Monday, January 25, 2010


I am spending quite a lot of time reading once again. I mean, internet, chatting and office work still eats quite a portion of time, but I am progressing. I am happy with it. Living alone has its advantages..I guess!

I finished reading an autobiography. Of all the autobiographies, I find the those of sport persons and scientists, most compelling and interesting. I have read Lance Armstrong's, Sunil Gavaskar's, Sachin Tendulkar's, Abdul Kalam's, John Nash's(A beautiful Mind..Remember??). I have Albert Einstein's tucked somewhere in my cupboard. I tried to read Benjamin Franklin's, but could not finish it. Gotta give it a second try soon.May be, there is a part of me, which always wanted to be associated with games. Sweat dripping from chins, heartbeat dueling with heart, legs tiring, mind plotting the opponents next bad move..(Chess is not for me..sorry). The symmetry of Tennis, the poetic beauty of Cricket, adrenaline rush of Football, the swiftness of hockey, the delicacy in badminton, tic-tac of Table tennis etc etc etc. Sorry, I ran out of adjectives for other sports!!

I went into a book shop last weekend and found a bearded and bald tennis player staring from the front cover. Could not resist it. It was 'OPEN', Andre Agassi's autobiography, released a few months earlier. It was an easy read. Swift like his service return. Though almost 400 pages long, it passes smoothly. Like his cross court backhand. Apart from his achievements, the ones worth describing more are his struggles, his inner contradictions, his self doubt.

I liked the part of the book, where he went to played a charity event in South Africa and met Mandela. How was he inspired by this 'Gandhi-like' personality to do something which was greater than himself. How he helped people around himself, the ones who helped them when he was down. His rivalry with Pete Sampras. His constant struggle with his inner flaws. Agassi may not be the nicest person to walk on this earth, but he sure has made his contribution to make the place where a grew, a better place. He may not be the greatest Tennis player, that the tennis has seen, but he sure was a charmed athlete.

Give it a try. In case you want to take a break from John Grisham!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

12:50 AM

I woke up in the middle of the night. Just a few minutes before. I am breathing hard. My heartbeat is fast, heavy. I try to gather and the sew some of the moments gone by. What just happened?
I have been running. My heartbeat says so. But, I have been sleeping. My mind says so. Oh, I had a dream. I was running in a dream. I was running very very hard. What was I running for? I do not remember exactly, but I guess I was chasing someone. A middle aged boy or girl who had a temporarily memory loss was running wild on the road, with immense stamina and speed. As if, he/she were possessed by powers beyond earthly origins. Oh, boy, now that was a dream. I can still feel sprinting...

I quickly sit and look around the room. I realise that everything is fine. As, I gulp a couple of sips of water down the throat, I recall what was the last movie which I saw. The movie which made my some portion mind imagine things when the other portions were busy sleeping. An explanation had to be found. But I had seen 'Invictus', yesterday evening. Hardly a raw material for such a dream.

Something is happening around me. Teenage boys and girls lose their mind temporarily. They forget who they are, they forget who their friends are. And for some reason, they start running towards the road. With amazing speed. Being the hero of the dream, I have to chase them down, bring them back and then also solve the mystery of their behaviour. And being the hero of the dream, I chase them down, but before I can work to unsolve the mystery, my heart has had enough. It can not stand the mystery any more and gives up. The mystery is still a mystery.

I have been dreaming a lot these days. I do not know whether its the new house or the new city. Or Living alone. May be not having some one to talk and express renders a full plate of information and situations to be processed and assimilated inside the mind. And it does, what it does best. Makes a movie which I see with eyes closed.

Hey mind, everything is fine, but do not wake me in the middle of the night!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I guess, it was almost destined. A new year and nothing new happens. I was not ready to keep it that way. So, I hopped. For no particular reason, I took a release from my project (though I had to make 10 different execuses for this). I joined a new project in a different city, amidst dusty glass buildings of Gurgaon. I looked for a new house in the vicinity of my office (Alone, if it is if any interest to anyone!!). So much 'NEW' to start a New year, isnt it?

And I needed a new Internet Connection for my new home.

Now, I dont know, if Reliane can sue me for this post. Well, who cares?


I called a person(called Mr X from now on) from Reliance asking for a Net Connection. I met him on this day. Mr X explained me the different plans and I settled for a 649 plan with 300kbps speed and unlimited download(important factor in my case). I gave Mr X my photo id proof and Rs 500 in cash. I told him I need the connection by Sunday as I was checking into the new house on that day. Working properly without any hiccups. Mr X said, 'ho jayega, sir!!'


I called Mr X in the evening asking about the status. I got a positive response from him. Everything on track.


I called Mr X before departing from my old home asking about the connection.

Me: Haanji bhaiya, kya hua connection ka?
X: sir, aap aa gaye kya ghar mein
Me: aaya nahi hun, aa raha hun.
X: Aap aaye na sir, connection lag jaunga. Main bhejta hun lagane ke liye kisi ko.
Me: Mujhe 2-3 ghante lagange aane mein. Tab tak please kisi ko bhej kar sab kuch fit kara dijiye.
Main aane ke baad test kar lunga.
X: Aap aaye sir, ho jayega.

DAY 4: SUNDAY:10th Jan: Part2: DISBELIEF and SIGH

I reached home in the evening and found nothing. I called Mr X to inquire.

X: sir, ek ladke ko bheja hai. wo aa kar laga dega.
Me: kitni der mein aayega? 7 baj chuke hai.
X: wo aata hi hoga sir.

At 8 PM

Me: kya hua bhaiya? koi aaya nahi abhi tak.
X: wo sir, actually wo chala gaya.
Me: chala gaya matlab?
X: ab kal lagega sir. usko chutti mil gayi.
Me: ek hi ladka hai kya aapke paas. kisi aur ko bhejiye.
X: Abhi koi hai nahi sir. Main kal lagwa deta hun aapka.


Nobody came till 6 PM. I called once again.

Mr X: kya hua sir? Koi aaya nahi abhi tak.
Me:kahan koi aaya yaar.
Mr X: 10 min mein call karo sir. main bande ko bhej raha hun abhi.

After 15 mins

Ring................. No Answer
The number you are trying is switched off. Please try again.

Around 8 PM..

Call to Mr X finally connects.

Me: kya hua bhaiya?
X: sir, actually wo ladka kahin connection laga raha tha. phir usko late ho gaya to wo chala gaya
hai. Abhi dekh raha hun kisi ko, par koi hai nahi.
Me: arre yaar, kaisa ladka hai aap ka. mere connection ka kya hoga.
X: kal subah mein ho jayega sir. aap 10 30 baje tak rehna.
Me: Main nahi reh sakta subah. mera office hai. 5 baje ke baad hi hoga.
X: main aapko ek number(Mr Y) deta hun sir. isko call karna kal. ye banda bhej dega aapko jab bhi aapko chahiye hoga.


I called Mr Y.

Me: connection nahi lagana hai to pehli hi bata dete yaar. itno torture karne ki kya zarurat hai mujhe. Galti ho gayi jo reliance to contact kiya. Mujhe nahi chahiye connection. Jisse bhi bhejna, paise de kar bhejna. Mujhe nahi chahiye connection.

Nobody even came to give the money back.
No phone is reachable.


Knock-knock around 6 PM.

Reliance ka connection lagane aaye the sir!!!

Welcome to Reliance Broadband!!