Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I may be there

Everybody has that feeling. It is universal. So nobody can fake it. It is the feeling of missing out on something which you have long planned to do. It is the feeling of hollowness of a job left incomplete. It is the feeling of quitting a 10 km marathon race at a point when you just could not muster an extra ounce of stength to go the extra mile. The feeling of failing to get an extra percentage in the exam which could have admitted you in your dream college. The feeling of 'so near, yet so far'.

That was 1st week of May. My last weekend in my Spain trip. I had set my sights on a city to visit ever since I boarded the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. I could not imagine of missing out. More so because the place was only 7 hrs distance from the place(Bilbao) I was staying. That city is PARIS. I was hugely disappointed of missing out on Paris . I was having an irresistable urge to blame my collegues here for this debacle, but I know, that wont be true and justified. Everybody has its own reasons to decide, whatever they do decide. End result, Me alone and lonely. I was still in good spirits and vigour to go to Paris, all on my own. But internet problems(I later found out on returning that my credit card was cancelled!!) and then lack of enough time brought down the curtains on my Paris Plans. 3 days of weekend and I was just left to lick my wounds.

When I see the Eifel tower in the background of News broadcast in BBC, I still think, I had the chance to feel it, to touch it. An 'I have been there' feeling. But that was not meant to be. Not this time around

Or may be, I will have a second chance. Who knows!!

Talking of Chances, I have just saw a movie titled 'Taking Chance'. A little in size but a gigantic movie in terms of impact. Highly Recommended!!

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  1. Paris missed, hah, m worries, yu will get a second chance.

    Taking chance, well, I was thinking of downloading a good movie today, and just by chance, I came across your blog. A huge impact, is what yu have mentioned, so, I will be watching it very soon.

    :) Seems, that this year also, you are gonna win the competition.