Friday, July 9, 2010

All in good time..

Hey folks,

Many Thanks for appreciating the last entry. Though, there are only 4 comments in the last blog,I had many friends pinging me and saying that they liked 'Chocolate Almond Fudge'. Off course, the most obvious questions were directed as 'who was he?' or 'who was she' and what happened then...and so on. But, let me assure all, that it was an entirely fictional blog. Though I got this idea by seeing a guy alone in a restaurant and a girl entering the restaurant and leaving soon after seeing it overcrowded. It had nothing to do with me (as if any of this stuff ever happens with me ;)).

I have tried hard to take this fictional story forward and so far prepared 2 drafts(one with a happy ending and one with a not so happy one) which has been discussed,analysed and finally discarded as 'kuch jam nahi raha'. I do not want to dilute the simple pleasure of simplicity by following it up with a tame sequel just for the sake of it. Next, a better post is assured. All in good time..

I am off to Paris for a 4 day weekend. Till then, bye and a have a great weekend.

Thanks to all...



  1. Haha, I, kind of knew this. This seemed too filmy to be true. But again, I would like to read the climax.

    Anyways, Happy Journey.

  2. I would like to read both the versions.... if you would share... ;)