Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chocolate Almond Fudge

I was sitting in an over-crowded restaurant overlooking the stretch of blue lake and snow-peaked mountains in the distance. I was alone on my table digging dip in my delicious Chocolate Almond fudge when...

'Is this seat occupied? None of the other seats are empty. Do you mind, if I seat here?.

My mouth was still full with the fudge and barely managed to mumble,'Sure!', pointing my left hand towards the seat. And I realized by back pack was still there on the seat in front of me.

'I am sorry. I will take this bag. You can have a seat', I said after swallowing the creamy bite.

She sat and put her purse (quite an attractive one!!) on the side of the table.

We managed an awkward smile looking at each other. There was just a tinge of gloominess even in that awkward smile. There was no way of knowing why though. I concentrated once again in my melting ice cream scoop.

'Is it good?', she asked pointing her finger at my bowl of fudge. I could not help but notice her beautiful finger nails.

'yeah, they are good. They really taste like chocolate.', I said

She smiled. It was no longer awkward. But that bit of gloominess was still there.

She ordered the same. It was my turn to smile.

'Well, it does taste like chocolate', she said when the order came some ten minutes later.

We both smiled together. We started talking. She told me that she is away from her 'loved ones' for reasons which she did not tell. But she is happy. She is looking just to be on the road for some time. She was charming as I found out in a uniquely charmingly way. I too told her that, well....leave it.

I noticed that my bowl is empty.And my stomach is full.

'Umm,..I am sorry, but I will have to leave now. I am meeting some friends some place in some time'. (Off-course, I was lying. But I did not wanted myself to impose on our 20 mins of smiling and talking.)

After a moments silence, she said, 'yeah, sure. you can go ahead. I plan to have one more chocolate fudge'.

'Ok. well, nice meeting you and good luck on the road.' I said which I genuinely meant.

'Thanks and good luck to you too!'

The smile was replaced by an awkward smile again. I took leave of her. I stepped out of the restaurant and started walking in no particular direction. I could not get my mind off her. Walking away from her, I managed some strength and stopped. I turned towards the restaurant again not knowing what to say when I will meet her again. I stepped in again and stood behind her. Waited for a moment. She was in to her second round of her chocolate fudge.

'Is that seat empty? Well, you see, though there are other seats empty here, but this seat is really cool and has the best color and best views.'

We laughed. The awkwardness was no longer there and her gloominess disappeared just for a moment.

I sat and ordered another chocolate fudge, which ironically tasted like chocolate again.

P.S - The 'I' in real life is always some other poor lucky bastard.


  1. Haha, I wish it were me. But who was it?

  2. Cant believe it was not you.. Though chances are rare, but still there are

  3. wow ..lucky kunal ...i enjoyed the reading.

  4. well u really knw how to keep ur readers hooked up by making them want more...

    bet everyone wants to knw who's the guy and were they able to exchange numbers ;)

    and I can see that smile on your face.. but i would suggest u write a closure to this one soon... nothing better than a climax... :P

  5. awww....I was hoping it was you...kya hai...huh?? I wish it was you ( read: what I was asking about you just now;)....
    lovely cute story. I feel like eating bitter coffee beans after having had nice scoops of almond choc fudge from ur post...sigh...but it really tasted like choc..;)

    DId u just make this whole thing up?? I would like to know more abt it:)

  6. He sure is some lucky bastard :D :)
    It left me craving, blame the choc fudge :/

    Love, Risha :)

  7. Aakriti:

    I made this up, yes! :)


    A very lucky bastard..haha :)