Thursday, May 6, 2010


Its been raining news this month. I mean, just 5 days have passed in May and I am receiving goody-goody news from friends spread over different parts of the country.

Patna:One of my best college buddies has been blessed with a baby boy. I mean, the news came like a shock to me. He has become 'papa'. I bet, even he could not believe it the first time and must have asked the doctor,'Are you sure?'. He is a great guy and an absolute fun to be with and I am feeling really really happy for the couple. I hope the boy grows to be twice as fun as his father. All Izz Well here.

Delhi: Another brilliant friend of mine has been promoted in his company. He think, it was long overdue. I, off course think the opposite. His salary will increase around 30-35% from already the exorbitant amount he is charging for just sitting and cleaning the dust from his system every two days and bunking the office every once in a while to meet his girl-friend.

Bangalore: One of my very good friends is getting married in June.I came to know it today. We were colleagues first, then grew to trust and know each other quite well over eating pathetic cafeteria lunch. The only regret will be, I will not be able to attend her wedding.

Hyderabad: Well, what else. A very emotional friend who was struggling a bit in his job has hit a jackpot. He has got admission in a prestigious MBA college on the basis of his CAT score. He says, it was all luck. I do not know. For all his struggles, he deserved it. Good luck, friend.

Bangalore/Hyderabad/Delhi: A former colleague in Bangalore after completing his MBA from Hyderabad has landed a job in Delhi. He is an interesting person to be with. Spreads laughter where ever he goes. Hoping to be no different this time as well!!

Canada: I asked a friend, share a good news with me. I want to share it with the world.
The good news is, that she has not received any bad news so far.. (Touch-wood).

Ab main apna bhi bata hi dun. To doston, I will be flying to Zurich in almost all probability(you have got to respect the nature, especially if the Volcano name is Eyjafjallajokull ) in the wee hours of Sunday on a 4 month long promotional event on Global Warming and how to save Penguins from their affects. Yeah, sorry about the last part. Its a joke. Its an official trip.

Say All the best!!


  1. Happy journey. It's so unfortunate that you are going to Switzerland, ALONE!!!....

    I think I can guess the father. And who's got promotion? From our college?

  2. All the best!!
    Btw, do u remember abt my miracle post? well it sort of happened! Being the single regular visitor of my blog, I thot you deserved to know this!!! :D