Monday, May 3, 2010

Pleasure, Tainted

It might be strange, that I am regularly sharing some anecdotes about my insignificant past. The only reason being, I am in a constant fear that one day, I will wake up to find my memory erased or tampered somehow and all these little incidents which makes me smile (and sometimes gloomy) will be lost forever. Hell, I might even forget that I have a blog. Well, that will be the time when you friends kick in :)

I will go a bit further back than the last post. I am in class 8th. The classroom is huge. And I mean HUGE!!Teachers have sore throat in trying to get their voice reached through the length and breadth of the room. And one day, a teacher is absent. Perhaps, it was an history class. Because I remember myself having a history notebook in class. We were merrymaking as kids our age usually do. A free period is something like 'mooh khola aur beer ki barish' (RHTDM). The class was in mayhem when a fat lady entered and we came to know her as 'Poonam madam'. Our new history teacher for today. Bacche apne apne seat ki taraf bhaage.

After a brief introduction of herself, she asked, 'What is the definition of Renaissance?' She had a loud voice. No sore throats there!! Coincidentally, that same page was open in my notebook. I quickly put the notebook 'below the bench-between the thighs' and read and gulped the first few lines of the answer. Up went my hand. And so went the 'Poonam Madam', 'Yes, you?' pointing at me.

Without any hesitation and nervous start, I recited everything I had gulped in a smooth flow. Amid a pin drop silent in the class for few seconds, Poonam Madam said (or shouted) -

'Is he the best boy in the class?'

Now, that is a very dangerous question. I asked myself, 'Am I the best boy in the Class?'

'Shut up, stupid'. Came the pat reply from my antaratma.

'Is he the best boy in the class?' shouted Poonam madam for the second time.

How can I say myself, if I am the best boy in the class. That will be difficult. But, I cant admit that somehow I manage to be in the top 10 and today I just got lucky!!

'He is the second best', murmured someone from the back meekly.

The voice reached the teacher.

'Who is the best boy in the class?' - Poonam madam in action again.

'He is absent, madam' - the same voice from the back, this time a bit more confidently.

That was it. The best boy absent notwithstanding, I was the new best. Admittedly, in only her class!! I was her blue eyed boy.


  1. Off late.. You Seem to be nostalgic about so many things .. ;)

  2. Dude, change the font color not readable in Google reader.. Hurts the eyes a lot....

  3. direct blog ke link se padh...angrez!!
    waise change kar diya hai...ab try kar..

  4. Hmm, Nice. School days were fun, I guess. There would be a lot more funny stories if we dig deep. Well, I might be writing a few, of course, inspired by yours... :)

  5. You just made me to remember those golden days of my life days . I was not smarter than you but enjoyed a lot .

  6. It is still not readable angrej...