Monday, July 19, 2010


I knew about Inception - The Movie for quite some time and was waiting with a silent and controlled anticipation which a new 'supposed to be good' movie invariably brings. Now, when it has finally released and has got almost everyone everywhere raving about it, I suddenly feel like I am living in an uninhabited unnamed island. But, its only Zurich. And there is no sign of this movie being released here for at least 2 weeks. The buzz generated on the internet, friends, friend's blog, critics has has made me very very impatient. 2 weeks are 2 weeks away..

Actually, Inception has three release dates in Switzerland

Switzerland (French Speaking region) - 21st July
Switzerland (German Speaking region) - 29th July
Switzerland (Italian Speaking region) - 24th Sept

The good thing is that, the movie is shown in the original language with German/French subtitles. I will have to condition my mind not to see the subtitles, to concentrate on the movie.

Another movie, which I had checked the reviews on last Friday was Udaan and they were very positive. But it will be an eternity(if ever), before Udaan finds itself in theatres in this German speaking part of Switzerland. So, probably, I have no option but to wait and get a CD/DVD once I am in India and watch the movie with pleasure (harder route) or just watch it online here on some pirated website (easier route) with guilty pleasure. I hope the movie is worth the wait..

I am stranded.


  1. Haven't watched Inception yet, but did checkout Udaan yesterday. It's a must watch for sure.

    What happened to torrents, btw?

  2. @psychs - Do not want to use torrent on a office laptop here. Well, actually I can, but I do not want to put burden my already old, war-scarred lappy.

  3. i have watched both movies back to back on the same screen in an theater..unlikely but amazing experience....