Friday, April 30, 2010


Ok, so this incident happened when I still had no clue what is the point in studying when you can play and watch cricket day in and day out. With neither a inkling of what the future holds nor a care, I had just finished my Xth Board exams.

After shedding the load of Board exams from my thin shoulders (and also my parents), I was attending the marriage ceremony of my cousin (who was and is about 15 years my senior). The 'baarat' had returned from Ranchi to our home town, with the bride off course, and everywhere the mood was upbeat.

But, but...

My dad had to return to our home (we are a nuclear family, you see) to join office the next day and also my younger siblings had to join school. So, somehow the circumstances conspired to have me surrounded by all the 'chachas' and 'chachis' and cousin brothers and sisters and my dad asking me ,'beta, ready ho jao, wapis chalna hai ya nahi'.

Ah, everybody was staring at me and waiting for 'what-my-reply-would-be'. This was a tense fraction of seconds in my mind, with one mind clearly wanting to stay and enjoy, but the other half, at the same time, torn with the thought - 'papa ko sabse ke saamne kaise bol dun ki nahi jaana hai'! The kid I was!!

I blurted,'papa, main raat bhar soch kar bataunga!!'

The danger was averted amicably. Papa laughed and the few others gave a pat on the back.

I stayed for another one week among the greens of the village.


  1. Hahaha, Good one. I thought you became intelligent after your stay at NIT, Kurukshetra. Didn't know that you were born intelligent. :)

  2. buddy........ what a coool decision... boss lagta hai tu to bachpan se RANCHOD DAS ban gaya tha... :)