Monday, July 13, 2009

A sunday Well Spent

I did something last sunday which I was really planning to do for quite some time now. I bought a new pair of running shoes. And I hope to motivate myself getting up early now and then and do some physical exercise. My weight and waist size has still not reached alarming levels, but I hope to make amends before that situation comes. I had a pair of sports shoes, but those were basically badminton shoes. But they could not bore the brunt of many of my 'Into the wild' activities which I was taking up last few months. A lot of junk food(chips and cold drinks; they were so cheap in Spain :)) coupled with my stay at home after that had rendered me prone to weight gains. And I thought, its better be now than the time that I start loosing sleep over it.

Now, every target should be quantitative. To measure how much I am progressing (or receding), I have a jeans which was fit to me till last year and is giving me some trouble now. Now, when that jeans starts fitting me again, it will be Mission Accomplished.


One of my friends has shifted to New Delhi for his MBA. So, now I have a small group here to hang out and remove that 'boriyat ka vatavaran' which surrounds me every now and then.

Among other things, friends are getting married to my left and right and centre. My batchmates and even my juniors are uploading their engagement and marriage photos. This just about puts that thought here about the right time to settle down. I am only 24, so I have still got time to think. Atleast I think so that way. Hmm...someone else needs some convincing and I hope to have all my arguments/counter-arguments ready at my disposal whenever the situation arises. And the worst case scenario, I have a new pair of Running shoes.

I have got to sleep now. I have a cricket match to play at 6:30 in the morning.

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