Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quantum Drum

Work pressure has been surprisingly low these last few days(Touchwood). I admit, that sometimes it does get boring when you have to spend about 8 hours in office with nothing worthwhile (office work wise) to do, but I will take these, rather than slogging. And so, when time permits, I like to read different articles related to various disciplines on wikipedia or elsewhere. It does not matter, if I can understand every phenomenon, every technical term, every modern experiment conducted, their complex graphic illustrations and results, conclusions. It does not deter me in having a sneak here and there and see whats happening. Science has been one of my favorite subjects and I still remember Pauli's exclusion principle, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, Planck's constant, a bit of quantum theory(which I find very very interesting), Wave theory since I last read them in +2. So, I was browsing through one of these similar articles about how scientists have prepared a 'quantum drum' big enough to be seen by naked human eye which displays properties predicted by Quantum mechanics and hence proves that Quantum theory applies to big particles as well. The scientist have successfully put the object into a mixed quantum state of moving and not moving. They used the 'weird rules of quantum mechanics to simultaneously set the paddle moving while leaving it standing still'. Yeah, I know it sounds as weird as you felt while reading it'. I could not understand the principles behind this as well as I would have like myself to do, but you can not be good at all the things, right? (:P). But what I enjoyed most was this comment below the article:

'I both understood and did not understand this article at the same time.'

Below is the link to the article, in case it tickles your science oriented brain cells:


  1. Engineers can become anything but scientists. :)

  2. Kunal, your science addiction does not seem like other momentary addictions, which is cool. Science I always find science scary and troubling for me. :(

    Neither I could go beyond the general knowledge or physics nor I was smart enough to carry out other experiments than assigned in the chemistry lab. It is hard to read anything about any area related to science. For me all theory sounds a creation of mind whose wires were dislocated.

    Oops I know science is awesome, but sometime I relate science to aliens.