Friday, July 16, 2010

Mat Uthana

I was working in Noida office last year in my company. It was evening, and I was out for some snacks with few of my colleagues, when I got a call.

It was from a guy called Deepak, and he was an HR manager of some company. (I do not want to disclose the name). He said that there was a very good opening in his company and he would like to offer me a job position there.

I said,'hey, wait. Wont you call me for an interview first?'

'Oh, yeah, sorry. I meant, we have shortlisted you for the interview. We have seen your resume and it perfectly matches our requirement. When can you appear for the interview?'

This was a tricky question. I was really not looking for a job change. Not because, the present one was high paying-less work job, but because, I was not in a mood to get to an interview mode just few months after coming back from Spain. Moreover, I was looking to go home in a couple of weeks. And this interview thing just seemed too unwelcome at this time to warrant any attention.

I explained him that I am not so sure about the interview as I am planning to go home soon and will only be able to say anything definite before coming back. He tried to talk me into appearing for the interview before that but he soon realized that it was not to be.

I did go home for a week or so and kind of forgot about this all interview conversation. But I got a rude awakening one morning after returning to Noida, when a forgotten voice called and said, 'hey, its Deepak. remember, we talked few days back regarding your interview'.

'oh...yeah..I remember', I said dreamily. 'Spare me my sleep, man', was my actual thought.

He once again asked for a date. I tried to talk him into out of this interview thing by telling him that I am not very much interested in a change right now. He kept telling me to just appear once for the interview as he had made great effort to fix my appointment with the client. I thought, telling him point blank that I do not want to appear for the interview will be too rude. So, ruefully, I accepted to appear for the interview on coming Saturday at 11:00 AM.

I still had about 3 days to go for the interview, when I got a call from one of my best buddies (called Chinchoo) that he is coming to Delhi (from Mumbai) and he plans to go to our college (NIT K) from there. He was staying in Noida for the weekend and I thought this was a great time for a get together of college friends and have a small 'ladko wali party' over the weekend. Friday was the natural choice for the party day and we were about 7 guys (my friends and room mates) who were all in the party mode. Interview thing was displaced from the subconscious part of the mind to the unconscious part. I was just checking my mails before the party and saw 'Location for the Friday interview at 11:00 AM in Gurgaon. Shit man, ye saala subah mein interview.

I told this to my friends, and also added that they need not worry. I will attend the party and will be awake all night with them and then go and appear for the interview in the morning. I was pretty confident, I can do it. (I had done this before). I was confident, but apparently my friends were not. By 3:00 AM, my friends were all spread on the floor, using bedsheets for the blankets and kicking beer bottles with their legs. I was the lone survivor and still in 'have-to-attend-the-interview-at-any-cost' mood.(Hausle Buland, you see ;)). By 4:00 AM, that hausla started cracking and my eyes became heavy. By 5:00 AM, the hausla had disappeared all-together. But the thought of ditching Deepak's hard work into arranging this interview did not auger well with my conscience. Sorry Deepak, I still have to do it. Can not show my red blurry eyes in the interview even if I reach there.

So, I opened the mail on which he had sent me the location details. (aah..he had even embedded a route to the location). I clicked on the Reply and wrote,

Hi Deepak,

I am really sorry to inform so late. I have just left office after working in the night. I do not think it will be possible for me to come to Gurgaon on Monday to attend the interview.

I felt guilty and relieved at the same time, if ever these two things can be felt simultaneously.

I slept peacefully till afternoon. I was still in bed when my phone rang. Oh, Deepak again..please leave me alone. (I recognized the mobile number). The thought of sacrificing my sleep to explain the hows and whys was too daunting for me. I did not lift the call.

The first thing I did was to save that number by the name, 'Mat Uthana'. He did call me many times over the course of next few days, but everytime his number shouted itself 'Mat Uthana'.

Seemed like he was not to be dismissed so easily. I got a call from a landline number next week and I did the mistake of receiving it - 'Hey, Kunal. Its Deepak, you were...'

'Hello...Hello...arre yaar..kuch sunai nahi de raha hai...hello..hello'..

After hanging up, I saved the landline number by the name - 'ye bhi mat uthana'.

I have been safe from him till now.

P.S - Hey guys and girls, please do not hate me after reading this. Outside of these incidents, I am a pretty nice guy. I respond to calls and messages. I AM polite. :)


  1. I am just wondering... why was this Deepak sooooo Keen to get you for an Interview...?? what's the catch.. :P

  2. @Princess - I wish I knew.
    But then, I do not want to know.
    Its averted for good.

  3. Aah!!! Happens all the time. I seem to get more such calls when I am on roaming. I try to be nice as well, but when it gets really irritating, you can't really switch off your phone to escape those unwanted calls, just chuck them. :)

    I am also nice, btw.