Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movies Seen in the Last Two Days

(500) Days Of Summer
Rating: 4.5/5

Sixteen Candles



The Big Chill



The World's Fastest Indian

Office Space

On other news, sitting up all night to see the movies and then watching 3 wickets(sorry..make it 4)(sorry for this one too..make it 5) go down for India for nothing in the Morning is not FAIR!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Madness in Bilbao

It was a chilly raining day. While coming back from office, I noticed a huge hoard of people waiting in front of Hotel Carlton to see and welcome the local football team 'Athletic Club De Bilbao'. It was a big night for them. They were slated to play Spanish Giant FC Barcelona later tonight. It was the semifinal. From what I had heard, Athletic Club de Bilbao was a talented team, but were way below the FC Barcelona in the Club Rankings in Spain. Anticipation was in the air.

We felt the excitement creeping in and we went to check the out the stadium about 2-3 kms away. It was a magnificent sight. No luck with the tickets though as it was completely sold out.
We returned to our room. Night came. Chilly and raining.

Everything broke loose at 11 PM. People came shouting and panting in the streets repeating a Spanish slogan which I did not understand. A bottle of beer in one hand and a flag of the club in the other. FC Barcelona had been conquered 3-0.

The sleepy town from outside had turned own its head. This was an extraordinary sight of small town people supporting their club and rejoicing in their victory. Cold weather did not deter few crazy drunken people in taking a dip in the cold fountain water. All vehicles, small or big was stopped and forced to horn 3 times in a symbol of - 'yes, we are also with you' sign.

How could I be out of action? In spite of not knowing the name of single player on the club, I was still happy to be part of a huge crowd whose immense home support had inspired this incredible win.

It felt good(to litter the otherwise clean streets without feeling guilty :P). Dancing with few beauties without fear of getting beaten by their boyfriends. And I sneaked in a few of my own slogans - 'Bharat maata ki jai' without any fear of getting understood.

Celebrations continued till morning. On that night, everybody was for everybody. No skin had colour. It was just happiness.