Sunday, July 19, 2009

Half Blood Prince

I got the only ticket available for 8 PM show of HP6. Quite Fortunate..huhh?? But, I got the shock of my life when Harry started reading the Daily Prophet in Hindi. I mean, come on 'anisht devta' and 'pranbhakshi'. I was eating my head off. Due to the very reason, I can not judge the movie on its own. My experience of first HP movie watching in theatre turned sour even before it started to take shape.

The movie, as an unbiased and unprejudiced opinion is entertaining to watch. It has its moments. Infact, for some 10-20 mins in between the movie, I thought, I was watching a teen movie and not some dark, grose and intense magic film. If that was a good thing to do, they did a good job. The constant giggling and a good laughter here and there among the audience indicates that 153 mins length of the movie was not felt very long.

Since, I had read the novel long back, I only had memories of the story line of the book. I did remember the story was almost fully based on a new concept of 'Horcruxes'. But this revelation is done very late in the movie and for almost 100 mins, I was not sure which way the story was going. Even a 10 year old boy sitting next to me said,'mujhe samajh nahi aa raha hai kahani'.

Ron and Hermione(oh...Hermione!!!) were only left to play game of love in between them. There is no real action given to these key characters except making Ron a hero in Quidditch. Offcourse, I do not remember how much action they actually do in the novel. But nothing?? Come on. Hermione looks much sweeter and S@#$%r with a wand than while weeping on our Harry's shoulder. Ron is actually doing nothing in the movie except first falling in love and then escaping from Lavendor Brown. Her sister, Ginny has actually grown and got some more limelight then previous movies. May be bacause she is the hero's Love interest now.

Dumbledore, as the father figure of Harry has an important role as usual. The second half is where he excels and the scene where he and Harry go to destroy the horcrux is beautifully shot. Hagrid's role is much shorter for his size. Another hero from the previous novel, Neville Longbottom is only seen in one scene as a waiter. A key character, Prof Slughorn is added but he loses his importance half way in the movie and believe me he was more iritating than funny in this Hindi version. But he has a good key role.

Forget the Voldemort, the real bad character in this one is Draco'c s character and he has done a very good jod. Snape is as usual, wooden face and wooden voice, devoid of goodness. Voldemort or 'Anist Devta' as he is referred, is only scene as a 9 year old boy with evil intentions.

Some words for Harry too. He has grown from a small kid of Chamber of secrets to a responsible and a person who can fall in love and take his own decisions. He has seen many people die since. And here he sees his mentor and father figure die. We feel both for him and the deceased.

The movie, if seen as an independent work, will work very well, as it is entertaining, shot beautifully and acting is consistent. But the very fact it is not an independent work and there are strings attached with the novel and the next novel in the series will result in negative points. But I looked for a good evening and I got it. And it would have been much better, if it had been in English.

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  1. Hahaha, My only interest, How much did you pay for the ticket??

    Anyways, Hermione (oh Hermione..) whats that??? Should I watch the movie or not, just tell me.