Monday, June 22, 2009


Pakistan are the new T20 Champions. While I quetly saw the 4 wickets fall inside 5 overs for Sri Lanka and then I quietly went to sleep, Pakistan had made their way to crown and glory by 8 wickets. As I flipped through the channels and saw Younis lift the trophy on one of those, I also stumbeled on Star Cricket which were showing the highlights of the last edition's final. As I write this, Robin Uthappa has just run out rampaging and limping Imran Nazir with a superb direct hit.

Now, our neighbour are the world champions and though I did not see the presentation ceremony, I will back myself to believe that their captain did not say - 'Thanks to all the Muslims of the world and the stupidness thereafter...'. Make no mistake, I am happy for them. And that is not out of sympathy for all the turmoils that their country and their people are going through. Oh God, Misbah has hit Harbhajan for 3 sixes in an over. What an over for them. Its getting tense here!!

Well, Pakistan played to their strenghths - unpredictability. They were humbled in both the warm up games and then by England in the group match. But they somehow got their act togother and Afridi came onto its own at the right time. Somehow is the word which describes the Pakistan Cricket. Somehow, they achieve great things, when least expect them to. And somehow, Sohail Tanveer has hit 2 gorgeous sixes of Sreesanth. A match every bit worthy of Final. (In Shastri's words).

If Pakistan can learn that their victory and defeat is not the victory and defeat of Muslims and they are not different from any other cricket playing country, this will be the real prize for them. We love cricket and for us everybody is a player who wants to play passionately and win. And oh ho!! Sreesanth has taken the catch to get the last wicket and India are the new T20 Champions!! (In a corner of my heart!!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

End of the World

This is the end of the world.
Nothing seems right.
Everybody is your enemy.
Nobody is yours.
Life is full of darkness.
Entirely devoid of happiness.
You can not trust anybody.
My bed has thorns.
My food is poisioned.
Demons in my dreams.
Money is worthless.
I have dementors in my room.
Toilet has overflowed.
I cant breathe.

India is out of T20 World Cup.