Friday, May 28, 2010

Pictures and then the Story.

After a sticky weather all week, the sky really opened up on Sunday last week (23rd). We were really looking forward to it with a child like excitement(atleast I was!!). My Team Lead Marianne had invited us (Me and another friend and colleague, hereby called KG) to her house for a short hiking trip in the mountains and then dinner.

The Place is Thun, 30 Km south of the swiss Capital Bern(Thanks Wikipedia). We had heard, it was very very beautiful.

The Sunday morning started very early for us as we had to go to the Airport to receive another colleague who was joining us here. I woke half an hour late in the morning and hastily called KG to get ready for the Airport. We reached just on time. Weary eyed, we returned to our rooms and I was still feeling sleepy. We had planned to catch a 11:00 AM direct train to Thun. But, true to our nature, we missed it. In fact we missed two trains in a row. Both by a whisker. What a start!! KG listened to songs to pass time as we tried to figure out the next train. We caught 11:30 AM train to Bern, from where we had to change to another one for Thun. The 1 hr journey from Zurich to Bern was pleasant enough. We reached Thun around 1 PM where Marianne and her husband Rudolph were waiting for us. Rudolph is a very pleasant man. We easily warmed up towards each other as we talked about many things during our 20 mins ride from Thun Railway station to Beatenberg, a place near Lake Thun. From here we had to go up to the mountains for a brilliant view of the Swiss Alps.

The view from the top was absolutely Fantabulous. Instead of taking the train ride to the bottom we preferred to walk for about an hour (KG was a bit under pressure, but managed well). The walk itself was very pleasant giving us good views of the snowy peaks. We took the bus ride back to Thun.

We went to Marianne's house which was on the fifth floor of a apartment made on mountain slopes (pic below). The house was amazingly beautiful and view from there was one to die for.

To our surprise, Marianne prepared us a tasty Indian dinner of Rice, daal and mix veg curry. I had some white wine with Rudolph, but had to stop after only two rounds, when KG started giving some looks.

It was as good as a Sunday as any!!

P.S: All shops were closed,Thun being a small town and the day being Sunday. What little ideas KG had of Shopping were gone.


  1. U seem to need psychiatric help to get over the shopping incident of the previous weekend...

    Come on Kunal.. Shopping isn't that Bad.. infact I have heard its therapeutic.. :P

    And Marianne certainly lives in Heaven... SIGH.. !!

  2. wow, nice pics man. Hmm, I hope your Hard Disk has some space for your photos as well.

    Keep writing for people like us who haven't had the opportunity to see it with their own eyes. :)

    Tomorrow we are going on a biking trip. Let's see how the weather plays.

  3. Thats great man.. Place, snowing mountains , aroma everything gives feeling of heaven...

    Now start taking better pics, you gud great place to start your new passion. Even if you cud not take good pics nobody will mind... Keep the blog flowing.. I am loving it

  4. Wow dude! What pictures and great description! Kyaa jagah hai bidu! Keep posting...