Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am Home.

The alarm rang precisely at 7:00 AM.Not much effort was needed to drag himself out of his bed. Not today. He got up and noticed the tea was kept by his bedside. As always. He finished his tea and made his way towards the bathroom to get ready for office. Half an hour later, he emerged outside. He saw the checked white shirt,ironed and folded, kept neatly on the bed. Along with a black trouser and a matching tie. Though, normally he did not prefer wearing a tie, today's occasion demanded it. He came outside his room, fully dressed for the office. The breakfast was already served on the table. His wife was sitting on the chair (one of the three circling the dining table), smiling and waiting for her husband. He sat on the chair, opposite her wife.

'Hi Sweety', he said, pulling his breakfast plate slightly towards him.
'Morning..darling', she said softly
' know, I saw the morning tea kept by the bedside, and I thought something..'
'I could not remember the last time I saw you bringing the tea or preparing the morning tea, or ironing my shirts and trousers, or preparing the breakfast. Only the hazy images of yours doing these things remained. Things were different when we were newly married. They have changed. Have I changed? What happened?', he asked.

She remained silent for a while. But she could not keep the sadness away from her eyes.

'Please say something. I am feeling guilty inside'.

'you know, we can not have this conversation. Not today. Today is a very special day for you. You do not want to ruin know that right? You have worked hard for this day. You have been waiting for this day for quite some time. If you haven't been here always, this is only because you were working for a better future. Our better future. Please finish your breakfast and go to office in a cheerful mood. Just remember that when you return today, I will still be waiting for you. As I always have.ok.. sweetheart?

If he was disappointed, he did not show it. He smiled and kissed her. He picked his bag (with wheels) and took out his car and departed for office.

He reached office shortly. As he proceeded towards his cubicle on the 4th floor, past the long corridors, everyone he met passed a smiled at him. Working in a company for a long period has its advantages. Though, he did had trouble remembering names of few people he met, but a subtle smile on both sides erased any discomfort, if any. He knew this building intimately. Perhaps better than his 2 room flat. He allowed himself a chuckle opening the door of his office.

He settled and kept himself busy doing the chores of office. He wanted to talk to his boss about something. Around 4 PM, checking that his boss is alone in his office, he knocked gently on the door. His boss with a plump but likable face, saw him and beamed enthusiastically.

'Come on in, Mr. Please come on in. How has been your day today?'
'Fine, sir. Thank you. Its just that I have to talk to you regarding something.'
'Ok..I think I know what you have to say. But first, accept my heartiest congratulations on completing your 10 years of association with this prestigious company. Oh, boy, you have really given it your all these last few years. We are very proud to have you here. Your family would be proud of you.'

'Thank you sir. Thank you very much indeed. But..'

'Wait..wait..wait..I think its time for you to move on.'

'I am sorry, sir...I did not...'

'Move on to your new office, scared, did you? haha. A new office, entirely your own is waiting for you.'

' did not expect that much..'

'yes, yes, we know how to reward our employees..haha. And, by the way, you can leave early today. Go to your wife. Have a chilled day. You deserve this. You can join your new office from tomorrow.'


'No more talking, young man. In fact, I have to go early as well. Advantages of being a guess, you have one eye on my chair now...haha...just kidding. Take a day off.'

He returned to his seat and thought that may be his boss is right. The thing which he wanted to talk may wait for some other day. He waited for few mins and then packed his bag and left office. On the way, he thought about his promotion. He deserved this.

He rang the doorbell. When no body answered for some time, he drew out his key, thinking about where his wife could be at this time. Perhaps he should have called her before coming, he thought to himself

As the key turned in the lock and door was opened, he heard -

' comes our Ten Year Boy'

He scanned the room to see many people from his office (his boss included), friends and members of the family (his beaming wife too). All happy and smiling. He did not expected it. A surprise party for his Ten year completion on the job. He shook hands with everybody and accepted their congratulations.

The big cake, pineapple flavor, his favorite, was brought forward. He looked at it. He looked at his boss, standing and clapping on the opposite side. He smiled at himself. Suddenly, everything came rushing back to him. In a few moments, he had envisioned the full circle. Off all the moments, this was the perfect moment to do it. To do what he wanted to do in the office some time back. He cut the cake and shared it with his wife. He had rarely felt happier than this moment as far as he could remember. Then he took out a big piece, put it on a plate, took the spoon and proceeded towards his boss. He smiled at him and handed him the plate.

'For you sir' he said.

'Thanks and congratulations again'

'And this one is for you too, sir'

'What is this piece of paper. Can I take a look later on. You do not have to discuss office matters here...hehe'

'My Resignation Letter', he said proudly.' I am moving on, sir', he added

Suddenly the room became silent as the word 'resignation' made its way through. Slight fuss started and his boss was left speechless.

Then he turned towards his wife, who was looking lovely as ever. He could not keep himself from touching her face. Looking into her eyes he kissed her on the forehead and said -

'I am Home, Finally!'


  1. soon as i read the title I tht kamina ..waapas aa gaya.....
    aur first line bhi typical andaaz main likhi that line made me think ki ye kuch reality main office karne wala maine seedhe last lines padhi to paaya ki bhai saab 'He' ne paper daal diya ..i tht ki kuns ye kar sakta hai..lekin saala ye accha fiction tha....

  2. As you already know my idea of this piece of writing. Neither I want to write bad nor you want me to be diplomatic. But have to write something(Hmmmmm)

    I know this piece is good but not good enough for a competition...

    I hope, I turn out to be a bad judge and you win the competition.

  3. Well written. Nice one.

    I don't know if I could do this ever. Can you? May be I will never allow circumstances to build up like this.

  4. Why did he mean when he said:"I am home"?