Monday, January 25, 2010


I am spending quite a lot of time reading once again. I mean, internet, chatting and office work still eats quite a portion of time, but I am progressing. I am happy with it. Living alone has its advantages..I guess!

I finished reading an autobiography. Of all the autobiographies, I find the those of sport persons and scientists, most compelling and interesting. I have read Lance Armstrong's, Sunil Gavaskar's, Sachin Tendulkar's, Abdul Kalam's, John Nash's(A beautiful Mind..Remember??). I have Albert Einstein's tucked somewhere in my cupboard. I tried to read Benjamin Franklin's, but could not finish it. Gotta give it a second try soon.May be, there is a part of me, which always wanted to be associated with games. Sweat dripping from chins, heartbeat dueling with heart, legs tiring, mind plotting the opponents next bad move..(Chess is not for me..sorry). The symmetry of Tennis, the poetic beauty of Cricket, adrenaline rush of Football, the swiftness of hockey, the delicacy in badminton, tic-tac of Table tennis etc etc etc. Sorry, I ran out of adjectives for other sports!!

I went into a book shop last weekend and found a bearded and bald tennis player staring from the front cover. Could not resist it. It was 'OPEN', Andre Agassi's autobiography, released a few months earlier. It was an easy read. Swift like his service return. Though almost 400 pages long, it passes smoothly. Like his cross court backhand. Apart from his achievements, the ones worth describing more are his struggles, his inner contradictions, his self doubt.

I liked the part of the book, where he went to played a charity event in South Africa and met Mandela. How was he inspired by this 'Gandhi-like' personality to do something which was greater than himself. How he helped people around himself, the ones who helped them when he was down. His rivalry with Pete Sampras. His constant struggle with his inner flaws. Agassi may not be the nicest person to walk on this earth, but he sure has made his contribution to make the place where a grew, a better place. He may not be the greatest Tennis player, that the tennis has seen, but he sure was a charmed athlete.

Give it a try. In case you want to take a break from John Grisham!!

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  1. A nice write. Along with the video library, you are setting up a book library??

    Anyway, I don't know much about Agassi, or whether the adjectives you used for different sports were right or not. I am not much of a sportsman (now, I used to be one though). And I don't enjoy turning pages of a book either.

    I guess, the cold there, is not letting you out of your room!!!!