Wednesday, April 21, 2010


'The content has been intentionally toned down a bit. There were many words and conversations which can not be published here.'

Bhavnao ko samjho :)

I returned from office around 7 PM. While going up the stairs to my 2nd floor flat, I had little idea what was in store for me. I unlocked the door and switched on the lights and fan. Nothing happened. I turned towards my neighborer's rooms and every bulb was glowing white and every fan was in full speed. Something was amiss. How come there is no light my flat when it is everywhere around me.May be a faulty switch or a fuse wire. Duly checked but of no avail. Luckily, an old lady came up to my room to give a parcel I had received earlier in the day. After a polite 'Thanks', I asked , 'Aunty, mere room par light nahi hai. Koi main switch hota hai kya room ka?'

She said, ' Beta, hamare room par to light hai. kuch connection mein problem hogi. Aapko phone kar ke kisi ko bulana padega.

'Kahan phone karna padega Aunty. Aapke paas number hai kya'

'Number to nahi hoga bete mere paas. Neeche jaa kar booth wale se puch lo. Unko pata hoga.'

'Ok.ok. Thank you very much Aunty.'

Spending a night without light in the sweltering Delhi heat was a situation which I was not at all prepared to imagine.

I put my bag in the room and after locking it, went down. I asked the phone booth man, if he has the number of the concerned department where I can file my complain.

Luckily, I got the number. But he added, 'is waqt to shayad hi koi ho bhai wahan par'.

Bad News. But I went ahead and called the landline number provided.

Bingo!! Some one picked up.

I explained the person on the other line, that there is no light in my room and gave him the address. He took down the complaint and assured me that some one will be down there soon.

I waited.

After 15-20 minutes, a linesman(Bhupendra Singh) and his helper (a kid of about 16) came. After 5 mins of checking here and there and then taking one look at the meter, linesman said ,'bhai aapka to wire kisi ne kaat diya hai meter se'.

'wire kisne kaat hoga.'

'Aapne bill bhara hai electricity ka. Bill dikhao tabhi judega ab to ye'.

' Bhaiya, main is ghar mein 15 din pehle shift hua hun. Main aapko bill nahi dikha sakta. ye kaam owner ka hai. hum usko paise de dete hai aur wo saara bill jama karte hai', I reasoned.

'to owner ko pucho. ye to upar se order aaya hoga wire kaatne ka. Bina bill ke to hum touch bhi na karen! Bill aa jaaye to bula lena'.

By this time, I was hotter than the heat around me.

'bhai aisa hai, jab tak mere room par light na aaye, main kisi ko yahan se jaane nahi dunga. koi hilega nahi yahan se'

The 'jatt' got angry.

'aise kaise nahi jaane doge. main to apne boss ko call kar raha hun. aap usse baat karo'.

'main aapke boss se baad mein baat karunga. pehle mujhe mere owner se baat karne do'. I replied heatedly.

I called my owner, a sweet old lady named vaneeta.

I explained her the problem as gently as possible. She talked to her husband who told me that there are no dues and this activity they had done earlier as well. When ever, a new tenant comes, they cut off the wire in order to extract some money. He assured me he will ring his contacts and get the job done.

This piece of good news made me more vexed and it came out while talking to the linesman's boss (shekhar)

'Bhai ji, bill dikhao, mera aadmi wire jod dega'.

I repeated the same thing, which my owner had told me.

'mere aadmi ko jaane do. jab saari baat ho jaaye to main kisi aur ko bhej dunga'

'kisi ko hilne nahi dunga main yahan se jab tak ki mere room par light na aa jaaye. Light kaatne se pehle warning di jaati hai, ki bhaiya, aapka bill dues hai, itne din mein de dijiye warna connection kaat di jayegi. aur aap logon din ke beech mein chupke se aa kar wire kaat rahe hain. maine apne phone ka bill 15 din late se diya hai. mujhe 5 baar call kar ke bola gaya. uske baad maine bill diya. unhone ne to disconnect nahi kiya. aur aap log jaan bhooj kar badmashi kar rahe ho jabki saari bills paid hai. agar aap ya aapka boss bhi yahan par hota, usko bhi rassi se baandh kar rakhta main yahan par, jab tak mere room par light nahi aati'.

Perhaps, it was too much but it worked. The linesman understood my problem and he appreciated my defining stand against shekhar. He was prepared to wait.

We made our through some more calls until, my owner finally had a direct talk with sekhar who ordered the linesman to connect the wires after some time. Resented. what a moron!!

But connecting the wires was a task in itself. As jumbled wires from dozens of meters made it highly difficult to identify the correct wires to be altered. Finally after half an hour of struggle, the light was restored.

So after much gahma gahmi between my owner, broker, linesman, shekhar, the helper, this almost 4 hour ordeal came to an end.



  1. Do you realise that this is a v funny story?? :D

  2. I do, in fact. Now, that the electricity is restored I can safely sit down in front of the cooler and laugh about what happened :)

    But, it was definitely not funny when it took place.

  3. What should I appreciate, your way to tackle the situation or the haramkhori of that line man... Anyways whatever it was great you tackled the situation with the best way possible. Otherwise you would have pained of heat for few more days

  4. awesome narration bhai... bhagat singh ki koi kitaab pad li thi kya??
    jab tak light nahi aayegi, koi nahi jayega... this was too good.

  5. Haha, you won't believe it happened to me as well last week. Every house around mine had power, except mine. But it turned out to be a phase outage.
    Mara Mari ki kya? Hihi, par that was funny, you shouldn't have censored out the content.