Saturday, August 1, 2009

So good to see

There was a tree. A guava tree.The tree was as almost as old as our house(My mom tells me that I uprooted the sapling when it was barely 15 days old, but I do not remember it as I, myself was only months old at that time). I remember coming from school and climbing on the tree straightaway to hunt for elusive fresh ripe guavas which may just be hidden behind thick leave covers. Its fruits are the sweetest I have ever tested. It was a classic example of 'an owner's pride and a neighbour's envy'.

The tree had grown and so had the house. I was a grown up too.(err...). I had left house for my studies. Everything was fine, until that day(almost 6 years back). It was just an usual call from home. And it was a simple question too. Should we cut the tree so that the house could grow vertically? Despite all convincing, I was not at all ready to see the 'thing' go. But, I had to cave in, as it looked like the only way at that time. I felt very uneasy imagining, that the next time I will go home, the tree will not be there. And it was really not there the next time. It is still there...the emptiness.

So, its natural to have my spirits lifted when I see something lush green. Unfortunately, the area where I live now has all the big big apartment buildings all over. And when I saw a big patch of land being cleaned and worked upon, I thought, 'this one goes too for another apartment building'. But, I was in for a pleasant surprise after a couple of days, when I saw the whole patch full of small trees planted in a regular pattern. I really perked up. Some one really thinks trees are necessary. This place would be treat to the eyes after a couple of years when the trees mature.

I was in for another surprise when I went home recently. A sapling from the original tree had started giving fruits. My mom told me that she took the sapling out from its usual place and planted it somewhere else. Though much small as compared to its original as of now, it has all the makings of matching up to its father, if the taste of the guava is anything to go by. And another surprise in the form of a mango tree which too has now grown....