Sunday, February 7, 2010

Few Snaps...

I will let the below pictures talk. This is about an adventurous trip I undertook in an alien country. Alone. My destination was a place which gives a fabulous view of one of the largest waterfalls of Spain and overlooks the Valley of Orduna.

DELIKA--> Where I have to go.
BILBO----> From where I came.
ORDUNA-> Where I got off from Train.

A long Walk Ahead..

With this greenery on one side and a narrow stream of water on the other...

Through a almost dry river bed...

The view in front of me...

The waterfall. Much to my disappointment. I had imagined it a little big. Even the dozen or so waterfall all around Bangalore are bigger than this. I reached here after about 3 hrs of walking.

It was an off-season. Further, I found that I had taken an entirely opposite route to reach where I wanted to be. I was in the valley, instead of above it. You see the circle in the below photo. It looked higher standing on a tired leg. I just said,' All right then, will see you next time. Whenever that comes!!'.

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  1. Wow, I must say, the pics are really good. But, you went alone? That's sad. That's why I guess, you are not a part of any of these pictures. :D

    Hahaha, waterfalls, hmmm, how many you want to see?