Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deceived, Again

As I write this, India are going to go down to Spain in Hockey. And somehow, it is going to hurt.

We may have become numb to the proceedings, good or bad happening in Indian Hockey, but that first game in this world cup just rekindled the dying flame. The way they played against Pakistan gave us a hope. A hope that may be, this time it is going to be a different story. A story of redemption. A long overdue victory for which nation had waited with bated breadth. And they gave us. In a 70 min display of relentless hockey(Though I only watched the first half).

But it was a steep decline after that. Australia deflated India in the first 5 minutes of either halfs with two goals. And a moment which we expected to win and then built upon was lost. It was very very disheartening to see them go down. More in the way, they went down. While the crowd roared, the team seemed to be bogged down by it.

And then today. A 5-2 loss to Spain is almost a death nail to India's chances in this world cup. (I pray to be proved wrong!). The champion moments which Indian hockey has given us has been plenty. But most of it has happened outside the life span of us, the Indian youth. And as we waited for our moment of glory, the team flattered to deceive, AGAIN!!

But, unlike everyone. I am still hopeful.


  1. I am hopeful too. I hope they somehow go into the semis.

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  3. So finally we Indian moved to game other than cricket. It was pleasure to watch celebrities, who were promoting the Hockey. It was nice to watch thousands of people cheering/shouting/hooting for Indian hockey team

    For the first time i was not disappointed with the lost because something good has taken place and we have become the part of it.

    It will be great to see Indians supporting, watching, and playing hockey again. Who knows we might make new dhyanchand who would be able to play with shoes on like our forgotten mastero....