Thursday, May 13, 2010

Settled, Almost in Zurich..

I have settled, sort of, in my room alloted to me. In a big apartment, I occupy a small room on 12th floor. It has been raining the whole week. Mostly cloudy. Sun has briefly made its presence, but enough to make its presence felt.

Railway tracks nearby, two multi-stories buildings further away and if you get lucky with the weather(no clouds),I have been told that I can see the snowy peak of Alps. When I arrived on Sunday Morning and entered my room, it was so silent that it was a bit scary. I could actually listen the sound of Silence. It was deafening. So, I opened the windows and let the cool air come in and the noise (if you can call it) of traffic and trains passing by come inside. I could sleep peacefully then.

I woke up in the evening and called home and a friend to find out that India had lost to WI, to almost crash out of WC. They did finally crash out on Tuesday. Anand won the World Championship and Indian Women qualified for the Semifinals of WCT20. Anybody knew that??

I have joined office on Monday and team members are really good. The Boss is Swiss (of Italian background, I am told). A few are German, one is from Austria, a few from French speaking part of Switzerland.

Preparing food has always been a challenge. Its only the second time I will be handling the kitchen tools all on my own. (In Spain last year being the first). I hope things go well on this front.

Weather has been very sticky. I hope it clears on weekends to allow me to go for some sightseeing. Rest is all OK... Cheers!!


  1. So, All izz Well? Good. Enjoy your stay and keep writing so that we don't miss any Swiss Air. :)

  2. Hmmm, Sale you out and let us see the zurich from your eyes... I know it is called Bull****

  3. send some chiks fotos man :)