Monday, March 29, 2010

Do Not Watch Me!!

This is the message which comes out poring from every single frame, every pixel, every voice from the new advertisement in which Sanjay Dutt is dressed in a horrible wardrobe with a horrible hair style.

As if Akshay Kumar's horrible laugh was not enough!!

Please Spare Us!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Macs, Blacks and then some..

I take this time to introduce two of the legendary teams in our college. With so many talented players(described below) on both sides, the contest was always going to be close.


Captained by Sagar Mohane.

The Team:

Sagar Mohane is a legendry figure in our college history. He had extra-ordinary capabilities of bowling fast and enormous wides. But to his credit, it never stopped him from opening the bowling for his team despite several howling voices from his team members and specially the wicket keeper. On the flip side, he was a reasonable lower order slogger batsman and was very effective in lowering the defeat margin. Last heard, he was in UK, targeting the coaching staff of one of the counties but was thrown out for bluffing his credentials

Vinay Suri: Sagar's right hand. A dependable allrounder. Used his height to good effect while bowling and could extract bounce from even a desert pitch. Unfortunately, it was the only thing he was good at. Famous for misfiring every now and then. He almost took catches and almost effected run-outs while fielding at short cover. Last heard, he was practicing book cricket with scary and thick MBA books.

Rahul Singh:Nicknamed 'macchar', he was unarguably, the most dependable player of his team. He was imminently successful in getting the important wickets by confusing the batsman with his unusual bowling action. While batting he was the perfect example of how to hit in the gaps and steal singles and get the non-striker run-out.

Saurabh shukla: aka 'sahay'(After the lead role of Mr Bachhan in Black). He caught Alzheimer's disease quite early for his age, but it did not stop him in performing on field. The perfect multi-tasker. He juggled his antics between volleyball and cricket pitch at the same time and sometimes, true to his character, caught the big volleyball and shouted 'CAUGHT'!!.

Vivek Dwivedi aka Pandit: The tearway fast bowler. And like any other genuine fast bowler, his appearances on the field were few and far between. But, unlike, injuries being the reason of the others, boozing and philosophizing, were, where he preferred to spend more time with.

Amit Chaure: The swing bowler. Had a very aggressive run up for his height. His major weapon of deceiving the batsman was bowling the ball well outside off stump and just when the batsman thought its going to be wide, the ball cut back in sharply. The batsman got himself out in frustration.

Amit Gupta aka 'The Wall' : He did a great work of playing all the deliveries which were not aimed at the stumps without any footwork. Feed him a slower one on the stumps and it seemed that he has started to prove electrical theorems in his mind due to so much time the ball took to reach him and in the process, became so blank, that bat moved only when the ball has hit the timber.

Apart from this core team members, they tried to attract many fringe players from here and there and unsurprisingly, never failed to produce a playing XI.


Captained by Kumar Shringar Sah aka frastu aka Captain

The Team:

Captain: Could have been easily warming the bench, but alas he voted himself captain by a secret ballot by bribing few of his associates with suttas and samosas.. An opening fast bowler, like his counterpart, but unlike him, he was punished for being accurate. Specializes in giving perfect half-volleys. Quite renowned for hitting big sixes by stepping down the pitch, but fortunately for the opposition bowlers, it rarely came out in a match or it came too little and more often than not, too late.

Swapnadeep Ganguly aka Ganguly: The BIG man. Attacking left hander and very strong on the left side. On an off day on the field, used to bully the opposition by his big build and threatened them of not sharing the 'sutta' and subjecting them to face painting.

Jonathan Talukdar aka Jona: The elegant left hander opener. Perfect example of Class and no substance. Did not believe in Running between the wickets and his inability of clearing the field meant a non-scoring session when ever he was present at the crease. Took an early retirement and took refuge in long period of boozing in his lonely room and pondering at the talent gone stray.

Samiran Routry aka 'batakh': An eternal non-performer. But he made up for this by continuous chattering. Had a great mind and even claimed to apply the concept of civil engineering on the construction of cricket pitch and it took a lot of persuading on our part that let the pitch be in its present form and shape.

Saurabh Sinha aka Sinha aka Coach: True to his name. Almost always warmed the bench. But he was never short of ideas in any situation and believed in smart work rather than hard work. So he always threw the ball to the end which was nearer rather than where it was needed. A bundle of energy but it was only in display while saying ,'Arre yaar!!'. Often gave shoulder to Jona for crying.

Jainthai: This is his name and not a nickname. His talent never came fully fledged. Never got too many balls to play because the above legends ate too many balls upfront. He was talented bowler though on the lines of Manoj Prabhakar. He is known best for almost pulling off a superb one handed diving catch in a pressure situation match. He got all the stick after we lost that game.

Kapidhwaj Pratap Singh aka Kapi: Only came for playing, when he was taking a break from his studies, the Gold Medalist that he is. Had a fast run up and and a good bouncer. Had a very good footwork too while batting but his 'moody' attitude got ahead of him and was last seen verbally giving Sagar a piece of his mind in a secluded corner of college canteen.

Kumar Bibek aka Pope aka Psycho: He was preceded by his reputations of being a brilliant fielder. But he forgot that his reputation was build when he was still playing in gully cricket. On an open ground, he was as alive as fish without water. His shots always found the fielder and he claimed that he is deceiving them and said the balls will go between the fielders, when they will least expect it. That moment never came.

Anuranjan Roy aka Roy: Came to play only when he could not sleep. He was more surprised than us, when his shots went through the gaps. We sent him to open the innings as he gave an assured start of not losing the wicket in the first over. Never mind the maiden over.

