Tuesday, January 19, 2010

12:50 AM

I woke up in the middle of the night. Just a few minutes before. I am breathing hard. My heartbeat is fast, heavy. I try to gather and the sew some of the moments gone by. What just happened?
I have been running. My heartbeat says so. But, I have been sleeping. My mind says so. Oh, I had a dream. I was running in a dream. I was running very very hard. What was I running for? I do not remember exactly, but I guess I was chasing someone. A middle aged boy or girl who had a temporarily memory loss was running wild on the road, with immense stamina and speed. As if, he/she were possessed by powers beyond earthly origins. Oh, boy, now that was a dream. I can still feel sprinting...

I quickly sit and look around the room. I realise that everything is fine. As, I gulp a couple of sips of water down the throat, I recall what was the last movie which I saw. The movie which made my some portion mind imagine things when the other portions were busy sleeping. An explanation had to be found. But I had seen 'Invictus', yesterday evening. Hardly a raw material for such a dream.

Something is happening around me. Teenage boys and girls lose their mind temporarily. They forget who they are, they forget who their friends are. And for some reason, they start running towards the road. With amazing speed. Being the hero of the dream, I have to chase them down, bring them back and then also solve the mystery of their behaviour. And being the hero of the dream, I chase them down, but before I can work to unsolve the mystery, my heart has had enough. It can not stand the mystery any more and gives up. The mystery is still a mystery.

I have been dreaming a lot these days. I do not know whether its the new house or the new city. Or Living alone. May be not having some one to talk and express renders a full plate of information and situations to be processed and assimilated inside the mind. And it does, what it does best. Makes a movie which I see with eyes closed.

Hey mind, everything is fine, but do not wake me in the middle of the night!!


  1. Dreams, well, they do suggest something....

    I guess, you are watching a lot of movies these days, and all the characters, plots and stories are being overloaded on your mind. Give it some rest, listen to some music instead.

    The best way to avoid sleep, is not to fall asleep so soon. 12:50 huh, when did you go to sleep??

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