Monday, February 22, 2010

yeah, yeah, yeah


I know India has failed to produce a genuine fast bowler for last 2000 years or so...
We still can not play bouncers convincingly.
We are still susceptible on fast, bouncy and juicy pitches
We are not seeing good spinners coming through the ranks.
Our ground fielding is still not best in the world.
And Our catching is such that it takes Mr Sunny to say , 'What a brilliant catch!!' if we hold on to the ball which a mere half feet to our either side. And, if it happens to be wrong side for the fielder, it immediately becomes - One of the best catches, you will ever see!!
Our direct hits are few and far between.
We are still searching for an all-rounder in the class of Kapil Dev.

Whole lot of problems to address. Dont you think?

But Guess what... we are STILL NUMBER 1.
So, if we can reach there with all this, why cant we stay there?


  1. Oh, you missed one more thing.

    So many run outs.

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