Sidharth aka 'Ghoda': Used to run like he is taking a stroll in the park. His special delivery was inswinging yorkers on the leg side. He was called to bowl only when the result of the match was beyond our control.

Guest Appearances:

Vijay Kumar (aka viju aka 'Sudan'): He made one shot his copyright. Hitting high above mid on and then getting caught on the boundary line.

Vishal Jain aka Chidi: Medim pacer. Loves Giving room outside off-stump.

Gaurav Kumar: Always gets room outside off-stump from the bowler because he never hits them.

Gaurav Jha: Perfect example of how to swing and miss.

Well, as for can I praise myself in front of so many extra ordinary performers above. Lets just say, I was the Jack of all the trades and master of none. I was the right hand version of Dirk Nannes in bowling action, the wicket taking ability of Ajit Agarkar and with a luck of Joginder Sharma.

Mo match can commence and most importantly finish without an umpire.

To balance the temperamental nature of the players we had chosen the umpire carefully, mild natured Devanand like Anshul Wankhede. For his own good, he considered our proposal to officiate atleast a dozen times, but then decided against it as the matches were too low standard for him. We stole his diary from his room one day which read:

'Medically unfit for even umpiring. Will not be able to stand for more than 17.5 minutes'.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quantum Drum

Work pressure has been surprisingly low these last few days(Touchwood). I admit, that sometimes it does get boring when you have to spend about 8 hours in office with nothing worthwhile (office work wise) to do, but I will take these, rather than slogging. And so, when time permits, I like to read different articles related to various disciplines on wikipedia or elsewhere. It does not matter, if I can understand every phenomenon, every technical term, every modern experiment conducted, their complex graphic illustrations and results, conclusions. It does not deter me in having a sneak here and there and see whats happening. Science has been one of my favorite subjects and I still remember Pauli's exclusion principle, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, Planck's constant, a bit of quantum theory(which I find very very interesting), Wave theory since I last read them in +2. So, I was browsing through one of these similar articles about how scientists have prepared a 'quantum drum' big enough to be seen by naked human eye which displays properties predicted by Quantum mechanics and hence proves that Quantum theory applies to big particles as well. The scientist have successfully put the object into a mixed quantum state of moving and not moving. They used the 'weird rules of quantum mechanics to simultaneously set the paddle moving while leaving it standing still'. Yeah, I know it sounds as weird as you felt while reading it'. I could not understand the principles behind this as well as I would have like myself to do, but you can not be good at all the things, right? (:P). But what I enjoyed most was this comment below the article:

'I both understood and did not understand this article at the same time.'

Below is the link to the article, in case it tickles your science oriented brain cells:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret In Their Eyes)

To start with, this movie won this year oscars for best foreign language film. So, I had to check it out.
Language: Spanish
Country: Argentina
Runtime: 129 mins
My Rating: 3.5/5 (Like it Matters!!! :P)

The title suggests that the film is a fun, romantic movie. The truth is no where near this perception. Yes, it is a romantic movie, but in its own way and it is more like a sub-plot. Running within thick but transparent layers of murder mystery, emotional and psychological stress and imbalance and a classic revenge story. The Plot is basically of trying to find a person 30 years after, who slipped away after committing a brutal rape and murder. The film uses back and forth scenes technique which is quite common now a days, but it never gets confusing. The movie unfolds itself layer by layer and mostly relies on tense, speechless scenes without using too much background music.

The Pacing is even. The scenes are never forced. Dialogues are absolutely perfect and there is a bit of symbolism in different scenes and proceedings (I hope you find it!!). I did not know any of the actors before, but I am sure they must be well respected as the acting is impressive. And the ending is very logical.

So, this might not be best movie you will see this year, but its a good watch neverthless.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

No More The Punching Bags..

Way to go...

Its an amazing feeling. Isnt it? To go ahead and perform when odds are not in favour.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Task at Hand..

To Read:

1. One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest
2. Shutter Island (I want to read the book first before seeing the movie)
3. Sea of Poppies
4. State of Fear
5. Far from the Madding Crowd
6. Adventures of Tom Sawyer
7. Surely, you are joking Mr Feynman

But, before I can start my journey through these books, I have to finish my path through a 1400 page novel A suitable Boy..

Its not gonna be easy...specially with the IPL 3 to commence shortly....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too much..isnt it?

Too much of Competition??
or too much of Pressure??
A necessary evil or an unnecessary dream?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deceived, Again

As I write this, India are going to go down to Spain in Hockey. And somehow, it is going to hurt.

We may have become numb to the proceedings, good or bad happening in Indian Hockey, but that first game in this world cup just rekindled the dying flame. The way they played against Pakistan gave us a hope. A hope that may be, this time it is going to be a different story. A story of redemption. A long overdue victory for which nation had waited with bated breadth. And they gave us. In a 70 min display of relentless hockey(Though I only watched the first half).

But it was a steep decline after that. Australia deflated India in the first 5 minutes of either halfs with two goals. And a moment which we expected to win and then built upon was lost. It was very very disheartening to see them go down. More in the way, they went down. While the crowd roared, the team seemed to be bogged down by it.

And then today. A 5-2 loss to Spain is almost a death nail to India's chances in this world cup. (I pray to be proved wrong!). The champion moments which Indian hockey has given us has been plenty. But most of it has happened outside the life span of us, the Indian youth. And as we waited for our moment of glory, the team flattered to deceive, AGAIN!!

But, unlike everyone. I am still hopeful.