friend said - 'Anyay aur Atyachaar ke khilaf jan andolan ko kranti kahte hain'.

The teacher was stunned by the silence, but quickly recovered. He praised the perfect answer and then went on for about 10 mins, on how each and every keyword in that definition is important and serves specific purpose. He asked my friend his name, noted it down and also politely asked him to be more attentive in the class in order to grasp more.

And then came my turn -

'tum batao..Kranti ki paribhasha kya hoti hai?. Ashutosh ne kitne achhe and spasht shabdon mein paribhasha batayi hai. tum kuch alag batao'.

I just shrugged my shoulders. The teacher gave me a You-are-hopeless look and asked me to sit down.

My friend just gave me a 'Sorry-Dude' look as the bell rang to signal the end of the class.


  1. HAHAHA, Nice one. Paribarsha kya hai?

  2. saale..paribarsha nahi..paribhasha...means 'definition'...

    saale...kahan se aaya hai be tu..

  3. Oh, Abe iska matlab to pata tha...

  4. Tu Bachpan se hi itna intelligent hai ya abhi blogs mein lilkhne ke liye intelligent ho gaya hai

  5. A leaf from the School Life.. Nice... take you back to many such incidents that bring a smile on your face.. I wonder if the today's kids are just the same or have things changed for them now..